Do You Know Almonds Can Reduce Belly Fat ! Find Out How ?

Almonds are from the family of nuts which are very tasty and are the favourites of many people.

Almonds are packed with several nutrients including vitamins, fibre, and minerals, which make it suitable to be titled as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Almonds are good sources of B-vitamin biotin and folic acid. Folic acid is a vital nutrient needed for cell growth and development.

Biotin is a very good agent to help fight hair loss and weight gain. It also lowers the cholesterol level, blood sugar level and also improves skin health. Another important nutrient found in almonds is vitamin E, which protects against sunstroke and heart disease.

It can also help maintain a healthy skin and hair. Unsaturated fatty acids like oleic and palmitoleic acids found in almonds help lower bad cholesterol known as LDL and VLDL hence improving the good cholesterol level which is HDL.

Almonds are also gluten-free and also contain important minerals like potassium, manganese, calcium, zinc, selenium and iron.

Can Almonds Reduce Belly Fat

Can Almonds Reduce Belly Fat

Munching on almonds in food breaks can give you a feeling of fullness which keeps various cravings at bay. This helps in controlling the insatiable thirst for junk food and keeps a check on weight gain.

According to a research, almonds contain unsaturated fatty acids which are considered as good fat. Good fats do not get stored in your body and are very hard to get metabolised and hence stay in your stomach for a longer time which reduces the amount of food you take. This indirectly reduces belly fat.

Almonds In Diet:

Here are some ways you can include almonds in your diet:

  • Keep a packet of roasted almonds in your office or college bag, and eat them whenever you feel a pang of hunger. Eating a handful of them will keep cravings at bay.
  • Add almonds to your breakfast or you can make it an early morning snack, which will keep you going until lunchtime without feeling hungry. You can also sprinkle chopped almonds on your oats or cereal.
  • Make almond raita and have it during lunch time. Mix chopped almonds with yoghurt and sprinkle your favourite spices. Almond raita is full of protein and good bacteria, which keeps your digestive system healthy and also helps in weight loss.
  • You can add pieces of almonds in your pasta or salad. They will make it heavy, so that you can eat less, gain more nutrition and still satisfy your hunger.
  • Add almonds in your favourite ice cream or chocolate and enjoy the twist in taste.

Chop on to them as much as you chop on energy chocolate bars. It will keep you fit and also bring out your abs. Let us volunteer for an almond life!