Why Should Men Sit Down To Pee?

Why Should Men Sit Down To Pee
Why Should Men Sit Down To Pee

We all have an excretory system which is used to excrete out the waste products of our body. The two important parts of excretion are urination and faecal excretion.

The ways of excretion are becoming varied as new technologies are coming up. Previously people sat in a squatting position while they excreted and nowadays there are comfortable sitting toilet seats available for people to sit and excrete peacefully.

Women generally prefer sitting while urinating and most men prefer standing. But there has been various research organised to find out whether it is healthy for men to stand or pee or not. And most of the results are positive that it is not healthy for men to stand and pee. Let us see the reasons behind it.

Health Benefits Of Peeing Sitting Down

Health Benefits Of Peeing Sitting Down
Health Benefits Of Peeing Sitting Down

It can be help fix prostate problems. In a recent research it has shown that when men sit and pee it forces the lower urinary tract to bring a contraction in the bladder which makes it easier to pee and clear the bladder almost every time.

1.It Promotes A Healthier Sex Life

Yes you heard, me right. Men who tend to sit and pee have a healthier sex life. It is because standing to pee activates a group of discreet muscles in the pelvis and spine which prevent proper urination without a full evacuation. Due to this, it can lead to prostrate problems, which leads to less sex capacity.

2.It Makes Urination Natural

Urination doesn’t require extra effort thanks to our brain signals, but when you sit down to pee you also require less muscular force. This will make pelvic and hip muscles relax and make urination easier.

 3.Standing Brings About Some Disorders

Yes posture of your pee is important because a wrong posture like standing might bring backache, loss of energy of the senses, fatigue and quick loss of vital energy.

4.Growth Of Infection

When you stand pee, full to urine doesn’t empty out of your bladder which might lead to bacterial growth and lead to infections. It also sometimes leads to development of stones.

5.Nightfall Cure

When you sit down to pee, it can also cure nightfall miraculously.

6.Serious Issues Can Be Avoided

Some serious issues like interstitial cystitis, infertility in men, Peronei’s disease, prostate disease, prostate cancer can be avoided if you sit down to pee.


Even if you don’t admit it, when you urinate while standing, it spills on your toilet sit making it a site for bacterial growth and might lead to urinary infections in other people who tend to sit. It is not a good thing in public.

I think you have enough reasons to change your urination posture now and save yourself from serious damage. So avoid the toilets which are meant for standing urination and choose the healthier option yourself!