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Obturator Nerve Everything You Should Know About

Obturator Nerve:Everything You Should Know About

The obturator nerve is a large nerve responsible for the innervation of parts of the lower limb, mainly including the hips, the thighs, and the knees. This nerve...
How To Get Rid of Sebaceous Filaments On Nose

How To Get Rid of Sebaceous Filaments On Nose

Sebaceous filaments look like pin sized dots that are found on the nose, upper lips, cheeks, and forehead.These are formed due to the accumulation of sebum and...
Fluttering In The Ear Causes,Symptoms & Home Remedies

Fluttering In The Ear: Causes,Symptoms & Home Remedies

Fluttering in the ear is a medical condition which can be annoying and distressing rather than be life-threatening. In medical terminology fluttering in the ear is referred...
Poikilocytosis Causes,Symptoms,Diagnosis &Treatment

Poikilocytosis: Causes,Symptoms,Diagnosis &Treatment

Poikilocytosis is a condition where the abnormally shaped Red Blood Cells (RBCs) constitute more than ten percent of the total blood content. It is a condition that...
Gliosis Causes,Symptoms,Treatments

Gliosis : Causes,Symptoms,Treatments

Gliosis is a non-specific response of several types of glial cells due to an injury or trauma to the brain or the central nervous system (CNS). It...
Senile Purpura Causes,Symptoms,Diagnosis,Treatment

Senile Purpura: Causes,Symptoms,Diagnosis,Treatment

­Senile Purpura is a condition where purple bruises form recurrently on the forearms or legs. This is a benign condition affecting the elderly, and it usually develops...
Palmar Erythema Causes,Symptoms,Treatment,Prevention

Palmar Erythema: Causes,Symptoms,Treatment,Prevention

Palmar Erythema is a medical condition characterized by redness near the hands, or specifically the palms of the hand (hence palmar) and sometimes near the fingers. It...
Tortuous Colon Causes,Symptoms,Treatment,Diet

Tortuous Colon: Causes,Symptoms,Treatment,Diet

Tortuous Colon is a medical condition in which the colon is more twisted or tortuous than usual. This is a result of the large intestine being more...
Blood Blister In The Mouth and Cheek Causes,Treatment &Home Remedies

Blood Blister In The Mouth and Cheek: Causes, Home Remedies

Blood blister in the mouth is caused by various reasons such as breaking of blood lining inside the mouth or by some other trauma. Blood blisters in the...
Itchy Armpit Rash: Causes,Symptoms,Treatments & Home Remedies

Itchy Armpit Rash:Causes,Symptoms,Treatments & Home Remedies

There might be various reason why you must be experiencing itchy armpit. It is an embarrassing situation when you need to itch in your armpit at public...

Pinworms: Symtoms,Causes,Treatment,Home Remedies

If you or your children have pinworm infection then you are landed at the right place.Know what are the causes, symptoms and how you can get rid...
Petechiae On Legs Symptoms,Causes,Treatment & Prevention

Petechiae On Legs: Symptoms,Causes,Treatment & Prevention

Petechiae on legs is a medical condition where you will develop small freckle-like spots on the legs.Petechiae refers to a hemorrhagic spot on the skin. Petechiae is the...
Torus Mandibularis,Causes,Symptoms,Home Remedies

Torus Mandibularis:Causes,Symtoms,Home Remedies

Many of you may experience some bony growths in your oral cavity! It is important to know that you should not panic as they may just be...
Lichen Striatus Causes,Symptoms,Natural Remedies

Lichen Striatus: Causes,Symptoms,Natural Remedies

Lichen striatus is a type of skin rash. Prominent spots of pink color that join forming red, scaly, linear bands characterize it. It is accompanied by an...
Coughing Up Brown Mucus (Phlegm) Causes, Treatment ,Home Remedies

Coughing Up Brown Mucus (Phlegm) :Causes, Treatment ,Home Remedies

Coughing up brown mucus or thick dark brown phlegm is usually an indication of lungs infection from smoking or inhalation of dust and pollutants. It tends to...
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