African Black Ants Pills: Uses,Ingredients,Benefits,Side Effects

The African black ant pill is a product that claims to be a sexual enhancer in males. It is said to be a completely natural solution for low libido.

So basically, according to its manufacturers, this pill is used for enhancement of sexual performance and as a remedy to some sexual problems in males.

So basically, according to its manufacturers, this pill is used for enhancement of sexual performance and as a remedy to some sexual problems in males.

It is often claimed that these pills help with impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and enhance erection to make one last longer.

It also elongates one’s manhood for a better sexual experience. This is how it enhances the sexual performance and increases pleasure.

What Is African Black Ant?

African black ant is claimed to be a natural dietary supplement. Also referred to as herbal Viagra for sexual enhancement in males. It is mostly known to be an unlicensed treatment for erectile dysfunction. It also enhances sexual confidence by increasing testosterone levels. However, many medical institutions have prescribed against the use of this product due to a lot of harmful variations of the same made available on the internet.

Ingredients Of African Black Ant Pill

Ingredients Of African Black Ant Pill

The ingredients of the African Black Ant Pill are

1. Black Ant Or Polyrhachisvicina Roger:

The black ant is known to be full of amino acids and can be said to be an excellent nutritional supplement. When taken regularly, it is helpful in keeping the body in a healthy and balanced state and getting rid of sexual problems like impotence and low sex drive.

2. Formica Sanguinea:

This ingredient mainly helps in strengthening the immune system.

3. Ginseng (Root):

It brings about a rise in the energy levels of the body and also improves the blood flow. By maintaining the energy levels in the body, it helps the individual to stay erect and active for a long time. This enhances the performance extensively.

4. Medlar:

Medlar is an ingredient that helps in strengthening specific nerves and hence improving the sexual performance in individuals.

5. Hippocampi or seahorse extract:

It works on the male sex organs and the prostate by keeping them sexually aroused and potent for a long time. It also reduces the feeling of exhaustion.

6. A proprietary mix of essential amino acids and trace minerals:

These are the ingredients that work along with the other ingredients to give the optimum sexual performance to its consumers.

African Black Ant King

The African Black Ant king comes in a six capsule pack which is meant for enhancement of sexual performance in males. It is advised to take only one capsule per day and wait until 24 hours before taking another one. It should be taken 30 minutes before the commencement of sexual activity with some warm water.

There is a belief that some trace elements remain in the body for up to 168 hours after taking the pill. Therefore, it is recommended to take just one capsule every four to five days to avoid having too much of it in the body. This is usually enough to build the level of sexual activity to the desired level at any moment.

African Black Ant Pills and Capsule

Many variations of African Black Ant pills are available online. Also, many websites even offer good discounts for them. When we compare capsules and pills, a single tablet works much better than the other pills available. It is important, however, to read everything about them before starting to use these sexual enhancement pills.

Functions of the African Black Ant pill

1. Increasing vital energy

2. Improving blood circulation

3. Development of physical strength

4. Improving sexual potency

5. Increasing sperm and fluid protection

6. Stopping hair loss during the process of radiotherapy and chemotherapy

7. Strengthening of muscles and bones

8. Relieving effects of menopause syndrome

9. Elimination of thrombosis (blood clots)

10. Development of physical resistance

11. Regular use has rejuvenating effects


i. Do not take it every day. It might cause overdose and may be harmful to your health.

ii. If the penis keeps getting erect repeatedly, use cold water to deal with the erection.

iii. Buy only certified products which have no harmful effects and are completely natural.

iv. These pills are not meant for minors. Hence, it is not recommended for people under 21 years of age.

v. People with heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure and similar health issues must avoid taking these pills.

African Black Ant Side Effects

African Black Ants pills are proven to be very harmful to the health and well being of consumers. The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) in Australia had tested a batch of African Black Ant pills in 2014 and found that:

– Along with the above-mentioned ingredients, it contains a substance called sildenafil which is undeclared.

– It must be noted that sildenafil is a prescription only drug and is not to be taken without consulting a doctor.

Therefore, technically these pills are illegal as they are used without the prescription. Also, the tablets are usually not tested for efficacy, safety or quality just as their place of manufacture is not approved and cannot be verified.

Also, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) noticed in a laboratory analysis that these pills contain sildenafil and tadalafil. Sildenafil and tadalafil are the active ingredients in FDA approved prescription drugs used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

These drugs may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs and may be extremely harmful as they lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. Other side effects may include flushing and headaches.

Hence it is advised that the consumers currently using these pills should stop immediately and dispose of them. The people suffering from its side effects should see their doctors as soon as possible.

African Black Ant Pills Review

Initially, the African Black Ant pills were meant to be an excellent solution to reduce fatigue and improve sexual desire without any side effects. However, if you look up online, a lot of variations of the same have come up.

Not all of them are safe to use and natural. They contain some undeclared prohibited ingredients which are to be used only with a proper prescription. It is therefore essential to check the product, its reviews and verifies its ingredients so that you buy only original products which are not harmful to your health.

Buy African Black Ant Pills or Capsule etc

Whether to take pills or capsules depends upon the quality of the product. It is important that you evaluate the pros and cons of the product you wish to buy. There are many products available online. Select the product which seems to be original and properly tested and certified.

African Black Ant for Sale – Buy Wholesale

It is possible to buy six capsules of the black ant on retail. A variation of Black Ant Pillbox containing 80 capsules (20 boxes with four tablets per box) usually costs around $30. One can also buy them at wholesale prices on many websites online. Make sure to order these from genuine suppliers with a reliable customer service only.