Top 8 SUP Yoga Getaways To Rejuvinate Your Mind & SOUL
Top 8 SUP Yoga Getaways To Rejuvinate Your Mind & SOUL

If you want to go for rounds with the best yoga retreats around the world, we have listed here some SUP Yoga Gateways. These are very popular and marked as best for their retreats. They all provide a healthy food in the retreats and will last around a week for completion.

1.Surfing Yogis India

This is also a place where the Yoga was born. Surfing Yogis will organize the trips over India lasting a few weeks including both surfing and Yoga at any time. The rate starts at $1500 per person including all meals, transportation, and rest. You can also look at for more information.

2.Birthplace of Yoga (India)

As all of you know, a birthplace of Yoga is India. Here you can join the trip, Trotter, to get in India and along with Yoga you can learn Ayurveda too which is a science of health. This place is besides southern part of India and near Mysuru.

The retreat is 11 days and it approximately costs $3,880 per person.

3.Yoga at Mountain Lodge of Adler (The Dolomites, Italy)

It’s stunning at Adler Mountain Lodge and the mountain top is just amazing. It will be around a week retreat and rate for this are approximate $1,706. Rest of the rates like room and food will cost around $255 per night. Click here for more information.

4.SUP Yoga at Fajardo, Puerto Rico

There will be a three days SUP yoga retreat offered by El Conquistador Resort & Las Casitas Village, Waldorf Astoria Resorts in Puerto Rico. The three nights retreat will cost around $1600 per person which includes airport transfers, meals, activities and all of the rest. Click here for more information.

5.Women’s SUP Yoga at Alajuela, Costa Rica

This is the safest retreat for all the women who are looking for a safe SUP Yoga retreat. Pink Pangea runs SUP Yoga retreats for women all over the world. This will be a week retreat and start price is $1355. Click here for more information.

6.Yoga & Surfing (Portugal)

Ride351 offers the best Yoga & Surfing all over the world in the most playful way. It also makes a week playful with best waves around the globe like peniche, Ericeira, and Cascais. Ride351 also has a variety of travels through Portugal. The rate starts at $1,010 per person for a week retreat and it also includes five surf, accommodations, meals, and rest. Click here to see all dates and more information.

7.Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

Playa Maderas is the best threshold treat where no electricity between 9am and 5pm makes you enjoy natural beauty. There will be a 7-night retreat every month with Buena Vista Surf Club which costs $1200. Click here for more information.

8.Wellness Yoga Retreat at Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Yoga retreat in Nicaragua will be wellness as well as a superfood. SUP yoga will last around one week and is held by Join Gracious Living Lifestyle. Rates start at $2,084 you can click on the official website to get more information. Click here for more information.

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