Dr.Priya Jain

    Dr  Priya Jain,  MD, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at UVAS Ayurvedic Centre, controls and handles the overall management and administration. Under her supervision,  UVAS offers the courses on “Slimming and Ayurvedic therapy to the students of both India and abroad.

    She offers the studies on computer courses and dietician courses to the students who are the deserved ones but unable to afford the study fees . She also ensures them the scholarship  in the form of fee payments.

    She has a work experience in the field of Ayurveda and Nutrition and slimming since 15 years.

    She conducts a FREE CONSULTATION CAMP in each month at UVAS which deals with various disorders, especially Eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa , Bulmia etc. She also gives the lecture on “pregnancy and Ayurveda in each month.

    She is an active member of the Jain  Association Branch, Jaya Nagar Bangalore. She is a consultant for JJ Group of runners as well as a spokesperson for “Runners and Ayurveda”.

    Dr Jain has a keen interest in talks for corporate on Ayurveda in daily life, Ayurveda as a preventive and curative treatment for heart diseases.

    She has given lectures at various workshops. In 19th October 2015, she has given a lecture on Ayurveda and heart diseases at the Senior Age Home, Trieste  Italy.

    In 22nd October of the same year, she has given a lecture at the Fitness Centre of Rome, Italy about fitness. Every year she is giving lectures in various schools about Nutrition and Ayurveda for kids.

    On WHO day of 2015, she has given a lecture on Cooking oils and Ayurveda  at the Union Bank.

    On WHO day of 2016, she has given a lecture on the topic. Ayurveda in Daily Life at the HDFC Bank.

    She has attended a National Conference in Ayurvedic  Management of Psoriasis. She has also presented a paper on obesity in the National  Conference.

    Dr Priya Jain is a graduate in Ayurvedic Science and Surgery ( B.A.M.S.),  stood 1st in 1997 from Shivaji  University Maharashtra. She has qualified C.C.M in 2006 and C.G.O. in the same year from Mumbai University Maharashtra.

    In 2002 she qualified C.C.N.D.from Shivaji University Maharashtra.  From the same University, she stood 1st in the P.G.Diploma in Diabetes and Nutrition in 2007. From the Institute of Indian Medicine, Pune, India, she qualified F.I.I.M. in 2009.

    She is also a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Panchakarma ( a therapy in Ayurveda to detoxify the body) from Bharatha  Sevak Samaj , India. In 2012 she has qualified  a diploma in Preventive Ayurvedic Cardiology from the same institute.

    She has qualified  M.Phil. in Ayurveda from Tilak Maharashtra  Vidyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra in 2015 which is a unique course in Ayurveda  to develop research orientation and conduction of Research Project, where she topped the University with distinction.

    She is a gold medalist in research of comparative study between Ayurvedic Udvartanam and slimming tuck programme.

    She has researched the iron deficiency and anaemia in infants along with green leafy vegetables and obesity also.

    In various schools, she has conducted awareness programme on the healthy eating habits . She has also conducted awareness programme for women dealing with Cervical cancer.

    Dr. Jain lives in Bangalore, India. Now along with all the above responsibilities,  she is conducting Social Nutrition Camps for kids aged 4-12yearly twice for 15 days.


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