Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss
Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss

If you’ve ever wondered masturbation is one of the cause for hair loss, the truth is it does have the role in it.

Masturbation, the word itself tickles you somewhere down. It’s not your fault. The word is such.

It is the only thing in which every guy thinks he is an expert. You think you know everything about this topic? If the answer is yes then think again. There are the lot of things that you will be shocked to know about masturbation.

The good feeling attached to it comes with a gift, i.e., its side effects. Limitation of this process depends on the frequency, speed and greatly on the way how you do it.

The rougher you are more are the side effects.

The main side effects attached to this safe and enjoyable sex is hair loss. Shocked? If you are experiencing excess hair loss in recent days, then masturbation can be one of the reason.

Usually, men are very conscious about their hairline. Many experts say that there is no relation between masturbation and hair loss, but Ayurveda disagrees to the opinion.

According to Ayurveda semen that comes out during masturbation is the purest extract of all the nutrients from your body. Over masturbation cause excessive loss of this pure fluid and draws out all the energy from you.

Thus, you become weak and side effects like hair loss, backache, pain the groin area and curved penis.In many cases even it results in infertility in men.

Masturbation, think it like a chemical reaction that throws out hormones, proteins and also neuro transmitters. After this ejaculation, your body triggers the conversion of testosterone to DTH in the testicles.

After many ejaculations, a huge amount of DHT gets buildup. This DHT attacks the hair follicles of the scalp. Then it affects the nutritional supply to the hair roots.

DHT is also responsible for the oily scalp as it stimulates the sebaceous glands. DHT triggers and produces cortisol which increases the level of prolactin and reduces the testosterone production.

There is another reason too. Losing a lot of seminal fluid leads to the protein deficiency in the body. This is also a major reason for hair loss.

This hair loss can be managed by reducing and controlling your masturbation. I understand it can be difficult, but still, it is necessary. You can practice some yoga and meditation to control it. Any porn should be completely avoided.

Hair loss therapy can also be used. But it will be of no use with regular over masturbation.

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