This is going to blow your mind. I am going to share a little secret that will drive extra pleasure to your sexual life.

Discover the secret way to enhance male orgasm by hitting the climax.It is simple and yet effective to drive your partner crazy.

We know how much you care about your life partner and we even know how much you love him, but then comes a question – Are you making your partner as happy as he’s making you?

Well, I hope I left you in a situation where you are not sure about pleasing your man, right? Anyways, after you cover this article, I am certain that the next time you are in bed – “It will just go your way!” – Believe me.

If what you’re looking for is an equal partnership with your main squeeze, it only implies that you are looking for orgasms as well.

And guys today do a lot of work just to make sure that they are leaving their sex partner with a great experience and absolute charm. So, why not return the favor and give as good as you get?

Male Orgasm Enhancer:

Three facts will help you ensure that he has an excellent time with you:

Fact: The frenulum is the central trigger point for ejaculation i.e. The area under the head of the penis. This area houses most of the nerve endings.

Use It: Swipe your tongue back and forth over the frenulum. Alternate this motion with slowly, sensually sucking the penis head. This will give him the ultimate pleasure and will help you increase his sexual instincts.

Fact: During the time of ejaculation, your partner feels six to ten strong PC muscle contractions and a pumping sensation in his prostate.

Use It: Make sure that you press your fingers just behind his testicles, on his perineum. It’s a pleasure spot. This brings you an advantage. So, just go ahead and do it.

Fact: Orgasm begins in the brain; ejaculation is a spinal cord reflex. It is important for you to realize that in some men, the orgasm hits before the first ejaculation contraction. The reverse is true for some other men.

Use It: Help him get there. Go for rhythmically tensing your pelvic-floor muscles to put pressure on the base of his shaft and keep the momentum in the flow. This will finally help him in increasing his sexual instincts. An easy way to improve male ejaculation.Happy Hours!

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Dr Padarabind Patra is one of the reputed Ayurveda Physician from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.He is constantly doing his research work in preparing different types of Ayurveda formulations & their effects on different diseases.He is appointed as senior Govt. Medical Officer by Govt Of Odhisha.