What Is Macrobiotic Diet PlanWhat Should You Eat During This Diet
What Is Macrobiotic Diet PlanWhat Should You Eat During This Diet

Macrobiotic diet helps to balance Yin and Yang elements of the food.In the modern day world, it is tough to cope up with the better and healthy living conditions.

Tell me, do you feel a discontent with your lifestyle in spite of spending a lot of money?

Problems like sleepless nights, unusual gloomy feeling, a dull mood and what not?  If that is a yes then don’t you want to fix it? Don’t you wish there was a loophole that can get you over with the problems?

Something as simple as maintaining a diet. Does that sound too good to be true?Well, it is possible to have a perfect life through the things you eat. And the plan I am talking about is called the “Macrobiotic Diet.” Let us see what it is.

What is The Macrobiotic Diet?

Now, talking about the term let me give you a brief idea about it by one simple word. Here, it may sound ‘philosophical’ to you. I don’t want to sound dramatic, but that is how it is.

See; the macrobiotic diet is more of enlightenment rather than a diet chart. It focuses on your choices of food that your body needs to have. Confused?

The macrobiotic diet won’t talk about losing weight. The idea is to help your body achieve the balance through a holistic approach. This is a set of guidelines that could help you live a happy life.

Macrobiotic diet means to live long. Thus, the basic concept of the term is that by maintaining a few points you can have a long and healthy life.

It is believed that you are likely to have a longer life span if you:

  1. eat at regular intervals
  2. it takes a time to eat your food and chew it well
  3. react to what your body needs
  4. choose to stay active
  5. hold a cheerful and positive outlook towards things, people or situations
Macrobiotic Diet Chart
Macrobiotic Diet Chart

It is also believed that the term focuses on the Yin and Yang way of consumption of food.

It says that you should choose to eat more of that is natural rather than food that is processed. The deep notion is to go Vegan.

I can conclude that the entire plan of the macrobiotic diet is nothing but a lifestyle which can yield to a perfect life.

How Does It Work?

Okay! Now, that I have laid down a sketch of macrobiotic diet to you; let me go on further with the yes and no about the entire strategy.

I have already told you that the basic outline is to follow a set of guidelines that can make you achieve the sole peace.So, firstly I will start up with what all you can eat if you choose the program.

Things You Can Eat In Macrobiotic Diet

Things You Can Eat In Macrobiotic Diet

Things You Can Eat In Macrobiotic DietWhat

The bottom line of macrobiotic diet primarily targets the natural palatable. Radically, it focuses on the all natural stratagem.

It means that you can eat almost everything that is fresh and naturally produced. The core function of the policy is to make you eat everything that is healthy.

Given below are some of the food items that you can choose to add to your daily life.

  • Whole grains
  1. Whole grains build the foundation of your macrobiotic diet. Experts say that your macrobiotic diet should possess a variable margin of 40-60% of the effective whole grains.
  2. Whole grains like wheat, barley, rice, corn, oats, millets, etc. that is almost all types of whole grains are welcomed in the program.
  • Fresh vegetables

While talking about vegetables, these include all the locally grown ones. Mostly, you can eat all the vegetables, yet there is a slight catch in it.The various vegetables are to be added to the diet plan has different specifications. Let me get a bit more descriptive.

There are three strata of the vegetable family in the macrobiotic diet.

1.Vegetables that you can eat daily, like – pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, radish, turnips, carrots, squash, cabbage, etc.

2.Ones that you can have at most thrice a week, like – lettuce, chives, celery, etc.

3.And those who needs to be cut down, like – potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, pepper, spinach, etc.

I know you must have never thought of vegetables like this. There is also a total set of guidelines which tells how each vegetable is supposed to be eaten.This somewhere is considered as one of the drawbacks of the diet.

  • Various nuts

Nuts are such delicious snacks. They hold an abundance of nutrients. These tasty snacks are enriched with healthy fats.But it is believed that these powerhouses of health shall not be taken for more than 1-2 cups a week.

Nuts like walnuts, almonds, chestnuts and peanuts can be lightly roasted, mildly salted and had as healthy snacks.On the other hand, nuts like cashews, pistachios and hazelnuts should not be had at all.

  • Seafood or fish

Although fishes do not come under the vegetarian criteria, it can also be taken for twice or thrice a week.You may get them from fresh places and outlets. Well, but, I will suggest you to feed on a fresh catch.Seafood is an exemplary alternative in your macrobiotic diet and is completely irreplaceable.

  • Fresh fruits

The macrobiotic diet has changed the complete outlook about the consumption of fruits. This may also, make you not like the entire concept.It tells that you are supposed to eat fruits only twice or thrice in a week. Plus, it is also not to be forgotten that only seasonal and naturally grown fruits are to be eaten.

The macrobiotic diet has a complete disagreement when it comes to tropical fruits, like – dates, bananas, mangoes, pineapples, citrus fruits, etc.The macrobiotic plan says that you can choose more of fruits, like – berries, melons, apples, plums, peaches, etc.

Things You Must Avoid

Now, that I have given you a proper description of the do’s of the deal, let me tell you about the don’ts.

  • Poultry eggs
  • Meat
  • Dairy products
  • Processed food
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol and Soda
  • Refined sugar

It is believed that these eatables can disturb the stability of your life. Thus, these are completely cut out from the plan.This point is a bit unconvincing though because it can lead to many deficiencies in your body.

Health Benefits Of Macrobiotic Diet

The reason for emphasizing on the macrobiotic diet is because it fetches you a peaceful life with many such additional benefits.A macrobiotic diet can prevent many disorders or diseases. It is being accepted by a larger margin globally.

You know what? It can also help your system to fight against the current diseases in your body. Isn’t that great?

  • The bottom line of a macrobiotic diet focuses on keeping you free from toxins. This is done by flushing out all the toxins from your blood.
  • A macrobiotic diet can help you stay away from developing cancer. It can also strike out cancer from your system.Well, this is a fact that there is no such study that can prove this piece of the statement. There are such beliefs.
  • If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, know this that a macrobiotic diet can work wonders for you.
  • As the macrobiotic diet holds only fresh eatables that are unprocessed and healthy, it is easy to conclude that the nutrients can help you have an improved metabolism.This maintains your weight and body mass index. It also keeps a proper eye on the various essentials of your body like – the hemoglobin count, serum lipid profile, blood sugar levels, etc.
  • Macrobiotic diet also seems quite promising for your blood pressure and cholesterol. Thus, you can also count on it when you are worried about the health of your heart.

The Advantages And Disadvantages

It is advised that you go through the pros and cons of every new thing that you try. It is important that you make a proper research before adding something new to your lifestyle.

There is no harm in knowing a bit extra. But, not knowing things and being reluctant can put you in grave difficulties.

1.I will talk about the positive side of the plan first. A macrobiotic diet makes sure that you are full.It is so rich in fibers that it just cannot leave you starving. The bonus is that you have the taste in your hands.There are a lot of eatables in the macrobiotic strategy to make sure that taste and health come hand in hand.

2.The diet will also make sure that you don’t put on that extra flab. It is so good in its nutritional contents that you are sure to fall in love with your body.The whole formula helps you to keep a check on the number of calories you and makes sure that you lose those extra pounds.

The beauty behind the entire agenda is that it focuses on how you can have that inner peace with yourself.I know that a great body is one of the prime factors apart from all the health benefits.But, you should not get excited and jump over to the final call. It is important that one knows the disadvantages of anything that he chooses for his lifestyle.

3.The macrobiotic diet can get fussy for you. This generation loves to escape when it comes to adjustment and compromising.We usually tend to compromise to things. This diet holds many such guidelines which get a bit difficult to maintain.

Hence, people usually refer to quit it. Plus, alcoholics face a great deal of uneasiness.To cut down a long story, I can say that people often face convenience problems in it.

4.The diet would need you to invest a good sum of money in maintaining it.This is because the things that are mentioned in the list of ‘must haves’ are costlier.

5.People who are already undernourished often face the lack of various nutrients because of this diet.What is likely to happen is that he/she may end up having some disorder.

The additional points are weakness and immunity issues. This is because the diet may lead to a lack of proteins, calcium, vitamins, and minerals, etc.Although the rulebook has few of the difficult points, yet you can add the plan to your lifestyle.But, due to the darker side of the idea, you may drop it completely. So, make sure you see your doctor before you start it.

Remember that staying healthy and happy is a choice and not a blessing. You may give up all you have and yet remain unsatisfied. This is important that everyone feels content.Make sure to add the regular habit of working out for at least 30-40mins to complement the diet.

If you commit yourself to stay healthy and happy, then you will surely see the changes.


Dr. Manaan Gandhi is the one of the young dynamic Ayurveda doctor.He started off by presenting a research paper in a national conference in Mumbai.

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