Shalini Arora

    Shalini Arora
    Shalini Arora

    Shalini Arora is a social activist with the passion of promoting nutrition and health awareness in society.

    She is also District Project Subcommittee Chairman and literacy coordinator in INNER WHEEL (District 310 IWC Bhartiagram, Gajraula).

    Shalini is a qualified nutritionist and wellness adviser offering dietary advice. She helps people develop healthier diets and lifestyles habits.

    She works with clients to determine what their healthcare needs are, especially where food is concerned.

    Currently,she is working with care centres, schools and private clinics. She has passion for writing the nutritional advice column and recipes for healthy living.

    She advocates in

    • Educating clients on the need for appropriate eating habit
    • Developing materials to aid in nutritional education
    • Recommend diets and exercises to facilitate nutrition plans

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