Do you have pain and itchiness due to swollen vulva? Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you want to overcome this problem? If yes then here is the solution of your problem.

If you fed up with taking pills and pain killers. And if these are not providing you a permanent solution for swollen vulva. Then here you will find the permanent solution.

Because I will tell you about some amazing home remedies for swollen vulva. And as you know home remedies are always effective for any health related problems.

Itching and inflammation at your vagina are usually due to a chemical imbalance. It may also be due to infection of yeast, bacteria or fungus.

The vagina is the sensitive part of your body. So you should treat it with effective remedies. So that you can prevent any further infection.

Furthermore, I will tell you some tips and tricks that will help you in the better healing of your infection. So keep reading to get rid of the swollen vulva.

What Is Swollen Vulva?

You may be aware of that vagina also has its chemical balance. And any disturbance in chemical balance leads to the swollen and inflamed vagina. This situation is also called INFLAMMED Vaginitis Or Vagina.

It can occur at any age of girls and women. But it will get cured with proper medication and treatment. Infection at vagina can also be due to the large growth of bacteria, yeast or fungus. So keep your vagina clean to avoid any infection.

Causes Of Swollen Vulva:

The various causes of swollen vulva are-

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Improper Hygiene
  • Yeast Infections
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Changes in pH Balance of your Vagina
  • Tampons
  • Condoms that came off during intercourse
  • Lubricants, Douches, Feminine Hygiene Products
  • STDs – Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Diabetes
  • Tight clothing

Symptoms Of Swollen Vagina:

You will experience these things if you have a chemical imbalance or infection on your vagina.

Home Remedies For Swollen Vulva:

Now I will tell you some home remedies. These home remedies will definitely help you in curing your vaginal infection.

1. Yogurt:

You can apply it on your vagina or you can consume yogurt.

  • Yogurt is effective in curing any bacterial infection. Because the bacteria present in yogurt will replenish all the bacteria present in your vagina.
  • Moreover, it will prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Take 2 cups of yogurt every day to heal your vagina infection.
  • Also, you can apply fresh yogurt inside your vagina for few hours.

2. Oregano Oil:

  • It has anti-fungal properties. So you can use it to cure fungal infection at your vagina.
  • Use oregano oil until you feel your vagina is infection free.

3. Garlic:

  • It is an antioxidant and anti- inflammatory agent.
  • It also improves the immune system of your body so that your body fight better against infection.
  • You can take garlic supplements of quantity 300mg every day.
  • Also, you take 3 or 4 cloves of garlic and chew it.
  • Furthermore, you can make a paste of garlic and then apply it inside your vagina.

4. Chamomile Tea Bags:

  • It soothes your irritated and infected skin. And also help you in reducing inflammation due to infection.
  • It has antiseptic properties.
  • Take some hot water and dip tea bags in it.
  • Let it soak for 2 minutes. And then let the tea bags cool down.
  • Now place the cooled tea bags inside your vagina.
  • Also, squeeze it so that solution spreads inside your vagina for better healing.
  • Use this remedy for at least 2 weeks to cure the infection.

5. Cranberry Juice:

  • It is effective in curing urinary tract infection.It is acidic and helps in preventing the growth of bacteria.
  • You should drink 1 or more glass of juice every day.It will help in preventing further growth of bacteria.
  • Furthermore, it will help in reducing the inflammation due to infection.

6. Cold Compress:

  • It will help you in reducing the inflammation due to bacterial infection.Take an ice pack or ice cube and place it directly on your vagina.

7. Vitamin C:

  • It helps in improving the immune system of your body. Thus it provides you the necessary energy to fight against vaginal infections.
  • Boost intake of vitamin C in your diet to heal better your infections.
  • The food items that are a great source of Vitamin C are oranges, broccoli, pineapple, strawberries, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, Brussels sprouts, peppers, mango, and papaya.

8. Echinacea:

  • It strengthens your immunity power and helps you better fight against infections.
  • It will also increase the healing
  • Take 500 mg of Echinacea, 4 times every day.

9. Turmeric And Milk:

  • It has antibacterial properties.
  • It helps in preventing bacterial growth and also reduces inflammation and irritation due to infection.
  • Take a glass of warm milk and add 1 tablespoon of turmeric in it.
  • Drink it 2 times in a day.

10. Boric Acid:

  • It provides you relief from inflammation and irritation due to infection.
  • Consume at least 600 mg every day to get rid of the infection.

11. Don’t Douche:

  • Avoid excessive cleaning of your vagina, because it is not needed.
  • Normal bath is enough to keep your vagina clean.
  • Also, you should use normal water and non-fragrant soap to clean your vaginal area.
  • One time wash is enough in a day.
  • Douching disturbs the pH level in the vagina and also it kills good bacteria that are inside your vagina.
  • It gives birth to infections.

12. Avoid Whirlpool Spas:

  • Proper hygiene will help in preventing any bacterial growth in your vaginal area.
  • Keep your soap in a clean area. And always rinse your soap after taking a shower.
  • Keep your vaginal area dry. Because moisture increases the growth of bacteria and fungus.

13. Wipe From Front To Back:

  • After urinating wipe your vaginal area from front to back.
  • It will avoid spread and growth of bacteria.

14. Don’t Use Irritants:

  • Avoid use of toilet papers, scented pads, sprays and feminine creams and tampons. Because it causes inflammation and irritation in the vaginal area.
  • Also, change your pads with time during periods.

15. Use Water Based Lubricants:

  • Use water-based lubricants to avoid dryness and irritation at your vaginal area.
  • It will help you in preventing vaginal infections.

16. Never Scratch:

  • Never ever try to scratch the infected area. It will make your condition worse.
  • It will increase irritation and swelling of your vaginal area.

How Often It Takes To Cure Swollen Vulva?

Well, as soon as you start treating your vaginal infection it gets cured by taking its time. But it’s important to start immediate treatment so that this infection doesn’t turn into a big problem.

Tips To Keep Your Vaginal Skin Healthy:

Here are some tips for you to keep your vaginal area clean and healthy.

  • Avoid prolonged moisture and also don’t rub your vaginal area vigorously.
  • Don’t wear exercise clothes or bathing suits for a long time.
  • You should wear cotton underwear so there is some airflow.
  • Try to wear loose-fitting slacks.
  • Avoid pantyhose.
  • Keep the vaginal area dry and clean.
  • Avoid irritants like feminine hygiene sprays, douches, tampons, deodorized sanitary pads and perfumed toilet papers.

Tips To Prevent Vaginal Infection:

  • Always keep your vaginal area clean and dry.
  • Heat and moisture help in bacterial growth. So keep your vaginal area dry and cool.
  • Change your exercise clothes and bathing suits as soon as you can.
  • Don’t douche.
  • Always change your underwear daily.
  • Drink more water.
  • Avoid perfumed hygiene products.

Hope above mentioned information will help you in curing your vaginal infection.

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Dr. Ashish Paul is a qualified Ayurvedic physician and a Medical Herbalist, based at Harley Street, London.She uses western and eastern herbs and Ayurvedic therapies with her patients. Dr. Ashish consults a lot of couples on their journey of conception, whether its natural conception or via IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).