Ways To Turns Your Partner On
Ways To Turns Your Partner On

Don’t you want your partner to be attractive?

I hope it’s a big YES. Everybody is looking for the right life-partner.

A person who not just understands you, but also fulfills your sexual desires. Everybody has got sexual desires, and we need to accept it.

How your partner turns you ON along with the emotional factors, contribute towards a long-term relationship. There is also an increasing value for psychological intimacy.

The more you look for the hotness in your partner, the more strongly your relation binds you together.

We provide you with some of the factors that will contribute to the hotness you perceive or look in your partner:

1.You appreciate your partner’s changes over time.

It is found that the married women in their study of changes in the relationship and sexual satisfaction over time felt that their partners were getting sexier and sexier.

Women in close relationships don’t hold their partners to an unrealistic standard of youth and beauty. Unfortunately; aging women tend to look less attractive than aging men.

If you want to see your partner as sexy, you have to take up a realistic approach to the way our bodies reshape themselves, as we grow older every single day.

2.Your partner is at least slightly health-conscious.

It is found that strong relationships exist between self-reported sexual satisfaction and waistline circumference of the partners as well as of oneself.

Waist size is understood to be an indicator of a person’s overall health status. It indicates that both men and women are turned on by a partner who stays in shape.

It reflects society’s emphasis on thinness as a standard of beauty. You have to be physically in shape and active to keep promoting a much better hormonal functioning which in turn will keep your sexual spirit uplift.

Having your partner interested in sex turns you ON as well.

3.You’ve always been interested in sex.

You might not have the desire and spirit to have sex which in turn might result in your less interest in having sex now.

It is found that as adults, the people with fewer sex partners earlier in their lives tended to be less interested in having sex now.

You would be more likely to find your current partner sexually attractive if you were someone who was sexually active even before meeting her. With sex in mind, you visualize your current partner to be sexy.

4.Your partner understands your preferences.

Because sexual satisfaction is a mutual course of action, you’ll be more likely to respond to a partner who “gets” you. Women can value a variety of sexual behaviors instead of orgasm.

If their partner were engaged in these behaviors, it would result in a female sexual satisfaction. If your partner can identify your sexual needs and desire, then you will continue to find your partner attractive over time.

5.Your partner is available.

If you haven’t developed a relationship yet, or if you are not in a relationship at all. Who will appeal to you?

However, looking for a new partner presents a different set of challenges than just staying attractive to the person you are in a relationship with.

Most of the time people look for partners who were not in a romantic relationship before. So, if you are looking for your spouse, you know the best place to look at.

Predicting who will fall for whom is something that science can never explain, however; you can understand what leads you to discern your current partner as someone who will turn you on both now and in the years yet to come.

Dr Padarabind Patra is one of the reputed Ayurveda Physician from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.He is constantly doing his research work in preparing different types of Ayurveda formulations & their effects on different diseases.He is appointed as senior Govt. Medical Officer by Govt Of Odhisha.