Shocking Truth About Vampire Fungus That You Should Know

Vampire Fungus
Vampire Fungus

Most of the Americans suffered from Vampire Fungus which is believed to be the reason behind most of the chronic diseases.Vampire Fungus came into rumor after a video on YouTube became viral. The video came on YouTube in January, 2015. It warned people about a serious ailment originating from Vampire Fungus.

The video also had vague information regarding the signs and symptoms of this fungus. All the information showed didn’t have any authenticity. It created a lot of confusion as it said more than 70% of Americans are already suffering from this fungus and they don’t even know about it.

What Was Showed In The Vampire Fungus Video?

A deadly infection
A deadly infection as shown in video

The video was fully planned. Before it became viral, it plotted a secret conspiracy between the government, food industry, and pharmaceutical industry.  This was all done to keep the public in dark and to scare them with the deadly vampire fungus.

Not only this, the video was formatted in a way that it disabled the option of skipping and going to the end. All this forced the viewers to watch the full video.

The video created curiosity among users as it has a horrifying teaser that forced people to sit and watch the full 20 minutes video. The video was all about the horrifying effects of Vampire Fungus.

It asked its viewers to check about the dangerous signs and symptoms. The symptoms were common that are usually faced by every second and are nowhere related to a serious disease or condition.

As per the video, the Vampire Fungus was a deadly infection that has symptoms like body fat, any sort of skin ailment, pain in body joints, etc. All the symptoms were so common that whosever watched the video got scared and thought they might be suffering from Vampire Fungus.

The entire video was so appealing that is changes the mindset of everyone who watched it. This made the viewers think whether they are suffering from the diseases or not. Just after showing the dangerous symptoms of Vampire Fungus, it warned the people about its progression if left untreated.

As per the video, if Vampire Fungus is not treated could lead to weight gain, obesity, sugar cravings irrespective of whatever diet or fitness schedule. In the later segments, the video suggested that the daily skin complaints, joint pain, body pain, and age-related ailments were not the result of exertion but were due to the skin death.

The viewers regarded Vampire Fungus as Pythium oligandrum. Pythium is just a parasite made of multiple fungus and oomycete which is often used to treat athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

It is used for treating fungal diseases at it’s a parasite and can eat the fungus. However, in the video there was no relation between Vampire Fungus and Pythium Oligandrum.

What Is Exactly A Vampire Fungus?

Vampire fungus A candida or yeast infection
Vampire fungus A candida or yeast infection

After this viral video lot of research was done to find out what exactly is a Vampire Fungus. Researchers drew a conclusion suggesting Vampire Fungus a candida or a yeast. The candida causes candidiasis which is commonly known as the yeast infection.

The condition can be diagnosed and treated easily with the help of medical ointments and creams. In rare cases, this invasive candidiasis might lead to serious systemic infection.

Although, these cases are very few and occur in people in people with weak immune systems. Thus, it was found out Vampire Fungus is not a big threat. It was not a deadly disease, instead, it was just a small yeast infection that can be treated in few days to weeks.