Why You Need To Drink A Glass Of Water 60 Seconds After You Wake Up?

This advice is usually given by parents. Whenever you wake up, your parents must force you to take a glass of water before even getting up from bed.

Some of you like it and some of you might feel irritating but when you will get to know the benefits and uses of taking this morning water, you will take water daily on your own.

Starting your day with a glass full of water keeps you healthy and hydrated.

Need of drink a glass of water 60 seconds after waking up

On a complete day, your body does a lot of functions like blood circulation, digestion.

For doing all these processes, heart, lungs, kidney, liver need water as a fuel.You provide the same when you are awake but when you are sleeping, that time, your mind rests but all other body parts do their processes.

While sleeping you do not provide that fuel. So, for providing them fuel, you need to take water immediately after getting up.

Benefits of taking water just after waking up

1.Kick-starting of metabolism

According to the studies conducted for checking out the importance of taking water just after waking up shown that your metabolism can be fired up by 24% for one and half hour if you will take a cool glass of water after waking up.

2.Flushing out of toxins

Kidneys present in our body are responsible for flushing out the toxins from your body. They need water to complete their work properly.

Complete night, kidney do its work of collecting toxins from your body and it uses the stored water but if you will provide water to it just after waking up then this water will help kidney to flush out the toxins effectively.

3.Leads to lesser breakfast

If you are feeling hungry and you drink water then you feel full. You can confuse thirst for hunger. It is always suggested that you should take a light breakfast.

So, if you will take water in the morning then you will eat less in the morning as you will feel less hunger and will eat less.

4.Boost immunity

Proper hydration is responsible for the maintenance of your lymphatic system. And your lymphatic system fights with infection in your body.

So, to protect your body from infection, you must keep your body hydrated all the time and morning time is the time when your body is completely dehydrated.

Cortisol is the stress hormone and the production of this hormone is highly stimulated with dehydration. So, for keeping yourself stress-free, keep your body hydrated all the time.

5.Good looking skin

Who does not want a good looking skin? Your skin is the indicator of what is going on inside your body.

If you will keep your body dehydrated then your skin will end up with wrinkles, dryness and can also break out in spots. So, to have a good looking skin, keep your body hydrated all the time.

6.Maintain bowel function

If you are dehydrated then colon needs to draw extra water from poop in our bowels. This leads to constipation. So, to keep yourself away from constipation, keep your body hydrated all the time.

So, start the habit today itself of taking 1 glass of water 60seconds after you wake up.