Why You Need Preventive Service?

Did you know, in India, the number of diabetic patients doubled in last 13 years from 32 million in 2000 to 63 million in 2013?

Further, this number was increased up to 69.1 million till 2015. Have you ever thought why such numbers are growing so fast? Is public health of India in danger?

What all we can do to change current scenario? Well, it all starts from yourself, often many of us sideline our health in the daily run for wealth and after few months we end up spending more on hospital bills. It could have been different if we had paid proper attention to body needs.

So, through this post, I would like to share that, 3 P’s i.e. prevention, protection & personal hygiene are very crucial to experience the joy of healthy life.

For avoiding falling sick repetitively, simple but effective lifestyle modifications such as good eating habits, ample of physical activity, following Yoga practices, avoiding activities that can affect your health such as smoking & drinking also, regularly undergoing health checkups.

The fact that remains unchanged is, the earlier you identify your health problem, the easier it is to cure. The right health checkup is very essential for ensuring pink of your health.

When I think about health assessment, the first name which comes to my mind is Thyrocare. I trust Thyrocare not only because it’s just brand name but due to their efficient service, reliable reports, convenience in booking appointment and cost effective than other packages currently present at the market.

Few years down the line we never thought that booking a health checkup appointment can be done with the help of the mobile app.

Yes, I availed Aarogyam packages from Thyrocare App and found it very easy as it was just matter of few minutes.

All you need to do is to fill up few details like name, address, etc and select your package. No need to step out of your home in order to find the nearest diagnostic centre and wait for your turn of the sample collection.

Another thing which impressed me was if you do not wish to opt for the online transaction there is also an option to pay at the time of sample collection.

The whole experience of sample collection was excellent as the person who visited my home on time was skilled enough to take out blood without any struggle. Also along with him, the technician carried a box in which all the requirements for the blood collection were kept.

When observed carefully I noticed he opened a new kit in which a new needle and syringe along with few other necessary things for collection were kept. Seeing this all my worries about the reuse of syringes vanished completely. He wore the gloves and then, took out the blood with so much of ease in a labelled test tube shaped vials.

Out of curiosity, I asked him, where will you carry out actual processing of the sample ? He replied, ‘All the collected samples will be dispatched to the central processing lab in Mumbai where over the night around 30,000 samples are processed everyday catering the diagnostic needs of about a lakh customers’.

After hearing this, my trust on Thyrocare grew more and was assured that I chose the right laboratory. Also, to my surprise reports were also got delivered first on my email & then, in a couple of days received hardcopy at my home.

Overall my experience with the Thyrocare preventive healthcare services was good and smooth communication was maintained by their CRM team as a day before sample collection I received a reminder call for 12 hours fasting needed.

Hence, I am recommending you to get the preventive health checkup done as it will take you few steps closer to the current condition of your health & wellbeing.

Understand that, investing in your health is not an unnecessary expense, elevated cholesterol levels if not detected on time can put you at the risk of heart disease. Hence, it’s time to change your mindset and make your health a priority.