Why Do We Sneeze Twice?

Why Do We Sneeze Twice
Why Do We Sneeze Twice

There is a saying that we sneeze twice or more because sneezes don’t like to come alone. There is always another one to follow the previous. It is quite normal to sneeze twice or more. It is one of the many wonders of the human body.


Sneezing is a natural way for the body to remove the foreign objects in the nasal passages, such as dust, dirt, pollen, etc. It is the job of your nose to filter the air you breathe.

When the foreign objects enter into the nostrils, nose traps them in the mucus. Then the mucous membrane gets activated and tries to clear the mucus and you start sneezing.

When all the foreign matters do not come out in the 1st sneeze, it needs another or more to clear them. Actually sneezing is a reboot to your nose, which can lead many sneezes in a row.

It is a powerful release of air, expelling what is in the nose that is causing irritation.

Causes of Sneezing

Causes of sneezing
Causes of sneezing

Sneezes often happen suddenly without any prior warning. It is a reflexive action beyond your control.

There are some nerve endings in your nose are called as mechanoreceptors. These nerves are all sensory nerves. When they get stimulated, an electrical activity rises within them. They do send a message to the brain, to the sneeze centre. The brain sends messages to many parts of your body to ease the sneeze.

Then the chest muscles compress the lungs, which send a burst of air upwards. The throat shuts tight, which then sends the air shooting through the nose and you start to sneeze.

It varies a person to person. It depends on how much stimulations and how much the nerves react to. You may sneeze more than once or in a row till the calm down of nerves.

Why Do People Sneeze in Twice In A Row?

  • Sneezing is just a response to stimuli. It happens when something irritates inside of your nose. They tickle your nostrils and force you to make them out through the sneeze. When the irritants don’t come out in the sneeze, it needs more to clear all. So you sneeze twice or more in some cases.
  • Sneezing reduces CO2 levels in your body. It makes your nose more sensitive, which insists you sneeze twice or again and again.
  • If you are with allergies, you do sneeze more often. Because the allergen is still there inside the nostril. You may sneeze till the allergen get vanishes out. In this case, it seems that some people sneeze in a row when they are with any allergy.

In this case, try to rub your nose or plug-in to remove the allergen manually.

  • You sneeze when you do affect by cold or flu. There are more than 100 different viruses that can cause the common Cold. These viruses cause the infection as flu which make you sneeze more than once. Because the swelling of your nose passages causes irritation. This is a normal process of your body.
  • Some cold foods you take are also the causes of sneezing. It is a neurotic reflex mechanism in the case of gustatory rhinitis. It originates in the nervous system and insists you sneeze twice or more till the calm down of the nerves.
  • Some medicines that lead to excessive drying of the nasal passages cause sneezing such as

a. Sedatives

b. Antidepressants

c. Oral contraceptives

d. Drugs for erectile dysfunction

e. Hypertension medication

f. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

g. Nasal decongestants

  • Frequent attack of sneezing happens due to seasonal rhinitis also. Hay fever is the most common type of seasonal allergic rhinitis is often triggered by pollen: grass tree or flowers. These pollens make you sneeze in a row.
  • Sniffing of cocaine and tobacco can make you sneeze badly. It is a neurological condition that affects the trigeminal nerve or sneeze center in the medulla.
  • Some professional swimmers sneeze more because of chlorinated pool water.
  • Sometimes you sneeze if anybody punches on your nose even slightly. It happens because of the vibration caused by punching. Due to this some of your brain cells get killed. So the nerves cause sneeze become active. You sneeze twice or more till the nerves calm down.
  • Some of you have bouts of sneezing. It is a neurological reflex and it depends on the person.
  • Certain nose sprays also cause sneezing because they contain corticosteroids. You may sneeze more than once till the calm down of irritation caused by sprays.
  • Sometimes genetics determine the number of sneezes you make. It happens due to the way the nerves in your nose are tuned. Perhaps someone like your Grandmother, grandfather, mother or father are the same.
  • Some of you may sneeze because of a full bladder. It happens due to the triggering of parasympathetic nerves. You may sneeze twice or more till you empty the bladder.
  • Having a full stomach sometimes make you sneeze to relax some of the inner organs. This is called Sanitation. It is also the result of the triggering the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • One of three people sneeze due to bright sunlight.It is known as photic sneeze reflex. This sensitivity to light is genetic. In this case, nothing can help you to stop sneezing more than once till the calm down of the sensation.
  • Sometimes working out can make you sneeze. It happens due to the drying up of your nose and mouth and the nose reacts by starting the drip. You may sneeze twice or more till the organs come to their normal condition.
  • You do sneeze at the time of plucking the eyebrows. Plucking sets off a nerve in your face that supplies your nasal passages. It may cause sneezing more till the finishing of plucking and the calm down of nerve.
  • In some cases, you may sneeze after sex. Researchers believe that the stimulation of parasympathetic nerves fires off signals in some people towards the culmination in orgasm. They say a sneeze is 1/10th of an orgasm. You not only enjoy the act but sneeze more than once after it over.
  • Sometimes when the mucus builds up in nostrils you sneeze. In this case when the 1st sneeze cannot release the whole mucus you need to sneeze more to clear all.
  • Sometimes you sneeze more because of the tickling of your sinuses. It causes due to the hairs on the nose.
  • Some of you complain that on a sunny day you sneeze more. Actually, the cause is, in those days you are outside more and come in contact with various dust allergies. Your body can not get rid of all it and make you sneeze.
  • During pregnancy, some hormonal changes also force you to sneeze often.
  • Weather changes and some environmental pollution like smog make you sneeze more than once.
  • NSAIDS and blood pressure – reducing medicines cause to sneeze twice or more in a row.
  • Some strong odor of spices and perfume may make you sneeze more.
  • Sometimes mental stress can make you sneeze till it vanished away to boost your mood.
  • Some of you sneeze only occasionally throughout the year. But for some of you sneezing can be an ongoing problem. It can be a significant frustration for frequent allergy – sufferers.

Final Talk

Do you know? You can not sneeze during sleep. It happens due to REM atonia: a bodily state wherein motor neurons are not stimulated and reflex signals are not relayed to the brain.

Don’t try to stuff the sneeze back in. It can lead to injuries like broken blood vessels in your eyes, weakened blood vessels in your brain, ruptured eardrums or problems with the diaphragm.

You can quiet the urge to sneeze by following some tricks. If you are in a meeting or in a conference and the sneeze tries to come,

Just rub your nose, pressing on your upper lip underneath your nose or forcing a big deep breath out your nose.

A sneeze travels at a peak velocity of two hundred miles per hour. A single sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air. Every time you sneeze some of your brain cells die.

After all, sneezing is beneficial to health. It is just the way the Mother Nature made you.