Health is wealth” – Health related concerns should always be timely addressed to prevent untoward climaxes. is the panacea for this major concern of present times.

Are you looking for proper guidance from a health expert? Or looking for health information from the experts of alternate Medicare? No worries!!

The following authentic cases will clearly spell out the objective behind our initiative:


I was an asthma patient. It feels good to say “I WAS”, but those suffering moments that I experienced were really frustrating. I tried all the available medicines in the market but in vain. As time passed by, I felt as if I was an aged worn out guy, totally inactive, completely bed ridden. In an attempt towards looking for miracles to happen, from popular word-of-mouth, I came in contact with an Ayurvedic doctor, who claimed having cured asthma successfully. I visited him without further delay and started Ayurvedic medication under his expert supervision. By God’s grace I could feel that I was recovering, miraculously. And today, I am completely cured of one of the most dreaded disease. However, I realized one thing for sure, that had I got that doctor’s contact earlier, I wouldn’t have suffered acutely and my symptoms wouldn’t have aggravated so much. Thanks to Ayurveda!!

These cases made me think that somewhere due to lack of a proper medium, we weren’t able to find cure for our health conditions. Hence, this thought inspired me to come up with a medium/source where people can find reliable health related information. is the outcome of this thought process.

Hope that can be the medium which will help us lead a healthy life.

Healthy Lifestyle

MavCure provides you the most authenticated health related information and life style guide from AYUSH.

Nature Cure

Nature has all the elements that are needed to cure but most of us are ignorant about this, and it is often too late by the time we come to know about. Our expert team is here to bridge this gap and reduce the search time, make us more informative about our health and its related condition.

MavCure intends to provide reliable health information, so that people can take better informed decisions.Experts guided articles with authentic information are the key factors.MavCure provides information which is well researched and contributed by eminent healthcare professionals who have years of experience.

We intend to provide natural health information, diet plans,yoga, healthy recipes,home remedies for diseases and also the freedom to consult with renowned doctors through us.We have created a reliable channel connecting people with the health experts.

MavCure has teamed up with Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America(AAPNA) to bring you best health information from the eminent doctors Ayurveda.

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