1500 Calorie Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast


1500 calorie diet plan is a diet plan in which you intake 1500 calories every day. If you are going for a workout daily but you want to increase the rate of your weight loss then you need to follow a proper diet plan.

If you are a woman and you are going to workout or if you are men or an aged person going for the light workout then 1500 calorie diet plan is the best one for you. But do not forget to follow exercise as well with the diet.

If you are losing 1 kg per week by following the exercise and 1500 calorie diet plan then this is best for you and you can continue this as losing 1 kg per week is something not harmful to your health and metabolism.

You can work properly with this but if you losing weight more than 1 kg per week then opt higher calorie diet and if you are losing less than 1 kg per week then you can go for lower calorie diet like 1200 calorie diet.

So, the article contains the complete 1500 calorie diet plan which you need to follow and there are the different diet plan for Indians and for diabetic patients. So, you can follow which suits best to you.

Why 1500 Calorie Diet Plan?

1500 calorie diet plan involves intake of 1500 calories daily. This is the plan in which you can both take delicious food and lose your weight. As 1500 calories are a lot if you take them smartly. So, if you want to lose weight at the slow rate or just want to maintain your weight then you can go for this plan.

Who Can Follow This Plan?

Who Can Follow This Plan

Anyone who wants to lose weight at a rate of about 1kg a week can go this plan. You also one should check once, the minimum amount of calories that is required by your body through BMR calculator (Basal Metabolic Rate).

This usually results into 1200 – 1800 calories which are required for a person to live a proper life. If this calculator is giving you the result of 1200 to 1500 calories then you go this diet plan.

Diet Plans

Diet Plans
Diet Plans

1.Diet Plan 1

This is a proper diet plan of 1500 calories for 5 days and you need to follow this plan every five days to keep to healthy, eating tasty food but in a controlled manner for better health.

Day 1

Banana spice smoothie – 1 serving

Calorie content – 283 calories

Morning snack

Whole-wheat bread – 1 slice

Part-skim ricotta – 2 tbsp.

Dried fig – 1 chopped

Honey – 1 tsp.

You can top your bread slice with part-skim ricotta, dried fig and honey.

Calorie content – 154 calories


For lunch, you can take a salad of the following ingredients.

Lettuce – 2 cups

Raw vegetables chopped – 1 cup

Hard-boiled egg – 1

Raisin – 2 tbsp.

Almond – 2 tbsp.

Low fat balsamic used for dressing.

Calorie content – 402 calories

Evening snack

Small apple – 1

Pistachios – 22

Calorie content – 150 calories


Quinoa with veggies – 1 bowl



Calorie content – 498 calories

Day 2

Egg sandwich



Calorie content – 319 calories

Morning snack

Skim latte – 12-oz

Clementine – 1

Calorie content – 135 calories


Whole wheat pita bread – 1

Feta cheese – 1 oz.

Grape tomatoes – 1 cup

Kalamata olives – 6

Hummus – ¼ cup

Raw spinach – 1 cup

Olive oil – 1 tsp.

Lemon juice

Make the sandwich of this as you like and have it for lunch.

Calorie content – 396 calories

Evening snack

Tortilla chips – 18 baked

Guacamole – ¼ cup

Calorie content – 198 calories


Carne asada taco and

Lettuce – 2 cups

Low-fat vinaigrette – 2 tbsp.

Light beer – 12 oz. or lemonade – 8oz.

Calorie content – 484 calories

Day 3

Non-fat plain yoghurt – 8 oz.

Mixed berries – 1 cup

Low-fat granola – ¼ cup

Sliced almonds – 1 tbsp.

Calorie content – 310 calories

Morning snack

Fruit and nut bar

Calorie content – 200 calories


Tuna stiffed pita

For this, you need to mix ½ can water packed light tuna with 1 tsp. lemon juice, ¼ cup white beans and lemon juice. Take 2 leaves of lettuce and use it for serving the prepared mix on a whole wheat pita. Then garnish with 1 cup grapes.

Calorie content – 371 calories

Evening snack

Sugar snap peas – 1 cup

Hummus – ¼ cup

Calorie content – 130 calories


Creamy chicken potpie

And lettuce – 2 cups

Red onions sliced and

White wine vinaigrette – 2 tbsp.

Calorie content – 497 calories

Day 4

Cheese with veg



Calorie content – 303 calories

Morning snack

Banana – 1 small

And peanut butter – 1 tbsp.

Calorie content – 190 calories


Low-sodium lentil vegetable soup – 1 cup

Whole wheat bread – 1 thin slice

Pesto – 2 tsp.

Mozzarella cheese – 2 tbsp.

Sun-dried tomatoes – 2 chopped

Calorie content – 405 calories

Evening snack

Crispy rye crackers – 2

Spreadable low-fat cheese – 1.5 tbsp.

Calorie content – 97 calories


Clementine and five spice chicken – 1 serving

½ cup brown rice

Calorie content – 455 calories

Day 5

Oatmeal with apple and cinnamon



Calorie content – 311 calories

Morning snack

Non-fat plain yoghurt – 1 cup

Mixed berries – 1 cup

Calorie content – 160 calories


Veggie dish



Calorie content – 402 calories

Evening snack

Carrot sticks – 1 cup

Hummus – 3 tbsp.

Calorie content – 130 calories


Halibut packets with mushrooms and polenta – 2 servings

Calorie content – 480 calories

Recipes Of The Various Dishes Involved In The Above Diet Plan

Banana spice smoothie


Carne asada tacos


Creamy chicken potpie


Clementine and five spice chicken


These two are the diet plans for Indians for 1 day and this plan is needed to be followed every day.

2.Diet Plan 2


Bran flakes – 1 cup

Banana – 4 oz.

8 oz. 1% milk


Wheat bread – 2 slices

Lean sliced ham – 2 oz.

Mustard – according to desire

Lettuce – according to desire

Tomato – 1 slice

Reduced fat mayonnaise – 1 tbsp.

Raw carrots – 1 cup

Apple – 1

Peanuts – 10

Evening snack

Pop-corn with low fat i.e. no butter – 3 cups

Sugar-free hot cocoa, mix – 1 packet and water


Dinner roll – 1 small

Margarine – 1.5 tsp.

Rice – 1/3 cup

Cooked broccoli – 1 cup

Baked chicken – 3 oz.

Green salad – according to desire

Raw vegetables – 1 cup

Reduced fat salad dressing – 1 tbsp.

Strawberries – 1.25 cup

3.Diet Plan 3


Wheat toast – 1 slice

Oatmeal – ½ cup

No sugar added jam – 2 tsp.

Blueberries – ¾ cup

Fat-free yoghurt – 1 cup


White bread – 2 slices

Sliced turkey – 2 oz.

Mustard – according to desire

Lettuce – according to desire

Pickle – 1

Cherry tomatoes – 1 cup

Reduced fat mayonnaise – 2 tbsp.

Sliced cantaloupe – 1 cup

Evening snack

pretzels – ¾ oz.

1% milk – 8 oz.


dinner oil – 1 small

margarine – 1.5 tsp.

corn – ½ cup

cooked squash – ½ cup

green beans – 1 cup

grilled flank steak – 3 oz.

2 pecans diced on green beans

Pine apple – ¾ cup

4.Diet Plan 4

This diet of 1500 calories is especially created for the diabetic patients. They are needed to follow this diet plan. If you are proper vegetarian then also you can follow this diet. This is proper for you as well.

Early morning

1 tsp. Fenugreek seeds with 1 cup of water

And 1 cup tea without sugar

And 2 marie biscuits

Calorie content – 91 calories


2 small stuffed lauki/methi parantha

And 1 cup i.e. around 50gm. Curd

Calorie content – 300 calories


Omelette with capsicum of 2 egg whites

And 2 brown bread

Calorie content – 250 calories

Morning snack

1 apple of around 50 to 60gm.

Green tea with no sugar

Calorie content – 40 calories


1 soup bowl of Brown rice pulao of vegetables

And 1 small bowl of raita of onion and cucumber

And 1 bowl mix veg salad

Calorie content – 335 calories

Take the walk of 10 minutes after lunch with 1 cup of warm water with lemon or green tea without sugar.

Evening snack

1 cup green tea or normal tea or coffee without sugar

And 1 bowl of stuffed rice or 2 wheat rusk

Calorie content – 280 calories


3 medium sized whole flour chapatti

And 1 medium bowl vegetable of gourd or palak or mix veg.

And 1 small bowl of curd or kadhi or dal

Calorie content – 435 calories

Benefits Of The Plan

The various benefits of this plan:

Result Of The Plan

This plan is basically used for keeping yourself fit and fine without going out for exercise and in addition it also help you to lose weight at the slow rate.

The result of this plan is awesome in which you can lose weight and if you are not losing much then you can definitely maintain weight without going for workout.

What You Need To Avoid

Fatty foods, sweet foods and various flavoured foods, all are really harmful to your health. These are the things that basically need to be avoided as these things keep on storing fat in you.

So, go for a 1500 calorie plan, which is not a much difficult plan but avoid unhygienic and unhealthy foods as much as possible.


The above article presents the solution for each and every person. Anyone who wants to follow the 1500 calorie diet plan then choose according to your specification. If you love to try a lot of dishes and also love to cook or have some good cook then he or she can go for diet plan1.

This is a diet plan for 5 days and you need to repeat this plan after every five days. Remember you need to do light exercise as well with this diet plan of you want to lose around 1 kg per week. Diet plan 2 and diet plan 3 are specially designed for Indians. This is a simple diet plan and you need to follow it daily.

Diet plan 4 is specially designed for diabetic patients of India. This diet can also be followed by Indians who want to follow a proper vegetarian diet. By following these diet plans you can keep yourself healthy forever.