Benefits & Uses Of Petroleum Jelly That Will Leave You Amazed

Benefits & Uses Of Petroleum Jelly That Will Leave You Amazed
Benefits & Uses Of Petroleum Jelly That Will Leave You Amazed

Have you ever heard of petroleum jelly? I am sure you must have. But, do you know what it actually is?

Do you know that the only job of this petroleum jelly is not to heal your chapped lips or hands? Today, you will come to know everything that you must know about petroleum jelly.

In this article, I have talked about what petroleum jelly really is. Also, I have thrown a flash of light on the various benefits and side effects that it can fetch you.

What Is Petroleum Jelly?

Before telling you about the world of benefits let me tell what petroleum jelly is. Petroleum jelly is a viscous, semi-solid combination of hydrocarbons.

It is made up of a mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils. It is colourless to white in colour and it looks like a jelly.

It is a world famous topical healing agent. But, apart from this, the jelly also serves a bulk of benefits. Now, that you have an idea about the topic, let us proceed with the benefits.

Benefits Of Petroleum Jelly

In Terms Of Makeup

  • For Removing Eye Makeup

You can get rid of your eye makeup very easily by the help of petroleum jelly. Simply spread some evenly on your eyelids and under your eyes.

Wipe it off carefully using a tissue or cotton ball. Be very cautious while doing this. Make sure the petroleum jelly does not get in your eye.

  • To Highlight Your Cheekbones

You can create a contoured look by the help of petroleum jelly. Apply some on your cheekbones and blend it well.

The glossy feel with make the light falling on it shine and create the look.

  • To Gloss Your Lips

Petroleum jelly can also be used as a lip gloss. You may also add some food colouring agent to some petroleum jelly and use it as a coloured lip gloss.

  • Intensifying Your Eye Shadow

Add your powdered eyeshadow to some petroleum jelly and then apply it. It will bring a shine to the colour and will make it richer.

  • To Obtain An Even Tone

Apply some petroleum jelly on your face before applying cosmetics that contain tannin. In such conditions, an even tone will be obtained after you are done with your makeup.

  • For Unruly Your Eyebrows

Put a dab of petroleum jelly on your eyebrows and spread it slowly with a clean brush or mascara stick to tame your wild eyebrows.

  • For The Health Of Your Skin

Petroleum jelly is used globally as a skin care remedy. You may use this powerful mixture for the following.

You may use petroleum jelly as a face and body moisturiser.

To rejuvenate dull skin. It adds a glow to your skin. Thus, keeping it some and full of life.

To smoothen cracked lips.

To heal cracked heels.

To cure rashes. You may also apply it on toddlers to prevent or cure diaper rashes.

As a base for exfoliators: Add some sugar to petroleum jelly and use it as a gentle exfoliator.

To get rid of spots.

  • Treats Split Ends

You can apply some petroleum jelly on the ends of your hair to keep them soft and free from split ends. At the initial stage of split ends, petroleum jelly application can also tame that split hair.

  • Pamper Yourself

Help your perfume stay longer

Put a dab of petroleum jelly on your wrists, ankles and behind your ears before you spray your perfume. This will hold the fragrance for a longer time.

  • No Messy Manicures

Does manicure cause a lot of irritation? I know how messy it can get. But if you know the proper way to avoid it then there can be nothing better.

Apply some petroleum jelly along the sides of your nails. This will help you to remove the nail polish that has spilled out of your nails. The end result will be more professional.


Remove stains: Petroleum jelly can be used to erase stains like lipstick marks or water marks from wood or floor.

Make things shiny again: Old leather goods, jewellery and wooden furniture or artifacts can be easily glossed back again by the help of petroleum jelly.

Keep ants away: You may keep stubborn ant attacks away from your life by using petroleum jelly. Simply draw a line with it around goods or products you need to save from ants.

Avoid mess: Art and craft can be really messy. For this and apart from this, if you have to use glue for any other work, you can use petroleum jelly.

Lubrication: Petroleum jelly is a brilliant lubricant. You can lubricate candle holders, curtain rods, a stuck finger ring, cabinets, hinges of doors and windows, etc. using this.

Side Effects And Precautions

There is absolutely no doubt that petroleum jelly is harmless and user-friendly. It fetches you goodness and nourishes your skin.

You may also use this super jelly for various other functions as mentioned above. However, like everything else, petroleum jelly can also have a few disadvantages.

Mentioned below are some of the drawbacks of petroleum jelly.

Too much usage of this magic potion can ruin the pores of your skin by restricting them to let the toxins out of your body. This can clog your pores and lead you to acne and various other skin disorders.

Petroleum jelly may not be suitable for every skin. Mostly, every human being is friendly to the mixture and there is no such harm caused.

However, if your skin is not adapting to petroleum jelly, you can have dandruff, boils, acne, pimples, dryness or irritation of both skin and hair.

Petroleum jelly can also end you up having nose, skin and eye irritation.

If you choose to use this as a lubricant while mating, make sure you are not using a condom along with it.

This is because; the jelly may react with the latex and lead to some disturbance. This can break down the latex.

Petroleum jelly can also affect the mammary glands and fetch breast cancer in women.

As I already mentioned, petroleum jelly is totally harmless for the maximum population out there. Yet, it cannot be appropriate for everyone.

The best is to examine the product well and undergo a patch test. You may also use products with baby oil or vegetable oil if possible. It is not a compulsion but just a word of caution.

How To Use?

You may use petroleum jelly wherever you want. All you need to remember is to use it topically. Make sure you do not consume it. Else, this can end you up with the downsides.

You may apply some on your skin daily after a bath.

Or, before bed.

During working hours at the office.

While relaxing at home.

In short, you can use this beautiful invention anytime anywhere. But, remember to apply it only externally.


Petroleum jelly is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It is an efficient healer. But apart from this, the mixture can serve many other benefits.

However, there also are a few drawbacks behind this. Make sure that you are completely fine with it before you use this effective jelly. Good luck!