22 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home Naturally
Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home Naturally

Mosquitoes are the reason behind many serious ailments such as malaria,yellow fever,dengue,chikungunya.You can find many chemicals in the market to get rid of them.But all of them has serious side effects.

In this article discover how can you get rid of mosquitoes by using some of the proven home remedies.Best thing is that these are free from harmful chemicals.

One mosquito female produces 500 eggs a day. You may be aware of the death rate due to dengue.

Slightly scaring, isn’t it?

Mosquitoes become adults in less than a week due to the current warm weather. The Size of a mosquito makes you underestimate it. It has the capability of ruining the whole atmosphere.

The following are some of the home remedies to effectively get rid of mosquitoes. They are eco- friendly and can ’t be a threat to you and your family.

Diseases Spread By Mosquitoes:

The female mosquitoes alone bite. The recent researchers say that the female mosquitoes transmit viruses including the recent West Nile. Some symptoms of such viral diseases are a severe headache, fever, stiff neck and other complications which can bring death sometimes.

Vaccination is a must for all members of the family. To avoid the spread of such virus, stay away from exposure to mosquitoes. The following are ancient methods of keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

Do consult a doctor if you are allergic to any one of the following remedy.

Properties of Home Remedies:

1.Anti- Bacterial:

Home Remedies have antibacterial property. They destroy bacteria and stop bacterial growth.

2.Anti- Viral:

Development of virus is stopped by these home remedies.

3.Anti- Protozoan:

Home Remedies like Neem-oil, Lilac Oil, Coconut Oil are anti- protozoan agents which stop protozoan development.

4.Anti- Fungal:

Home remedies act as a fungicide and prevent infections due to fungus.

5.Anti- Oxidant:

Home remedies such as coffee grounds damage cells of mosquitoes.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In The House


Sodium Chloride or Salt keeps Mosquitoes at bay.

How to use Salt as a Mosquito Repellent?

Mix iodized salt and water and make a fine paste. Apply on your skin and also, this water can be sprayed in the surroundings.

2.Neem Oil:

One of the great indoor mosquito repellents is the Neem Oil. It is an anti- bacterial, anti- viral, anti- protozoal, anti- fungal agent.The smell of the oil keeps the mosquitoes away like it kills lice in your hair. This technique shall protect you from mosquito bites for about 8 hours.

How to use Neem Oil as a mosquito repellent?

Mix Neem Oil with Coconut Oil in a 1:1 ratio and apply it all over your body(exposed parts).


Honey is a cleanser. It’s an anti- bacterial agent and helps to reduce itching in the mosquito bitten areas.

It helps to reduce itching in the mosquito bitten areas.

How to use Honey as a remedy?

This natural remedy can be applied to the skin at any time.

4.Dry Ice:

Dry Ice emits a lot of carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide emitted by the Dry Ice.
A time consuming effective method.

How to use Dry Ice as a Remedy?

Keep a dry ice in a container and keep the container in a far place from your room. When you see inside the container the mosquitoes shall be all over the ice. Close the lid of the container after some time.

5.Coffee Grounds/Powder:

They act as pollution hazard when released into the environment. It’s an anti- oxidant.

How to use Coffee Grounds as a Remedy?

Sprinkle some coffee grounds wherever there is stagnant water near your house. The mosquito eggs come up to the surface of the water, deprived of oxygen they die even before hatching.

6.Eucalyptus and Lemon Oil:

Lemon is a great savior from mosquito bites. The component cineole in the mixture, when applied to the skin, acts as both an antiseptic and a repellent. There is no specific time limit for the technique to keep the mosquitoes away. It works at all time.

How to use Eucalyptus and lemon oil as remedies?

Mix them or apply them as each oil separately on your arms and legs.

Keep slices of lemon with cloves over them in the corners of your doorstep, mosquitoes won’t be seen in the vicinity. This mixture is extremely effective to keep away these insects.

There is no specific time limit for the technique to keep the mosquitoes away. It works at all time.

7.Mosquito Traps:

Get a mosquito trap from the market and keep it in a corner of your house.

How to use Mosquito trap as a remedy?

Prepare a trap at home. Cut a plastic bottle into half and add a mixture of yeast and brown sugar with hot water in it. Keep the funnel part upside down in it, wrap a black tape on the bottle leaving the upper part open.

Place it in an area where you find a lot of mosquitoes. Change this solution every two weeks.


The best answer to kill mosquito at your house. It’s a toxin and thus a great repellent for keeping insects away.

Mosquitoes do not spend a minute next to camphor. It is the longest repellent made from the extract of a tree.

How to use Camphor as a remedy?

It can be rubbed on your hands as well as made into oil and applied. Light a camphor in a room leaving the doors and windows shut. Enter into mosquito –free environment after half hour.

Some people might be allergic to the smell, they can simply use the second method leaving the first.

9.Tulsi(Holy Basil):

One of the Ayurvedic repellent which kills mosquito larvae and helps to keep mosquitoes away.It is a natural remedy. Think it as a repellent apart from the religious beliefs. It has anti- bacterial and anti- biotic properties in it.

It was an ancient repellent passed on from one generation to another. The plant properties prevent mosquitoes from entering your house as well as help you get rid of them.

How to use Tulsi as a remedy?

Plant a tulsi near your window.


It has a compound called Allicin. This compound reveals a strong odor.
Garlic prevents the innumerable diseases caused by these parasites. The smell of it is also allergic to the insects, thus keeping them away from you.

The odor of garlic is strong and pungent preventing you from mosquito bites.

How to use Garlic as a mosquito repellents?

Crush a few pods of Garlic and boil them in water. Spray the water around your room. It can also be used on your body if you really want to avoid being bitten despite the smell.

11.Tea Tree Oil:

This oil has numerous benefits for your skin and your hair. Smell of this oil keeps mosquitoes away.

How to use Tea tree oil as a remedy?

Apply the oil directly to your skin. It can also be added to a vaporizer. This way it gets in the air and kills the mosquitoes.

12.Dish Soap:

It is a chemical agent. It destroys mosquitoes in a faster phase.

How to use Dish Soap as a Remedy?

Squirt dish soap where there are a lot of mosquitoes. This kills them naturally.

13.Red Cedar Mulch:

Cedar creates light layer over soil. It decomposes slowly and is an excellent pesticide.
It makes your garden beautiful as well as keeps the mosquitoes away.

How to use Red Cedar Mulch as a Remedy?

Sprinkle the boiled water with cedar chips around your house. This keeps the mosquitoes at bay.


The smell of Mint has man y effects. Mint is the best indoor mosquito repellent from ancient times.

How to use Mint as a remedy?

You can use mint leaves and essence in various ways. Mint can be used as a scent by added to a vaporizer. You can apply the oil on your body and plant a shrub outside your window. Spray mint – flavored mouthwash and water around your house.

15.Lilac Oil and Coconut Oil:

Syringa Vulgaris plant produces lilac oil. It has a floral scent.
Coconut Oil is an ancient remedy for mosquito bites.

How to use Lilac Oil and Coconut Oil as a remedy?

Mix these two oils in the ratio 1:1 and apply it all over the body. For about eight hours you will be away from mosquito bites.


Many of us are attracted to the smell. The scent of this flower keeps mosquitoes away and is quite strong making them unable to bite.

How to use Lavender as a remedy?

Lavender oil can be used as a room freshener. It can be mixed with skin cream and applied on your skin.


This water plant kills mosquito larvae over the water level.

How to use Lotus as a remedy?

Many people thus plant it in their ornamental ponds and leave it in the backyard.

18.Pinion Wood:

It is allergic to skin. Excellent repellent. Mostly used in drier climates.

How to use Pinion Wood as a remedy?

Burn the pinion wood outside your house or near the doorway. The smell of the burnt wood kills mosquitoes and prevents them from entering your house.


The citronella oil is an extraction from the citronella grass. It prevents you from mosquito bites than any other chemical agents.

How to use Citronella as a remedy?

It can be infused to a candle or used as a vaporiser for you to be mosquito free killing the parasites.

20.Black Pepper Oil:

It is a great ingredient to fight against poison. It inhibits bacteria.

How to use Black Pepper Oil as a remedy?

This oil can be applied all over the body. It can be mixed with any of the above remedies and applied on the skin too. Do avoid if you are allergic to the smell.


Aroma of burnt rosemary stalks drives off mosquitoes.

How to use Rosemary as a remedy?

Burn the stalks in the backyard or in garden of your house.


It has anti-cancer properties. It is rich in sodium and phosphorus.

How to use beer as a remedy?

A bowl of beer shall keep mosquitoes away for few hours.


  • Plant trees and shrubs, they don’t lead to breeding of mosquitoes but keep your house mosquito – free.
  • Tulsi, mint, and marigold shrubs, lemon and neem trees, citronella grass when planted keeps you safe from dreaded vector- borne diseases by preventing the breeding of mosquitoes.
  • Ornamental ponds and fish tanks must be aerated to prevent breeding of mosquitoes. Especially in tanks which have mosquito – eating fish.
  • Do hang a mosquito net above the bed as the repellent coils work for few hours but the net at night keeps you safe from the mosquitoes.
  • Keep the windows and Doors shut to prevent the entry of mosquitoes leaving sufficient amount of air to enter the house. Screens can be used.
  • Keep the swimming pools cleaned and chlorinated even when you are away to avoid it from becoming a mosquitoes breeding ground.
  • Use a mosquito trapping system.
  • When you see a mosquito flying around kill them immediately. This keeps the atmosphere relatively mosquito free.
  • If there are babies at home, make them sleep under mosquito nets as some remedies can’t be used on their tender skin.
  • Usage of LED lights, yellow bug lights, sodium lights are advisable as they are also mosquito- repellent lights. This is to keep mosquitoes away from light as they are easily attracted by light.
  • As said earlier, keep slices of lemon with cloves on them on doorways of your bedroom or drawing room so mosquitoes are away from the place.
  • Frequently allow corporation people to spray chemicals inside your compound and wherever there is stagnant water.
  • Install wire meshes on all doors and windows . Nylon insect screens are a good option.
  • Check for holes and gaps in between walls and frames.
  • Use hand – sanitizer when you get back home or finish work.


  • Stagnation of Water must be checked and cleaned as they are the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • Don’t stop yourself from consulting a Doctor if the high fever continues for a long time.
  • Don’t leave heaps of garbage to pile up near your house.
  • Don’t scratch on a mosquito bite mark.
  • Permethrin can be sprayed on clothing and also applied on the skin. Though this is not a natural remedy, it helps effectively repel mosquitoes. But, do not expose babies to this chemical .

Instant Relief from Mosquito Bites:

There is no instant relief if there are many bites all over the body.

  • Sleep with a net over your bed. Put a scotch tape on bites to avoid scratching.
  • Change bedding if they are near a window as mosquitoes breed from tall trees.
  • If fever continues more than three days, do consult your physician.
  • Stay Healthy by following the above remedies. “Prevention is better than cure”.

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