Dr Indu Arora

    Dr. Indu Arora
    Dr. Indu Arora

    Dr. Indu Arora is a true Yogini by Karma. She is highly accomplished international speaker, Master Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist, a Registered Ayurvedic Clinician, Healer and Author, with more than 35,000 hours/ 13 years of teaching experience.

    She is a Registered Ayurvedic Clinician 4500 Hours and the Membership Director of Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of Northern America, Board member of the World Movement of Yoga and International Advisor to World Yoga Council. She has a Doctorate in Alternate Medicine (MD) and Awarded with Yoga Shiromani and Yoga Bhaskar. She has a Grand Parenting E-500 T-500 from Yoga Alliance and is registered Yoga Therapist. Dr. Arora is pursuing PhD. in Metaphysical Sciences from University of Metaphysical Sciences, CA.

    She is awarded with the titles: “Rishi Award~ Sage” for Excellence in Teaching Meditation”, “Hind-Ratna~Gem of India”, “Ray of Hope”, “Yoga Ratna~ Jewel of Yoga” for Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. She travels globally for International Yoga Therapy Teacher Training programs, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats, Conferences and Festivals.

    She has been a senior contributor for Tathaastu Magazine (North America) where she submitted on “Yoga Helpline” and “Ayurvedic Home Remedies”. She has contributed to Indian journals and magazines like “Swasthya Rakshak”, “Heal India”, “City Plus” and other Medical Journals and “Bhavan Australia” from Australia.

    Dr Arora globally initiated the 200 Hour Ayurveda Parichaya ((Ayurveda for Self-health Care) Training on the models of Government of India (AYUSH), approved by AAPNA and 200 Hour Level Advanced Yoga Therapy program (approved by Yoga Alliance and as a member school of International Association of Yoga Therapists)  since 2012.

    Her philosophy is “Nothing has the greatest Power to heal, But SELF”.

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