Inner Lip Tattoo : Things You Should Know Before You Have It

Inner Lip Tattoo : Things You Should Know Before You Have It
Inner Lip Tattoo : Things You Should Know Before You Have It

Do you plan to have or have an inner lip tattoo? Among the various types of tattoos, inner lip tattoo is gaining popularity. It is popular with both the teens as well as youngsters. You must be curious about what it is or how it is done, pain and it’s after effects.

Well, it is a type of tattoo done on the inside of the lower lips. If you have an interest in inner lip tattoos and related queries, you came to the right place. Here, you will get to know everything about inner lip tattoos; cost, pain, healing time etc.

First of all, many of you are familiar with tattoos. Inner lip tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos as said earlier. Inner lip tattoos are a growing trend among people who like to get inked. And inner lip tattoo is a perfect choice for you if you want a unique placement to keep your body art private.

A tattoo on the inner lip can be a secret shared only with those who you want to know about it. It is so because it doesn’t show unless you decide to show it off.

But you should be careful because the mouth is full of bacteria. Thus, there is a high chance of infection. Unlike other tattoos, this needs pre-care so as to reduce infection. Healing needs extra care and hence you should follow proper aftercare.

Now, let’s see inner lip tattoos in details.

What Is Inner Lip Tattoo?

Inner lip tattoo
Inner lip tattoo

You see, inner lip tattoos are a type of tattoo that is done on the inside of the lower lips. It is a new trend out there. People are getting their lips tattooed at growing rate. Cool and funny designs are mostly used and seen on the inside of the bottom lip.

It is rare to be on the inside of the upper lip. In most cases, a lip tattoo is one short word or a few numbers or a small image on the inside of the lip.

Inner lip tattoos are usually done with the design you want. But no matter what design you choose, if you want the tattoo visit a professional tattoo artist.Let them have a test to be sure that you aren’t allergic to the ink.You should be careful so that you don’t get an infection.

Besides, you should follow proper aftercare. The best is to have your tattoo done by a professional. A professional has the skills, knowledge, and experience. Professionals have certifications. So they will operate in a clean environment to reduce the chances of an infection.

And also, visit your doctor at the first sight of infection to avoid damage.

Inner Lip Tattoo Ideas

The tattoo is an art, used to express yourself. Like any other art, you need to know how to express yourself. But, it is inside your mouth and isn’t visible. And this is the reason why it is becoming popular.

You may choose an inner lip tattoo if you like the tattoo but can’t have it due to circumstances. Tattoos are considered in some communities and hence this method provides an answer.

The design of inner lips ranges from words, numbers and arts that can be drawn in the limited space of the lip. Some of the non-offensive words include-

  • Bite me
  • Lovely
  • Cool
  • Spouse’s name
  • Your partner’s name

Other than this, arts or emoji’s are also used like heart, flower, skull, star, zodiac signs etc.

Well, these were some ideas. However, you may design your own unique piece and show it to the artist. The font and color are available in variety. So, no need to worry about that.

Anyways, it is recommended that you have your procedure done by a professional artist.

Procedure Of Inner Lip Tattoo

Tattoo machine for making tattoos
Tattoo machine for making tattoos

I will tell you the piercing procedures. But before that, you should know that inner lip tattoo involves a lot of pain. It is due to the high concentration of nerves. Yes, the level of enduring pain differs from one person to other.

First of all, go to the professional store to get an allergy test before the actual procedure. On the day of your procedure, you should make sure to eat before the procedure. It is so because you cannot drink or eat for hours afterward. Make sure to wash your mouth to sterilize it.

Then, choose the design you want and get a basic layout done. Now, the professional gets to work. He will ink the design you choose. But, it may be a tat painful. It follows the no pain no gain concept. The ink used is a pigment and so is prone to fade.

Cost Of Inner Lip Tattoo

Tattoo costThe cost of the tattoo varies from artist to artist and also the location. But it starts from around $50. The price may get lower based on the simplicity of the design.

However, the above-provided cost is based on the average of the online forums. Depending on the amount of the color, the design, shading, and the size of the tattoo, it may cost from $50-$100

All tattoo artists have several designs and fonts which you can choose from. Some even assist you with your unique design. Retouch is common for the inner lip tattoos. So, most artists include the second tattoo on the initial payment.

With that, you get a free redo. The artist will also give instructions for the aftercare of your lip tattoo. It also comes along with some healing ointment to speed up the healing process and lessen the pain.

Most of the reputable artists guarantee the work after it is complete. Also, various factors influence the price.

i. Tattoo Design

The thing about any lip tattoos is that they are small so the price of having one is a bit lower than other tattoos.

But, the price still varies depending on the design itself. Most designs are normal words, symbols or names. Other complex designs need a lot of attention to details. If this is the case, then you will have to pay a little more than the usual designs.

ii. Tattoo Shops’ Location

If you live in an area where there are only few tattoo shops, then you may have to pay higher prices. It is so because there are few or no competitors.


Like any other type of tattoo, the pain of the tattoo varies on the pain tolerance. Experts claim that an inner lip tattoo is one of the most painful tattoos. The amount of pain due to a lip tattoo is very much debatable.

Some say the process is much less painful than tattoos on the rest of the body. And others claim it more painful due to a high concentration of the nerves.

But, if you get an infection then the pain is excruciating. The day you get your tattoo, you might feel like peeling out your lip sores.

But don’t try it as it can eliminate your ink too. Plus, the rate of infection is higher due to the bacteria present. But as a whole, the pain depends on your tolerance and the skills of the artist.


Just like any other type of tattoo, you may experience pain. Swelling occurs when the tattoo is still fresh. Hence, it takes some time for the tattoo to properly heal. You should follow the aftercare advice given by the tattoo artist and avoid all kinds of possible infection.

The tattoo ink may rub against gum tissue and erode them over time. This can lead gum recession and then expose the roots of the front teeth. This leaves the teeth vulnerable to all kinds of damage and loss. Gum damage is irreversible without expensive and a painful surgery. Smoking too increases the risk of the gum damage.

Causes Of Prolonged Swelling

  • If you are allergic to some pigment, excessive swelling can happen. It is more likely to happen is the artist doing the tattoo is not professional.
  • Professional artists apply ink prescribed by the FDA which is safe, while other artists may not use a prescribed ink.
  • Not maintaining proper hygiene can also lead to swelling. So, you must wash your mouth after every meal with non-alcoholic mouthwash.
  • Not following proper aftercare can reduce the healing period of the tattoo.

But, if the pain persists during and after healing process it may be a sign of infection. Consult your doctor immediately.

Healing Of Inner Lip Tattoo

Inner lip tattoos heal faster than other. It is so because of the rapid regeneration of the mucosal cells that line the inside of the mouth.

So, it heals within 3-5 days with proper aftercare. When you take care of the new tattoo, ensure to follow good aftercare to achieve the maximum longevity for the tattoo.

As a first-aid, you should do daily cleaning routine using mouthwash.A healthy lifestyle with good sleep and a nutritious diet are essential for a good recovery. Since it is inside the mouth, you need to follow the aftercare instructions.

The main thing to take care of during healing is to keep the lips dry. It is because the mouth has a lot of bacteria which can probably increase the risk of an infection. Hence, retaining the mouth dry for a minimum of 4-5 days is essential.

During the healing process, you should take proper care of nutrition.You must also avoid alcohol, acidic foods, hot drinks, and smoking. This ensures you don’t irritate the tissues to help you heal faster. Complete healing may slow down due to infections. So, make sure you care for it.

Aftercare Of Inner Lip Tattoo

Your artist may give you a copy of the aftercare methods. Some of the aftercare is listed below-

i) Mouthwash

Use alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash to cleanse the mouth 3-4 times daily. To lessen scabs, you can use ointment rich in vitamin A and D.

ii) Avoid Touching

Avoid touching unless you have a reason. Do not touch the tattoo especially a new one. Furthermore, touching irritates tissue near the tattoo slowing down healing time.

iii) Warm Water And Saline Solution

Saline solution helps if the tattoo hurts and aids in the healing process.One of the most common ways to take good care of your tattoo is rinsing it using warm water. You can do it after shower. Warm water relieves pain and minimises chances of swelling.

Also, cleaning promotes healing as it discourages microbes from accumulating near the tattoo.

iv) Circumvent Smoking Or Smoke

Smoke is one of the various irritants apart from chemicals. Hence avoid it

v) Avoid Acidic Food And Hot Drinks

You should avoid acidic foods as it can be an irritant that slows healing. It goes the same for hot drinks. Hence, even direct sunlight exposure of inner lips isn’t allowed

Aftercare Tips

  • Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Avoid swimming in lakes and pools.
  • Apply a cold compress using refrigerated saline solution
  • Wrap an ice cube is a clean paper towel and place it on the outer chin for some minutes
  • Meet your nutritional diet to promote healing.
  • Avoid kissing.

Fading Of Tattoo

Well, on an average inner lip tattoo last for 12 months or so if relevant care is taken. It can even last for 2-3 years depending on your care and the ink your artist used.But, it will fade one day and so you need to retouch it. In fact, around 40% of inner lip tattoos fades completely in the first few months.

If you don’t want this, then you must understand how to take good care of it. Hence, going to a professional artist beforehand is a must.

First of all, the fading is due to chemicals present in your mouth. In some cases, the fading leads to the disappearance of tattoo in a few weeks. But, if you take proper care of your tattoo it can last for a year and some may last for as many as five years.

Tattoos of thin lines are more prone to fading. It is because the mucosal cells heal the mouth quite fast. The oral tissue usually repairs faster. You may have noticed it when you have simple mouth ulcers. Again, you use the mouth every day to eat and drink, so, wear and tear occurs.

Of course, the rate of fading varies from an individual to another, but it’s much guaranteed not to last long. You need to retouch it. Retouching is quite a risk. It can develop an infection or your gums may start receding. This is a huge concern. In such a case consult your doctor.

Nowadays, temporary inner Lip Tattoos are also becoming popular. That’s because they have no permanent alteration of the skin. But gives an effective way to dramatically change the appearance and with the care will last for several hours.

Though temporary inner lip tattoos are made with water, they are waterproof. They can be removed easily using oil-based creams.

You have to bear the pain and duration of the procedure and healing process. It is so as the slightest mistake may aggravate the duration and the extent of suffering. And, you should be careful to ensure that you take proper aftercare.

Carelessness causes complications.Hence, inner lip tattoos should be done by only a trained professional artist so that you can flaunt it with no suffering.

Yet, it is advisable to get treatment by a dermatologist or specialist in case the infection occurs. Having proper knowledge, taking precaution and proper care is the best key.