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MavCure provides a holistic approach to health that integrates the best of different medical systems available to mankind.

We bring you unbiased evidence-based information on health which can empower you to transform your life.

Health is the balance of mind, body & spirit. We want you to lead a healthy life. True health fundamentally means to be in tune with nature, both inner and outer.

Health is not just being disease free. Health is when every cell in your body is functioning in a proper manner.

Our team is committed to bring you content which is easy to understand, unbiased and informative. MavCure integrates all the knowledge and wisdom with scientific evidence about health.

Meet Our Management Team


Anam Khan

Head Of Content & Marketing

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Vini Sahani

Head Of Corporate Development


Head Of Technology

Health Experts

MavCure’s health experts ensure that our content is accurate, up to date, evidence-based and user-focused.The health science experts brings there perspective as a result of the vast experience they have in research,patient advocacy and clinical practice

Dr. Ashish Paul

Dr Ashish Paul

Dr.Shekhar Annambhotla

Dr.Anand Buchake

Dr.Gopi Krishna Maddikera

Dr Gopi Krishna

Dr.Piyush Juneja

Dr Piyush Juneja

Dr Hemant Gupta

Dr Hemant Gupta