Wouldn’t it be great if we get the color of a lipstick, shine of gloss and care of lip balm all at once?That is why we bring you some DIY homemade berry lip stain to make a perfectly natural caring berry lip tint.

As the popular saying goes, ‘the most beautiful curve of a woman is her smile’ !I am sure most of you heard this many times but do you know the secret of your beautiful smile?

It is your lips!

As lips are the most sensitive part of our face, it very essential to take care of it.Every woman of this century loves glossy pink natural lips.But most of us don’t have the good luck to have a natural lip color and take the aid of chemical lip gloss.

It is true that this lip gloss gives us a natural shine, but as soon as it is taken off, we face chapped lips.

So try these home made berry lip stain.

DIY Homemade Berry Lip Stain

Pomegranate Lip Stain:


  1. Peel of a pomegranate and take out some cloves.
  2. Crush the pomegranate to bring out the juice.
  3. Strain it and remove the hard part.
  4. Mix a dash of coconut oil in it and voila you are ready to flaunt a natural pink color!
  5. Put in a clean lip balm container.
  6. It is also a great remedy for dark lips!

Berry Lip Stain:


  1. Take three strawberries, three raspberries and two blackberries in a microwave bowl.
  2. Microwave it for some time till it is very soft.
  3. Take it out and smash them.
  4. Strain the juice out of it.
  5. Put one teaspoon of olive oil in it.
  6. Put it in a clean glass balm container and it is ready to use.
  7. It is very useful for pigmentation and chapped lips.

Beet Root Stain:


  1. Peel off some beetroot and chop them into little pieces.
  2. Put it in a mixer and grinder and make a fine paste out of it.
  3. Strain the mixture through a muslin cloth.
  4. Put in a clean gloss or lip balm container.
  5. Add little coconut oil and put it in a fridge for one month and then it will be ready to use all natural lip balm.
  6. It doesn’t only keep your lips healthy but also bring back the natural color.

Blackberry Love:

A great color and protection from sun lip balm is this one! You can blend 3 soften blackberries with Vaseline or almond oil and voila here is the perfect lip balm you were searching for.

Berry Cherry Lips:

A perfect combination of pinkish red color with a protective nature is this lip balm.


  1. Microwave 4 cherries and three raspberries for some time till both fruits are soft enough.
  2. Blend them together.
  3. Strain them and collect the juice.
  4. Add one teaspoon of olive oil or almond oil and mix.
  5. Put it in a container and freeze it for some time.
  6. It will give your lips a rosy red color and also protect it from drying out.

These are some methods which will give you the perfect homemade berry lip stain. Just for your liking, we are mentioning some other methods of staining as well.

Home Remedies for Natural DIY Lip Stains:

1.Shimmery Lip Gloss:

Mix some blush powder (any favorite color) with your regular Vaseline. It will be a nice combo of protection and style for your lips!

2.Crayon Lipstick:

There is no harm in crayon as they are mostly made up of paraffin.

Mix your favorite color of a crushed crayon with some Vaseline and you will get a perfect tint for your lips. You can also do experiments and mix up different colors.

3.Organic Stains:

Another great lip stain can be made by a mixture of organic beeswax, sweet almond oil, and some blush powder or leftover lipstick.

You can also put them in cute little containers and give it to your girlies as gifts!

4.Tropical Coconut Lip Balm:

Mix coconut oil, leftover lipstick, and essential oils to get a great smelling nourishing lip balm.

5.Cinnamon Balm:

Cinnamon acts as a very soothing agent for your lips.


  1. Crush a cinnamon stick till it is in a powder form.
  2. Add a teaspoon of this powder in a bowl containing petroleum jelly.
  3. You can also add coconut oil (optional) and microwave it for 2 minutes.
  4. You can also add some color to it if you want to.
  5. Take out the hot mixture and pour in a suitable container.
  6. Keep it in a fridge for 10 minutes.
  7. You will have a very nice soft, colorful lip balm to show off.

Now you would question us that when we get lip balms in the market, why we should prepare them ourselves.

To answer your questions let’s see the advantages of homemade natural lip balms.

Advantages Of Natural home-Made Lip Stain:

  1. All natural ingredients will not only make it very safe to use but also make your lips healthy.
  2. It would not let your lips dry up or get chapped even after it has washed away.
  3. Everything being natural will not cause any chemical injury to your lips.
  4. It will exfoliate and rejuvenate your lips.
  5. It will bring back the natural color of your lips.
  6. You can always experiment with different organic colors and make new shades which are not even available in the market!
  7. Very cheap.

So get ready with your favorite lip balms and do not waste any time to show off the sassy pout.

Don’t forget that it is your lips which will make your beautiful smile shine among the crowd!


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