If you want to learn how to make ubtan powder at home, then don’t look further than this. I am going to guide you on how to prepare it.

It can be well said that a woman desires two things,

“To have a flawless & spotless skin”

“To eat without getting fat.”

Though, the latter is an entirely different concern, the first although is quite a regular interest of the ladies out there. The age of selfies and scrutiny is truly upon us. With the need of being flawless every minute of the day, we often get attracted by the glimmer of the advertised products. Thus, we forget that the regular use of chemicals harm us in a much wider and scary way than we have ever thought of.

But we often forget that there lay some hidden treasures in our kitchen itself, that can be used anytime to achieve that flawless glow that we desire with all our hearts.

This particular legacy of Ubtan has been followed from the times of the beautiful queens and princesses.

A mixture of some of the basic and regular ingredients and there it is!

A trusted and efficient method of maintaining that beauty in spite of the daily dust and pollution.

Ubtan not only helps you in getting your complexion lightened up but also helps is preventing the other skin problems like white head, pimples, blackheads, etc.

Ready to make ubtan powders are available in the market, but again why invest in the unwanted chemicals when you can create the magic at home?

Ubtan can be made at any time and any day, but usually, ladies make them for their most special occasions like weddings, etc.

An excellent beauty remedy for the brides to be. A paste of ubtan surely works wonders. The main reason why the brides opt for ubtan as their beauty companion is that of the multiple benefits.

Skin tanning, facial hair can be drastically removed with a much lighter complexion. Being an Ayurvedic remedy, ubtans can be made of besan(gram flour), manjistha, Haridra (Turmeric), Chandan(sandalwood), etc. These nature-friendly ingredients make ubtan a very nutrient rich and efficient remedy. It removes all the dark patches and provides a light and soft texture to the skin.

Ubtan Powder Benefits That You Should Know:

There are multiple benefits of Ubtan. Some are mentioned below:

Ubtan Powder Benefits That You Should Know

Ubtan Powder Benefits That You Should Know


Lightens The Complexion:

Ubtan lightens the complexion and makes the skin bright and glowy.It opens the skin pores and exfoliates the skin.

Fair Skin:

Usually, lemon juice, milk, and turmeric are used for making ubtan. Lemon is also known as a natural bleach, and hence it would be right to say that it lightens the skin without any harmful effects.

Removal of Facial Hair:

Facial hair removal remedy is one of the most sorted out issues. Usually, girls, tend to methods like threading and facial waxing,  but these may be highly painful and discomforting.

Hence the bride to be can be given a home treatment of turmeric, red lentil powder that can reduce and lastly stop the growth of facial hair.

Reduces Marks, Warts, Blemishes:

Ubtan being a natural substance can reduce the marks, spots, and blemishes with no side effects. Thus, usage of ubtan is done from almost a month before the wedding. With no side effects and different compositions, this natural remedy can give you the pre-wedding glow that you have been craving so badly.

Makes The Skin Soft:

As mentioned above, ubtan is made from completely natural and nutrient rich ingredients. It is manufactured from the natural products such as Besan, Chandan, lemon, etc. Besan or gram flour can be used to exfoliate the skin and thus remove all the dark patches and blackheads. Chandan or sandalwood can be used to soothe the skin and remove the heat.

Especially if the wedding is in the summer season, then a pack of Chandan will surely take the tiredness and heat out of the bride’s elegant beauty. Lemon is used to lighten and brighten. Acting as a natural bleach, it removes the unwanted hair from the skin. This is a much easy process than threading and waxing.

Brings The Childish Suppleness Back:

Ubtan Natural Ayurvedic Face Mask

Ubtan Natural Ayurvedic Face Mask

Regular use of ubtan can significantly affect and improve the skin texture. While using ubtan, it is usually suggested that applying the paste in a circular motion, will significantly reduce the hair growth and make the skin soft and supple.

Sometimes, the paste sticks to the face, and it is tough to take it off. If so happens, and then the use of olive oil for an efficient and fast removal. Ingredients like red lentil powder and orange peel can be added to enhance the results.

Clears The Skin:

Skin problems like pigmentation, acne, scars, etc. are the most common concerns of the bride. Some milk and lemon will inevitably reduce these and make the skin smooth, soft and supple.

Anti Ageing:

One of the major concerns of any woman would be that faded wrinkle on her face. Ubtan is known for its anti-aging properties too. Most of the anti-aging creme available in the market consists of high amount of chemicals and are very harmful if used on a daily basis. Homemade ubtan thus have many desirable properties.

How To Make Ubtan For Bride?

With the big day coming up, it is a bride’s utmost concern to have that golden bridal glow on her very special day!

The following ubtans are suggested could be suggested overall beauty concerns:

#1.Sandalwood Ubtan For The Rejuvenation

Sandalwood ubtan is proposed for the “working brides to be.”!

It is generally seen that the brides strive to proclaim that calm and relaxed glow on their face. Hence, we would suggest you start your wedding’s beauty remedy with this simple homemade pack!


Sandalwood powder

Gram flour


Raw Milk

Rose Water

Mix, sandalwood powder, and gram flour together.Add a bit of turmeric. Furthermore, make this mixture into a smooth paste by mixing milk and rose water. Apply it and let it dry. Wash it off with regular water and you would realize that glowy skin is beaming back at you!

The weddings take place all around the calendar. It is one of the primary concerns of the bride to shade their skin from the scorching heat or the pale winter.

The best part of making homemade ubtan is that, whether it is sun or snow, we can alter the pack according to our requirements.

#2.Gram Flour And Wheat Ubtan For the Summer bells.

How To Make Ubtan For Bride

How To Make Ubtan For Bride

Gram flour

Wheat bran

Milk cream


Mix all the ingredients together. Make sure to add just a pinch of turmeric. The addition of yogurt provides a cooling effect to the skin.

Apply oil on your body before application of this mixture. Massage your body with this mixture and then let it be for half an hour. Wash it off with lukewarm water and feel the difference.

#3.The Nutty Ubtan For the Winter Glow

Almonds, cashews, pistachios



Dried orange peel


Sweet almond oil

Grind all the nuts about 10 to 15 pieces of each variety. Add one-fourth of masoor dal, flaxseed, and rice in a different bowl. Do not forget the orange peel and oats.Mix these ingredients and add a pinch of turmeric. 10-12 drops of almond oil add a smooth texture to this mixture. Make it a thick scrub by the addition of honey. Apply this on your face, and scrub it off after some minutes.

All the winter dryness would be gone, and you would feel your skin, moisturized and healthy. Works like magic don’t it?

Various Ways In Which Ubtan Can Be Used:

As a Face Wash:

With the face pace lifestyle and regular beauty needs, women find it very tough to find out a natural way to taking care of their skin needs. An ubtan, on the other hand, can be prepared in just two minutes. Usually, it is used before bath time. The usual ingredients of ubtan being, 2 tbsp. Besan, 1 tbsp. Turmeric and 2 tbsp. milk. With the regular use of this mixture, Visible results can be achieved in 2 to 3 days.

Ubtan Face Scrub:

Ubtan can be used as a scrub too. Add a little chickpea, to the mixture of 1 tbsp. Neem powder,2 tbsp. Sandalwood,2 tbsp. Cucumber, ¼ turmeric powder. Continuous gentle circular motions on the face for 15 minutes would gently exfoliate and hence make it smooth. After scrubbing, use warm water to wash your face. Daily use of this mixture before bedtime undoubtedly improves the quality o your skin.

Various Ways In Which Ubtan Can Be Used

Various Ways In Which Ubtan Can Be Used

Daily Moisturizing:

Ubtan packs are very useful and can be used deep moisturizers too. The general procedure of making ubtan for moisturizing purposes is as follows: Soak 6 to 7 blanches almonds with peeled off skins in fresh cream. Usually, this mixture is soaked overnight.After proper soaking, 2tbsp. Of sesame oil and 1 tbsp. Tulsi powder is added and is further processed.After letting, this mixture rest for a while, use it as a daily moisturizer.


Use As A Face Mask:

Special ubtan can be made for face pack purposes too. Mix turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, keenu jhilkon powder together and preserve it efficiently.


Sometimes rose water can also be added to the mixture. Let the mask rest for up to 10 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Different Types Of Ubtan:

#1.How To Make Ubtan At Home For Fairness


1 tbsp. sandalwood powder

1 tbsp. papaya paste

1 tbsp. mashed banana.

1 tbsp. besan


Mix all these ingredients together with milk and make the paste thicker. Apply it on the face and wait for 20 minutes. Let the face pack rest for 2 to 3 minutes and wash off.

#2.Ubtan For Moisturizing



Egg white

Lemon juice

Gram flour

Mix almond milk and egg white in a processor. Now add gram flour to this mixture. And make a smooth paste. Apply it and then wash it off after 10 minutes with lukewarm water.

 #3.Ubtan For Black Heads Removal(How To Make Ubtan With Besan)


Gram flour



Neem powder

Cucumber paste

Massage your face with the mixture of these ingredients for a least of 15 minutes. It is usually advised to massage and then let this pack rest. After this pack goes dry, wash it off.

#4.Ubtan to Remove Dead Cells

Nowadays with the increase in pollution, the skin may be easily affected. Hence, special care needs to be taken. Removal of dead skin cells is needed to retrieve that fresh glow and softness.Ingredients

Green lentil

Fenugreek leaves

Dry orange skin

Neem powder

Ground these ingredients with oil such as almond oil or sesame oil or rose water. Gently apply this mixture for 10 to 15 minutes. Hence, this mixture can remove dead skin cells.

  #5.Medicated Ubtan For Sensitive Skin

The best thing about making an ubtan mixture is that it can be created and recreated for different purposes.


Gram Flour


Lemon juice


Coconut or almond oil

Make a paste of all these ingredients with milk or water. Apply this pack on your body. Let it rest for about 10 minutes after which it can be scrubbed. Take a bath and you would feel that same soft and supple skin.

#6.Ubtan For Summer Season

The primary concern for any lady in the summer season is to maintain that special glow on her face. With the onset of summer and high temperatures, tanning and dark spots start to appear on the skin. The most affected part is our face as it is always exposed to the sun.

Special ubtan can be made to beat the heat for this season:

#7.Lemon And Turmeric Mixture

Gram Flour

Lemon juice



Mix all the ingredients with the base of milk and take special care to make it thick. Avoid making it too runny. Apply the pack to your face and let it rest for some time. Let it dry and then massage. Wash it off with lukewarm water. This mixture can be preserved in the refrigerator for future use too.

#8.How To Make Ubtan For kids (Cucumber & Multani Mitti)

1 tbsp. cucumber juice.

1 tbsp. mint juice.

1 tbsp. Multani Matti

Sandalwood powder

All these ingredients are then mixed with rose water. Apply this mixture on your face in a layered way and let it rest for a while. This mixture is used during the summer season to cool off. All the skin problems like rash, boils, pimples can be prevented by the utilization of this mix.

#9.How To Make Ubtan For Oily Skin

1 tbsp. Chandan

1 tbsp. Tomato juice

5-7 mint leaves.

5-7 neem leaves

1 tbsp. Multani Matti

Mix all these ingredients together. Add some mint and neem leaves.Apply this paste on your face and let it rest for a while. Due to the use of neem and mint leaves, this pack also has antibacterial properties. Thus, skin problems such as acne and pimples can be prevented by the regular use of this pack.

#10.Ubtan For a Soft And Smooth Skin


Masoor dal( red lentil)

Raw rice



Rose Water

Mix all these ingredients and grind them together. Add turmeric to this mixture and make a thick mixture by adding rose water. Apply it all over and gently scrub it off.


Thus, Ubtan has a lot of benefits as it is prepared with all natural ingredients and can be efficiently and easily prepared. It has no side effects.

With such an easy method of preparation, it can be prepared anytime .The ingredients are easily available. The easy mixture can be prepared in small time.Thus, Ubtan is our all time beauty companion, for any time at any place


Dr Shallu Garg is an expert in the field of ayurveda and has experience of over 15 years in this field. She is a faculty in various reputed institutions .She is the founder of a AYULIFE center which runs on the resources and techniques taken from kerala and also offers authentic and excellent Panchkarma procedures.

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