Most of you may not know this, but kidney diseases are silent killers. Ignoring the initial symptoms of kidney diseases proves to be fatal.

They may not show any symptoms before the situation becomes critical. Even young people are prone to this.

It becomes the top most priority to spot the symptoms before it becomes critical. The two main reasons for the occurrence of kidney damage are hypertension and diabetes. Bad lifestyle, wrong habits, high calorie and sugar consumption can also lead to kidney dysfunction.

Below we give you certain symptoms with which you can spot the problem early and take action before it’s too late.

12. Inability To Concentrate & Dizziness

Anemia which is associated with kidney disease can reduce the amount of oxygen and lead to dizziness and inability to concentrate.

11. Feeling Cold

You may feel cold all the time, even in the warm surroundings because of the association of anemia along with the kidney disease. The infection can give you fever with chills.

Feeling Cold Due To kidney Diseases
Feeling Cold Due To Kidney Diseases

10. Itching & Skin Rashes

Kidney disease can cause the buildup of toxin in the body which can lead to severe rashes and itching.

9. Metallic Taste & Ammonia Breath

Kidney dysfunction can increase the amount of urea in the blood. This can lead to breaking of urea in the blood stream which can result in urea like odor in the mouth. This is also associated with an unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth.

8. Vomiting & Nausea

The build-up of toxin can cause severe nausea and vomiting.

7. Breath Shortness

Because of the kidney damage, the amount of fluid in the lungs increases. And because of anemia, the body is devoid from the supply of oxygen. You may face trouble in breathing because of the above reasons.

6. Pain In The Backs & Sides

Sometimes kidney diseases are associated with severe pain. You may feel a severe cramping pain from the lower back to the groin if there’s a stone in your ureter. Interstitial cystitis, the inflammation of the bladder wall can cause severe pain and discomfort.

5. Fatigue & Weakness

Our kidneys produce a particular hormone called erythropoietin which is responsible for making red blood cells which carry oxygen. Kidney damage can cause a decrease of erythropoietin produced and thus the amount of oxygen in the body decreases. This leads to anemia. This can cause fatigue and weakness.

4. Swelling

Kidneys remove the extra amount of fluid and toxin from the body. It’s incapability to this function can lead to swelling of hand, feet, face and also ankle.

3. Blood In The Urine

Blood in the urine can be a primary symptom of kidney damage. You should go and see your doctor immediately.

2. Pain & Difficulty In Voiding

You may feel pain and anxiety while voiding. The infections in the urinary tract can be responsible for these kinds of problems. These infections can even spread to the kidney and may cause pain in the back and fever.

1. Urinary Function Changes

One of the major symptoms of kidney damage is frequency and amount of urination. There might be increase or decrease of the amount of urination at night. The urine may be of dark colored. You may feel to urinate but you will unable to do so when you try.

If you are facing above issues, don’t delay in visiting a doctor. Early detection of the point helps in reducing the risk factor involved.