Dr. Isha

    Hailing from the exotic and diverse country of South Africa, Dr. Isha is the epitome of Beauty, Elegance and Class.This young woman is ambitious and courageous, not to mention extremely independent in nature. She has a fiery zest for life and immense faith in God. Although having a few friends, Isha is quite the extrovert. Socializing and traveling are just a few of her favorite pastimes.
    Dr. Isha has excelled in her studies in the US. & India, having skills in Psychology, Business and Medical Sciences. She is a Registered Ayurvedic Physician (Vaidya) who has successfully completed her 5 and a half year Bachelors Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. She believes that a person cannot fully succeed in life without the grounding of education and knowledge which is both learnt theoretically as well as practically.
    Apart from being an Ace Doctor, Dr. Isha is also an accomplished dancer, model, aspiring actress and metaphysicist. She has been practicing the Art of Tarot for 8 years, and is well versed in Meditation, Intuition & Psychic development as well as Yoga Therapy. She also has knowledge of the ancient science of Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, which she uses as a diagnostic tool for her clients.

    Being deeply involved in the healing profession, she is the CEO of Yogic Herbal Healthcare – an online based portal which is aimed at providing indepth Ayurveda, Astrological, Yogic, Naturopathy & Homeopathy health advice as well as delve into Spirituality and Mysticism. Through the power of media, Yogic Herbal Healthcare hopes to reach millions of people globally, with the intention of educating and empowering the world.

    Dr. Isha is also a passionate Philanthropist, Author, Photographer, and Fashion Designer. She is a lover of art, music and philosophy and is always open to learning and growing to great heights.


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