What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Vampire”? Well, the first thing that comes to our mind is “Bloodsucking creatures.”That may be true but, here we are talking about a completely different type of vampires, “The Energy Psychic Vampires.” 

Who is an Energy Psychic Vampire?

Who is an Energy Psychic Vampire
Who is an Energy Psychic Vampire

What Is A Psychic Vampire Attack :

Energy/psychic vampires are emotionally immature people who think that the whole world is meant to serve them. They always think that they should take everything they get from others.

They lack empathy. They have a mindset that they can only take from others and give anything will deprive them of essential resources.

They are the people who make us feel angry, depressed, depleted or defensive after we have spent time with them. In other words, Energy Vampires are the people who tend to drain our energy.

They are always around us. In their company, instead of feeling energetic, we start feeling depressed. They tend to carry high negative vibes with themselves.Energy vampires may not only be human beings, but they can also be the physical objects around you like internet, animals, electronic devices, etc.

Types of Energy Vampires:

Types of Energy Vampires
Types of Energy Vampires

It is necessary to protect ourselves from energy vampires, and one way of doing so is knowing their types and dealing with them accordingly.

They are many types of energy vampires. Some of them can be identified easily while some of them cannot. Let’s have a look at different types of Energy Vampires.

1.The Controller

This type of energy vampires has an opinion about everything that is happening in the world. From rising prices to Mars expedition, they have an opinion on everything. They also think they always know what is best for you.

2.The Narcissist

This category includes the people who are very self-centered and hungry for admiration. It sometimes may be fun to have them around but expecting something from them is meaningless.

3.The Criticizer

They always judge you and belittle you. They always feel qualified about judging everyone.

4.The Victim

These type of vampires feel that they are victim to each and everything happening the world. They always feel that everybody is against them. They feel that they are the neediest people in the world.

5.Negative people

These people always carry a pride in the way they think. They always complain about everything around them. They never believe that life may get better nor they let others around them believe it.

6.Angry people

They are very intense people. They are very easy to spot. They may attack you verbally, physically, sabotage you, etc.

7.Drama Queens

These are people who like to get things messed up around them. They enjoy the CHAOS. They gain energy from the chaos that is happening around them.

8.The Blamers

This category of Energy vampires only knows to blame others. They never take responsibility for anything happening around them.

Energy Vampire Victim Symptoms

Want to know whether you have been attacked by an Energy Vampire? Don’t worry, following are some of the symptoms which help you to know if you have been attacked by an energy vampire.

  • Depressed mood
  • Loss of energy
  • Dizziness
  • Heavy eyelids
  • Disturbances in sleep
  • Mental tension
  • Irritating mood
  • Fatigue
  • Exhaustion
  • Chronic headaches
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic impatience
  • Your mood can be overwhelmed.
  • You also may suffer from boredom.
  • You may feel disoriented.
  • Sometimes, you may also suffer from physical illness.

How To Identify Energy Vampires?

How To Identify of Energy Vampires
How To Identify Energy Vampires

Have you ever felt exhausted, tired or stressed after meeting a person? Have you been through physical illness after such a meeting? Well, beware because you may be attacked by an energy vampire!

Energy vampires, at first glance, may seem very attractive. They are intelligent, bold, good-looking, charming and smart. They have a high opinion of you which may seem flattering. A study revealed that women are better energy vampires than men.

As we have seen, Energy vampires are of different types and are always around us in some disguise. It is quite dangerous to have such people in our vicinity, as they drain our energy.

There are some people who are highly sensitive to people who tend to drain their energy, but it is not the case with everyone. Some people cannot identify such people, and it turns out to be quite harmful to them. So, here are some tips to identify an Energy vampire so that you can keep them away.

Tips To Identify Energy Vampire


People with high ego tend to get angry faster which is a sign of an energy vampire.

2.Manipulative nature

Energy vampires are very manipulative. They tend to manipulate everything according to their wish.


These people are always jealous of others. They can never be happy seeing anyone else happy.

4.Strong opinions

They feel that what they are a fact and always try proving it to others. They have strong opinions on everything. Also, they want others to believe their opinions too.

5.Dominating nature

As they have strong opinions, they tend to dominate people around them. They enjoy this domination.

6.Gossip queens

They always speak to others back or bitch about them.They love to gossip. They always criticise others to you.


They carry a feeling of insecurity with them. They are insecure that they will lose something.


Energy vampires are always paranoid about everything. They quickly get panic about small things.

9.Aggressive nature

As they are short tempered and dominating, in some situations, they get aggressive.

10.Drama queen

They also have a melodramatic behavior. They make an issue of very small thing happening around them to gain attention.

So, next time you meet a person with any of these qualities, make sure you keep a safe distance from them.

How Do Energy Vampires Steal Energy?

How Do Energy Vampires Steal Energy
How Do Energy Vampires Steal Energy

Apart from blood and flesh that forms our body, there are also energy fields that form us. We are surrounded by positive as well as negative energies daily. While positive energies tend to rejuvenate us, negative energy tends to drain us. Energy vampires use negative energy to upset us.It may be actual physical violence or may be seduction, flattering, etc.

In all, they disturb the normal flow of energy from head to toe. They throw you out of balance, which makes you give out some life energy.

There are many ways used by vampires to upset a person. Some of the ways are:


Sexually abusing someone can upset them easily. Also, men use cheesy lines to help them get dates and sex from women. This disturbs women. While, women play with words to excite men, which also disturbs men.


Words prove to be the strongest weapon to upset a person. Words can seduce, threaten, flatter, and shock a person.

3.Body language

There are the variety of non-verbal ways in which a person can upset another, like stare, smiling too much or in an inappropriate way, etc.

4.Dressing style

Dressing can easily disturb a person. Example: bra straps, see-through, tight tops, etc. prove to be very distracting and disturbing for people, and they tend to lose some life energy.

The list is endless. The main thing is IMPRESS a person and extract energy from them. This is the strategy used by most of the energy vampires to steal energy from people.

How To Protect Yourself Against Psychic Vampire Attack

How To Protect Yourself Against Psychic Vampire Attack
How To Protect Yourself Against Psychic Vampire Attack

Energy vampires are gainers. They gain energy from draining others. They get a sense of fulfillment when they do so.

If you practice self-reflective practices like meditation, yoga, etc. then you can easily stay away from Energy Vampires.

But, if you are going through a bad phase of your life, you are more vulnerable to Energy vampire attacks.As it is said “Prevention is better than cure,” so here are some ways to protect yourself from an Energy vampire attack.

1.Set boundaries around you

Try not involved in them too much, because they are very deceiving people.Try to keep a limited contact with them and let them know that you have other things to do other than listening to their opinions.

2.Purify yourself

Take few deep breaths to exhale negative energy from your body. Water is a potent purifier, so take showers daily so that you feel fresh and able to wash off all the negative energy.

3.Say NO to arguments

DON’T ARGUE with them. It will only deplete your energy.

4.Ignore them

Don’t take everything that they say to a personal level. Learn to IGNORE their talks.DON’T REACT to everything they say.

5.No eye contact

Avoid prolonged eye contact with them. In most cases, not making a frequent eye contact can help you avoid them by depleting your energy.

6.Keep your ears open not your mouth

LISTEN more to them and talk less. This preserves your energy to a great extent.

7.Switch to light-hearted topics

Talking about intense issues only gives them an opportunity to argue and dominate you with their opinions. It is better you talk about light-hearted topics.

8.Build an energy shield around you

Visualise white light that surrounds every inch of you to protect yourself from energy vampires.Try crossing your arms while they talk so that you strengthen your auric fields.

9.Discard them from your life

If the situation is going beyond control, then cut off the contact with them entirely. This may be the ultimate option you have after you have tried all the above.Get in touch with other people.

Beware of the Energy vampires around you and get rid of them at the right time! Let not negative things or people take away the joy of your life…


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  • Brokenprototype

    Is there any chance one can help this distrubed minds to come back from the dead?

    • Yes there are.Meditation is help full.Try Shambhavi Mahamudra.This will definatly help

  • Spundai

    Great article. I came here after I was attacked by a full-on energy thief. I knew better but allowed it to happen. Now, the second day after the attack, I’m still out of sorts. I should have got up and left the second I felt my aura deplete but I hung on. Oh well, better luck next time. That guy, an ex-junky and money hungry fiend is now out of my life.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Be with the person who has same goal as yours.Surround yourself with people, who have positive aura.I will suggest start doing meditation and explore life.

  • Liz Tercini

    My roommate is a psychic energy vampire. She is always in my business, knows where I was at without me even sharing. Totally evades my privacy and boundaries. I know she reads my mind which is why I tell her to mind her business but she does not. After reading into all this stuff I totally understand why I feel certain ways. I’m a empath. My question is WHY? WHY do that to someone. That’s gross mental ill obsession sh*t. She is 66yrs of age. Sits at home all day on her laptop probably stalking others, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has some kind of phone hacking system looking into my text convos. I reall want to move, but somehow cannot seem to save enough money for it. Like she knows it. I know I could physically hurt her but really do not want to. Just so annoying!! Ive had the crappiest luck since living there going on 3yrs now ans sooooo stuck miserable!! Makes me angry just looking at her sometimes. Like a part of me feels bad for her pathetic life just sitting there, then another part of me is just bothered! What is wrong with people. If I had special “powers” id be helping, not snooping, ease dropping. Just gross!!!

    • I know what you are going through.I can resonate.I will suggest you to move out asap.You can suggest them to see a therapist and doing meditation.If that person has slightest intention to live better she ll do otherwise move out asap.You dont need to go through all these.Surround yourself with positive people who can help you excel in life.