Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Nose Piercing Pain

Are you planning to get your nose pierced? Now, you want to know does nose piercing really pains a lot? My answer is yes it pains but the pain is moderate and bearable.

I can’t tell you the exact amount of pain you will feel but, can surely give you some information to prepare yourself for a nose piercing. the information will help you to manage the pain once the procedure is done.

How Much Does A Nose Piercing Hurt On A Scale of 1 to 10?

A nose piercing will probably hurt you as the needle used for piercing the nose is sharp and thin. Some people face mild to severe pain while getting their nose pierced. However, for some, there may be absolutely no pain.

As per my experience, I would say nose piercing hurts moderately. On a scale of 10, I would give a 5. Nevertheless, it entirely dependent on you, how you perceive pain. Frankly speaking, the pain is similar to the pain when you get while getting injections.

Additionally, for people with a sensitive skin, the pain may be intense and sharp. To get an idea of how sensitive your nose skin is, just pinch and see.

More off, I could say the more relaxed you are the less you will feel the pain. Almost all the girls go through this pain. Beleive me, its bearable and will last for few hours or mostly a day.

You will feel a sharp pinch and your eyes may water. The eyes water as the nose tissue is connected to the sinuses. When the nose, gets irritated it sends a signal to the eyes to water. So, don’t worry you won’t cry out of pain. Watery eyes are just a normal body reaction.

Nonetheless, for you to figure out the pain easily. I would say the level of pain of ear piercing and nose piercing is almost the same if you are getting the skin pierced. But, if you are going to get your cartilage pierced, you have to face more pain.

Cartilage piercing on the nose is done generally on the septum that is the bridge or bone separating the two nostrils. Cartilage nose piercing is more painful as than normal nose piercing as the cartilage is thicker and has a firm tissue.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Nose Piercing Pain

After getting the nose pierced, most people develop a small bump mear to the pierced area. Even if you don’t get a bump, you may feel pain and uneasiness around the pierced area. To relieve yourself, from such symptoms try out our home remedies mentioned below:

1.Apply Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil

Apply tea tree oil on and near the pierced area using a cotton. It will help to dehydrate the area, fastens the healing process and also prevent any future infections. Its an effective remedy trusted by many people who have got their nose piercing done.

2.Apply Sea Salt Solution

Sea salt solution

A sea salt solution is a purely natural way to keep the piercing clean, relieve pain, and ease up the healing process. Additionally, it also prevents future infections and bumps.

For the remedy, mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of warm water. Rinse your nose with this solution and then pat it dry. Daily clean your nose twice with this solution to get desirable results.

3.Hot Compress

Hot compress

Hot compress

If your piercing is paining, you can apply a hot compress to relieve the pain. For this, soak a clean towel in hot water. Apply it to the piercing the area. Apply little pressure and keep it holding for few minutes. Don’t apply much pressure while pressing with the cloth.

4.Use AppleCider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can relieve the discomfort and irritation developed due to nose piercing. Often our nose itches and irritates after piercing.

To get rid of it, mix raw apple cider vinegar with water in equal amounts. With the help of cotton apply the solution in and around the pierced area.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural disinfectant that destroys bacteria and thereby reduces the irritation and itching. In case you can tolerate the smell try diluting the mixture with water.

5.Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a very effective remedy for the skin. it heals up the wound faster and also gives a soothing effect to the pain-prone area.

You can apply store-bought aloe vera gel or can scoop out pure aloe vera from fresh aloe vera leaves.

For the remedy, just apply a little of pure aloe vera gel with a cotton bud in and around the pierced area. Carry it three to five times a day for faster healing.

How To Prevent  Nose Piercing From Infection?

Preventing nose piercing from infection is very important so as to keep the pain and discomfort at bay. It’s not a hurricane task. A little care and precautions are to be taken to do so. Down below, is a list of crucial points that you should follow after a nose piercing to prevent infections:

1.Taking Good Care

Keep the pierced area clean is the essential requisite. It is because the piercing site is an open wound until it gets healed.

For doing so, you should wash your nose twice a day with a mild soap. Prefer using liquid soap or face wash as they won’t hurt. After rinsing dry the area with a clean paper napkin/tissue.

Don’t use a cloth for drying as it may cause pain and can transfer the bacteria to the nose. Additionally, after you come from outside soak it in a gentle saline water to clean the dust that may be accumulated from outside.

Frankly, keep the piercing site free from dust and clean is the key to prevent infections.

2.Don’t Rotate The Ring

Never rotate your nose ring worn after piercing. It is because it will transfer the dirt accumulated on the outside of the ring to the piercing site.

It is normal for the dirt to accumulate on the outside area of nose ring from the air. So, if you rotate it will go on or near to the piercing site causing infection.

3.Applying Ointment 

Ask your doctor for an ointment to prevent pain and future infections. Generally, the doctor gives a drug or an ointment. Take them as prescribed.

Alternatively, you can keep your nose moisturized with some moisturizer or cream. Apply a moisturizer near the piercing site to keep the area soft and smooth. This way you can prevent pain and dryness too.

Nostril Piercing Healing Time

A nose piercing healing time doesn’t take more than two weeks. The pain lasts for initial few days and then goes off. You will recover within ten days. However, if you suffer from an infection or bump then it may take a little longer.

Mild infections can be treated easily with antibiotics. But, the infections that have covered a larger area may require a week more for recovery.

The healing time depends upon the care you are taking. If you take good care, you will recover soon.

Do You Get A Scar From A Nose Piercing?

No, you won’t get a scar from nose piercing. Instead, there will be a tiny hole at the piercing site. This hole is for wearing the nose pin or the nose ring.

However, if you wish to close the piercing in future, then a small patch or bump on the skin can develop for some.

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