Dr. Piyush Juneja

Dr. Piyush is a reputed and experienced Ayurveda consultant with more than 6 years of experience in various fields such as patient’s handling, Ayurveda treatment, clinical trial management, monitoring, safety reporting, medical writing, regulatory documentation, co-monitoring, site feasibility, site-coordination and clinical research training. He took his Bachelors in Ayurveda Medicine and surgery (BAMS) degree from Govt. Ayurvedic Medical college, Haridwar in the year 2008.Then he complte his graduate certificate in Clinical Research and Data management from university of Pune in the year 2009 where he received outstanding grades.From there, he went to pursue his professional Diploma in clinical research from Catalyst Clinical Services Pvt Ltd., Delhi in the year 2009.

He is presently the vice president of Nector Plus ayurveda(NPA), an institution which has the objective to unleash the potential of Ayurvedic and herbal medicine based on the concepts of modern drug discovery and development processes. He was also a senior clinical research associate at Glaxo Smith Kline, India where he discharged various duties. He held the position of Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager at Max Neeman International where his job was to locate and select clinical investigators appropriate to the therapeutic area and phase of the study. He was Clinical Research associate at Catalyst Clinical Services Pvt, Delhi, India. He had held important designations such as senior clinical research analyst and clinical research coordinator at various reputed organizations such as Bioinnovat Research Services Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India and Department of orthopedics Govt. Hospital, Roorkee.

Dr. Piyush has got clinical trial experience from various fields such as Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Oral healthcare, Nutrition, ophthalmology and nephrology. He has undergone various Clinical research training programs such as study management training and induction and orientation training from Max Neeman International and GCP training workshop.He presented many papers at various seminars and also published many journals. He presented a paper on “Fundamentals of Clinical Research” in a National Seminar which was sponsored by ICMR and CSIR. He also presented a paper on Treatment of “Psoriasis of Psoriasis through Panchakarma” in a national seminar of Ayurveda. He also published an article on “Clinical research- a new carrier” in ICRI college magazine. He also published a clinical trial article in an Ayurveda Medical journal.