Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss
Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss

If you’ve ever wondered masturbation is one of the cause for hair loss, the truth is it does have the role in it.

Masturbation, the word itself tickles you somewhere down. It’s not your fault. The word is such.

It is the only thing in which every guy thinks he is an expert. You think you know everything about this topic? If the answer is yes then think again. There are the lot of things that you will be shocked to know about masturbation.

The good feeling attached to it comes with a gift, i.e., its side effects. Limitation of this process depends on the frequency, speed and greatly on the way how you do it.

The rougher you are more are the side effects.

The main side effects attached to this safe and enjoyable sex is hair loss. Shocked? If you are experiencing excess hair loss in recent days, then masturbation can be one of the reason.

Usually, men are very conscious about their hairline. Many experts say that there is no relation between masturbation and hair loss, but Ayurveda disagrees to the opinion.

According to Ayurveda semen that comes out during masturbation is the purest extract of all the nutrients from your body. Over masturbation cause excessive loss of this pure fluid and draws out all the energy from you.

Thus, you become weak and side effects like hair loss, backache, pain the groin area and curved penis.In many cases even it results in infertility in men.

Masturbation, think it like a chemical reaction that throws out hormones, proteins and also neuro transmitters. After this ejaculation, your body triggers the conversion of testosterone to DTH in the testicles.

After many ejaculations, a huge amount of DHT gets buildup. This DHT attacks the hair follicles of the scalp. Then it affects the nutritional supply to the hair roots.

DHT is also responsible for the oily scalp as it stimulates the sebaceous glands. DHT triggers and produces cortisol which increases the level of prolactin and reduces the testosterone production.

There is another reason too. Losing a lot of seminal fluid leads to the protein deficiency in the body. This is also a major reason for hair loss.

This hair loss can be managed by reducing and controlling your masturbation. I understand it can be difficult, but still, it is necessary. You can practice some yoga and meditation to control it. Any porn should be completely avoided.

Hair loss therapy can also be used. But it will be of no use with regular over masturbation.

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Dr Shekhar Annambhotla,is an Ayurvedic specialist who was trained in India and has been practicing and teaching ayurveda worldwide since 1988. DrShekhar believe that due to the open nature of Ayurveda and its timeless principles, it is a boon to those of us living in the modern, stressful world. Shekhar’s mission is to educate and help people live healthier lives with ayurveda.

  • Samarth Kakkar

    This article has been very enlightening. Teenagers and elders alike must understand the gravity of the situation. Hair are something that may define you, that may make you unique, that may provide you confidence, that may earn you appreciative remarks. I know people who would do anything to stop their receding hairline. We must not take them for granted!
    I did not know this could also be an effect of masturbation.

  • george

    A little confused here…. If all these problems are caused by ejaculation , then why is masturbation made to look like the culprit .
    According to this logic sex also should cause all these problems . please enlighten me .

    • Yes we are right.Any thing in excess is bad.According to Ayurveda sperm is created after all other components of body.If someone looses more semen it creates unbalance in our body.
      Sex is vital for metal and physical wellness.Have it in moderation.

    • Suchit

      True bro…..but we men do more harm by masturbation.. Sex is generally limited…

  • opul

    Yeah masturbation causes hair loss … i have lost my hair

  • Sai Aditya

    i had lost hair by mastubration can i recover it by hair transpalntaion if anyone known give me answer

    • Hair transplant is completely different process.Yes it does work.

  • Lamrin

    My doubt is, testosterone to DHT is produced only after masturbation ? Or it’s created when we get tempted to masturbation? Please reply.

    • harsh singh

      DHT is converted from testosterone so when you are tempted for masturbation your testosterone already is released from your testis whether you masturbate or not. However the sooner you control your urge the lesser the quantity will be released. So I think its better not to get aroused so that lesser testosterone is released which in turn will result in lesser production of DHT.

  • Lamrin

    my friends masturbate daily once or twice, they have no hair problem,but I would do twice a week only so y for me more DHT producing and hair loss than them?

    • Other factor also play role in case hair fall.Stress,gene plays vital role.You should try to know what is the reason for your hair fall.If you feel its because of excessive masturbation then you should stop it. Masturbation does more than good.SEX better.Hope i am able to answer your queries.If you are suffering from hair fall then try the home remedies suggested in our website.You can also try Ayurveda Mahavringaraj Oil,which is known to be effective against treating hair fall.

      • Lamrin

        OK…thanks .and I’m using Dr.batra’s treatment ,no use,waste of money.

  • Lamrin

    What happens if DHT is produced after hair transplant? That new hair too fall’s?

  • venkat murthy

    I have hair problem too and I guess its because of excess masturbation. Is der any solution to regain my hair??
    Please do let me noe, coz I want my hair back

    • I ll suggest visit a doctor if possible.We have covered many home remedies related to hair.You can read the.Try using Mahavringraj oil.It ll help you.

  • Vicky

    i masturbate lot, almost every day and my hair start falling continuously
    can i get my back if i stop masturbation and if so what to do for regain my hair
    please tell me
    also tell me how can i regrow my hair back and in how much time…

    • You should stop masturbating and eat healthy nutritious food.You can try remedies given to regrow your hair.Find it here

      • Godot

        How long do you have to stop to get your hair to start growing back?

        • Excess masturbation is never healthy.How long depends on various factor such as your diet and condition.I will suggest to stop doing for a while and start having healthy food.If you are losing massive amount hair then you should consult a doctor.There might be other reason behind this.

  • wani

    what do we mean by over masturbation here?? Also you have mentioned this process depends on the frequency, speed and greatly on the way how you do it.can you please elaborate what do we mean here by speed and way how you do it??Also is getting tempted to masturbation and not actually masturbating also a problem

  • uday

    I am 24 years old with premature ejaculation problem due to over masturbation I took this OBN kit and got complete cure easily its a good treatment

  • Pradeep Thota

    I’m doing masturbation for once a day.any hair loss will occur?how many times can we do masturbation for a day or weekly???