Dr Shallu Garg

Dr Garg is an expert in the field of ayurveda and has experience of over 15 years in this field. She is a faculty in various reputed institutions .She is the founder of a AYULIFE center which runs on the resources and techniques taken from kerala and also offers authentic and excellent Panchkarma procedures which helps removing the toxic elements from the body.

She graduated from Dayanand Ayurvedic College in the year 1998, one of the oldest college in india. During her initial years she took on-job trainings in various states such as Kerla, Punjab and Uttaranchal where she learnt and treated different types of ailments.She also practiced in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai Area and now She is a very successful practitioner in Delhi NCR region.

Areas of Expertise

Successfully treated many chronic problems such as sports injuries, pain related to wrong gestures, Migraine and severe headaches irrespective of the age of patients.

Successfully treated patients from Middle east countries who had skin problems because of the wrong food habits.

Treated various cases of Hair Fall/Baldness without any kind of transplants and in the most natural way using her own special oil combinations.

Effectively treated various lifestyle related problems such as Blood Pressure,Acidity, Diabetes in a natural way and without any side effects which is generally seen in other fields of medicine.

Expertise in the field of obesity management with the help of a stimulating massage named “UDVARDHANAM” which helps to break the fatty deposits, reduce cellulite accumulation, improve circulation and enhance skin texture and appearance.

Expertise in the field of Panchakarma which means the “five therapies” which cleans the toxins of the body’s deep tissues and open the subtle channels thus bringing the life enhancing positive energy. This helps in removing the deep rooted stress and illness causing toxins from the body while balancing the Doshas.

She believes that the world is again starting to accept Ayurveda as it is the oldest field of medicine and it treats all the diseases and ailments from the roots without any side effects. Her whole is committed to promoting Ayurveda and her vision is to see each and every individual incorporating Ayurveda into their fast changing lifestyle to bring long term stability.