If you will ask anybody what’s the best thing which ever happened to them in life, they will say my love or relationship.

Surely there’s nothing better than having a great and understanding person in your life who back you up with almost all the times whether it is good or bad.

But that doesn’t mean all relationship ends well. It may happen that you stick with a wrong person and you are compromising those things which you never wanted to.

Here is a list of  things you should never sacrifice for a relationship. It’s better to let it go then let yourself go.


Independence is the fundamental requirement of all human beings in this world. We have seen many revolutions, bloodshed, sacrifices just to have a taste of this-independence.

Now here is the question. Is it really worth to stay in such a relationship which snatches away your independence whether emotional or financial?

In a healthy relationship, both the partners respect each other’s personal space. There is no use of staying in such a relationship where your partner forces you to share a mutual identity instead of loving the individual personality that you are.

Self-belief, Self-esteem, Self-confidence:

There are some relationships which acts like a rock solid foundation and source from which you get all the strength to face any kind of hurdle in the world.

There are some other kinds of relationship which makes you feel unworthy and unsure of yourself, thus diluting your strength. Find out which kind of relationship are you living in from the above two.

If your relationship belongs to the type two, you know that there’s something which you need to change. It’s not worth to stay in such a relationship which repeatedly hits your self- belief, self-confidence or self-esteem.

Uniquely You:

Never lose your ‘unique you’, your own personal traits and characteristics in the process of a relationship.

In a healthy relationship, partners love each other as the person they are with all the imperfections.

We do change after getting into a relationship. But don’t be in such a relationship where you have to change yourself to such an extent that you lose yourself in the process.


Many of us stay in relationships which literally snatches away our happiness from us. We stay in such relationships because, for us, the fear of being lonely is more than the fear of losing our happiness.

By remaining in such kinds of relationships, we only make our life miserable. A true, successful and strong relationship just grows better and better as the days pass, thus giving you more and more happiness.

If you are staying sad for many days at a stretch, find out whether or not your relationship is the reason.

Goals and Dreams:

Never stay in such relationship which inhibits you from chasing your dreams. Sometimes jealous and insecure partners don’t let their talented partner to chase his/her dream thus stagnating his/her creative mind.

If you think that you are in such a situation, then your relationship is unhealthy. A healthy relationship encourages chasing dreams and goals. A healthy relationship always encourages progress rather than stagnation.

Existing Important Relationships:

Family is one of the most important things in the world and if something happens, they are the first person to whom you turn to. Also, good, loyal and wonderful are hard to find and almost impossible to forget.

So if your partner isolates you from your family and friends, he/she is probably selfish and controlling in nature. A healthy relationship always encourages you to spend time with your best friends and family members.

If your partner stops you from doing that, then probably your relationship is unhealthy in nature.


A healthy relationship always takes care about self-respect. If you are in such a relationship where your partner doesn’t respect you and treats you in a way which hits your self-respect, then you should give up a relationship as soon as possible.

If you will allow your partner to continue doing it, the situations will get worse and you will regret why you didn’t stop it in the first place. An unhealthy relationship always forces you to cross the line which demeans your self-respect. It’s better not to stay in such kinds of relationships.

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