Dr. Suresh Swarnapuri

Dr. Swarnapuri Suresh is an Ayurvedic specialist on Neurological disorders.He is travelling all over Europe with a sole purpose to spread the priceless teachings of Ayurveda. He has given seminars, delivered lectures and offered consultations to numerous health professionals and individuals.

Currently he is working as a visiting consultant in countries like Ireland, France, Croatia and Ukraine . He is also participating in various programs and lectures which is conducted by various reputed organizations all over the Europe.

Dr. Swarnapuri received his BAMS from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, Andhrapradesh, India.After that he completed his MD in Ayurveda with special emphasis to Panchakarma (detoxification procedure )and also in the subjects of ENT from the University of Government college of Indian medicine, Bangalore,India.

During the course, he also studied Yoga. Being a specialist in Panchakarma and Pulse Diagnosis, he worked as an ayurvedic consultant at various hospitals and clinics in his graduate level.

Between 1998 and 2000, Dr. Swarnapuri worked as a lecturer and consultant physician in the Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine and research. From 2000 onwards he roamed various countries like Holland , Germany, France, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Serbia etc under very prestigious Maharshi International Foundation and worked in various clinics.

In 2011, he received Atreya international award for excellence in Ayurvedic Practice and in 2013 he received the prestigious charaka international award for excellence in Ayurvedic teaching. Mavcure is proud to have his in its team.