Are you interested in losing weight and getting fit?

Then try this Ayurveda guide for weight loss. You scrolled through many pages searching for an Ayurveda weight loss diet plan, tried everything under the hood.

You also read many weight loss books as if they are novels (which you love to read) but are in fact, quite boring. Those tips are hard to remember ever harder to implement.

You may have gone to the extent of trying those super fast weight losing procedures. Lost weight within four days and became happy.

Then you might have thrown a party only to see those weights magically reappearing in your weighing machine.

Is this the story of your life?

Are you wandering like a vagabond without any help in sight?

Then you have come to the right place.

Why Is This The Right Place?

Because we are not putting up anything extraordinary or out of the world secret formula, we are just following the ancient procedures. We are providing you with simple yet effective techniques that not only take care of your physical well-being, but it also goes all the way down to the mental level.

After following these simple yet profound tips, you not only lose weight but gain many other things which the humanity lacks today.

This method is called the ‘Ayurvedic’ way. A method acquired from our ancestors which can be considered as priceless.

What You Gain?

You may ask what is so special in this procedure and why exactly you should accept it. The reason is very simple. This method doesn’t start with the symptoms, as others do.

The symptom here is the excessive weight. It tries to make things right from the root level, i.e., from the level where all the problems began. It doesn’t try to reduce weight.

Instead, it attempts to improve the metabolism and digestive system which naturally balances the weight. It not only speaks about what kind of food we should eat but it also tells the proper time of eating it which can give us optimum digestion.

This method has got simple tips with which you can negate any psychological or mental stress which you may be experiencing. You may not know, but stress can directly affect the digestive system and metabolism.

But one thing should be made clear at this point. There are no shortcuts to success or well-being. You have to work your way out. Those weird diet plans must have told you a different story, but you saw the result yourself. They will do no good in the long run.

Of course, you can do things as you like but remember one thing. Consistency will give you the rewards and nothing else. What you’re going to follow now is a well tested and ancient approach which undoubtedly will give you rewards. This method will balance all the things in your body, whether it is mental, physical or biological.

The outcome will obviously be a balanced weight. But the good news is that’s not the only thing that you will get out of this. The positive changes it will bring to your body will just surprise you.

The best part? It’s not strenuous or torturous like the other methods. You don’t have to skip meals. You don’t have to restrain from food which you like. In this process, you will enjoy having food with all its benefits.

Five Steps To Your Well-Being

So enough of chit-chat. Here we will give you five simple steps which you need to follow sincerely and obediently to taste success. Are you surprised? That’s all you need to follow, just the five steps. No complex procedures, no torturous diet plan, no skipping meals. Only these five steps. The five steps are the following-

1) Every Morning 15-20 Minutes Of Yoga.

2) Eat 3 Meals At Its Proper Times.

3) Follow A Diet Which Pacifies Kapha.

4) Exercise Every Alternate Day.

5) Make A Proper Plan So That You Can Follow The Above Tips With Utmost Commitment.

Isn’t Simple it? But what matters here is the commitment and consistency with which you follow these simple tips. That’s why the last tip becomes so important. That’s the only thing that will ensure you success. Now I will make it clear why each of these tips is important which will also help in increasing your faith in the holistic approach.

1. Yoga

You may be wondering what yoga has to do with weight loss. But trust me, just like it’s much better to treat a disease from its root rather than from symptoms, you have to first balance all the aspects of the body. Then the weight loss will follow inevitably. Just 15-20 minutes of yoga every day can help in balancing not only the body but also the mind and soul.

At first, you will not like doing it. But slowly as you will start seeing the benefit of the yoga your brain will automatically make it a habit just like brushing the teeth. What are the different benefits of yoga?

Well, there are several and if you start writing about it will take volumes of books. But here are some the major benefits of yoga, in brief:

  • It helps to clean the body from all the toxic substances.
  • It helps to stimulate vital organs and processes of the body which include digestion.
  • Yoga aids you to tone up your muscle and body.
  • It helps in increasing focus and concentration.
  • It ensures proper circulation of the bodily fluids.
Yoga Poses For Ayurveda Weight Loss
Yoga Poses For Ayurveda Weight Loss

It’s best to start your yoga routine from Surya Namaskar or sun salutations because it’s a step by step procedure and also because it covers all the parts of the body.

If you’re finding it difficult to do them, then there are easier versions. Too easy? Then there are complicated versions too. Do them regularly and you will see the change for yourself.

Going to yoga instructor is also a very good idea. That will give you a feeling that you’re doing everything right and fill you with a sense of confidence. This will also help in getting along with your commitment.

2. Eating 3 Meals

Not dieting? Not some whacky and weird technique? No ways. We are not going to torture you in any manner. We are going to make sure that your journey will be smooth, comforting and also quite fruitful.

Those strenuous tips may help you to lose weight for a week or so, but they are of no good in long term basis. You may cut some weight, but they will keep coming back as you have not changed your lifestyle. As they say, if you will act the same way, you will get the same result.

What’s important here is you should take the meals at equal intervals. There should be the gap between two meals. Avoid eating snacks in between because that will break the balance of the digestive system. This will make sure that the digestive fire is working at its optimum efficiency, and that happens when we give a proper gap between meals.

At least four hours. If the desire for eating something is strong, then just take a cup of hot water along with honey and lime juice. If you just can’t resist eating something, eat carrots or raisins to satiate your desires.

Ayurveda Weight Loss Diet
Ayurveda Weight Loss Diet

Our digestive fire is the strongest during the noon time, so it will be proper for you to make the afternoon meal as the main meal for the day. Try to eat in between 11 AM and 2 PM.

Try to finish your night meal before 7 PM. Why? Because your stomach needs enough time before your body goes to sleep to digest everything. The stomach needs to be empty while you sleep.

Try to enjoy your food. Look at its texture and richness. This will have a phenomenal impact on your digestive system and the way you digest food. Think of eating as a sacred act and enjoy every bit of it.

Want to make the digestive system even stronger? Just eat a piece of ginger along with sea salt, honey and few drops of lime juices just 30 minutes before you’re having your food, whether it is the noon or night meal. Simple things to do. Isn’t it?

There are some Indian food and recipes that could be included in the diet for weight loss.

3. Kapha Pacification

Why so much stress on Kapha? Because it is directly related to being obesity. Not only that, it has a direct impact on the greed, resistance, attachment, excessive sleep, lethargy and many other things.

So this tip is like making sure that you don’t have any more things which lead to excessive weight. This tip will ensure that your body will get cleansed from Kapha. This will result in balanced health and an overall increase in fitness.

How can we achieve this? How can we differentiate between Kapha food and other kinds of food? This part is also quite simple. Just stick to those foods which are warm, light, freshly prepared and those which can be easily digested. That means you obviously should avoid the processed food which is the primary source of Kapha. Don’t eat the food which is not of that particular season.

Also taking proper combination of food is critical. The improper mixture can imbalance the body’s digestive system. In the modern days, we don’t know about most of the wrong combinations and without knowing, we eat them every day. So, it is important for you to know about the improper combinations and avoid them as much possible.

What we are trying to do slowly is we are making your body adapted to real, wholesome food which provides strength and nutrition to the body and rejects such kinds of food which can harm you and lead to overweight and many other problems.

These processes take times, but it has its rewards. You have to patient and consistent. Then the progress that you will notice and the weights that you will lose are never going to come back. Why? Because there’s no way to return.

4. Exercising Every Alternate Day

This is the essential part of any weight loss program because it ensures the burning of the extra fat in your body. But contrary to the general belief, the exercise schedule need not be strenuous. Studies show that even 15-20 minute of workouts can be very efficient.

If you have a very tight schedule, then even 5-10 minutes of exercise will do. But what matters is at what intensity are you doing exercise in those 5-10 minutes. Want to give even more time for the training? That’s wonderful.

It is being found that some times of the day are more suitable for doing exercise than others. The period 6-10 both in the morning and evening is good enough for workouts because of the fact that at that time our body gives us a little amount of extra energy than the other periods.

It may happen that you might be quite busy in those periods. You can do your exercises at other times of the day. It’s much better than doing nothing, isn’t it?

Exercise To Get Fit
Exercise To Get Fit

You can do different kinds of activities, and you will be benefitted from all of them. You can do cycling, hiking, swimming, jogging or workouts. But one thing you should always keep in mind. Give 70% of effort in the exercises.

Give enough time for the body to relax. This will make sure that you do not go through any physical pain or psychological stress. You will know when your body can take more and only then push yourself a little bit. Don’t do everything in one go.

5. Daily Routine

This is the most important tip for success. Routine not only helps in developing healthy habits but in psychological level, it contributes to developing a strong conviction that you’re going to lose weight.

When you slowly wire your brain to a particular set of activities, it slowly starts to become habits and brain starts to receive only those kinds of actions which help to develop these healthy habits. Believe me; your life will begin to change.

These are some of the important aspects of routine for weight loss-

You have to set proper time for sleep and should go to bed at the same time every day. If you don’t go to sleep by 10:30 PM, it may happen that you may not get sleep at all. Similarly, if you sleep till late morning, it may happen that you will feel sluggish and lazy all day.

If you get up early, then you will feel more energetic. So, as you require at least 7 hours of sleep every day, make it a point to sleep by 10 PM and get up at 6 PM.

Take out 15 minutes of your time to do yoga. The benefits of it are already discussed in the above section.

Along with taking three meals per day, you have to make sure that you’re eating at the same time every day. This helps to confirm that you have enough gap between two meals. This is also good for your digestive and nervous system.

Make a proper exercise schedule and follow it strictly.

Some Other Things Which You Can Do

Once the above things are wired in your brain, then it becomes quite effortless to follow them. Then you can follow these additional tips just to have that extra boost. But don’t do them in a hurry. Your priority must be the above five, and the first thing which you should do is to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle.

These lists are only for those who have completed the task and want to walk that extra mile. These tips are also for those who have already incorporated some of the above.


As they say, nothing helps more than meditation. Just by sitting in 10 minutes of meditation every day, you will slowly start to live in the present moment, and that will reduce a lot of psychological stress.

This will hugely affect your overall health. You will beam with confidence wherever you go. You can pick up the easy meditation techniques and start over right from tomorrow.

Meditation Helps In Weightloss
Meditation Helps In Weightloss


Pranayama is an ancient practice, and some of them give tremendous results with very natural postures. You can start with the alternate nostril technique and slowly raise your bar. Even, you can go to a pranayama expert, if you don’t feel confident about it by yourself.


The herbs act as an extra support which will help you in weight loss. They will immensely help in your metabolism and digestive system.


Triphala Churna Induce Weightloss
Triphala Churna Induce Weightloss

Triphala means three fruits. As the name suggests, it contains three fruits which help in maintaining a balance in all the three aspects, i.e., Pitta, Kapha, and Vata. It has a dual function.

First, it helps in cleaning up your digestive tract and second, it helps in nourishment and rejuvenation of your tissues. Take two tablets of these, half an hour before going to bed along with warm water.

If you prefer to take it in the form of powder, then take half a teaspoonful of it and mix with water. Boil it for 10 minutes. Wait for it to cool and then drink.

Trim Support

Trim support helps in cleansing the body from the toxins by removing all the unwanted and harmful substances. This helps in your overall metabolism and digestion. This can assist in balancing your body and will assist in putting some of the extra digestive fire into you.

Ayurveda Weight Loss Tips

Extra Things To Do In The Morning To Get That Extra Boost-

These are some of the super-awesome tips that you can try out if you have mastered all the tips above. This will bring more peace, love, and confidence. So let’s take a quick look through them.

Get Up In Between 3 AM & 6 AM

This is a very holy and ancient Ayurvedic practice. Ever wondered why? Have you ever got up early in the morning because you couldn’t complete the work in the night? Have you experienced that remarkable clarity in the mind and pin-pointed attention while you’re doing your job which comes so naturally?

Get Up Early To Loose Weight
Get Up Early To Lose Weight

That’s because that particular period we usually connect with our spiritual and inner being. Everything will be enough, and you will experience natural peace. This will also drive away any lethargy that you might experience later in the morning. This will help in your metabolism.

Clean Your Tounge
Clean Your Tounge

a. Clean Your Tongues

This is a crucial part of maintaining hygiene. Doing this every day ensures that your tissue organs and digestive tracts remain clean. It helps in removing any bacteria, toxins or harmful substances which get deposited on your tongue every day.

b. Splashing Cold Water On Eyes & Face

Splashing cold water can be an excellent practice as it tends to remove any laziness or lethargy. This will, in turn, make you more active and dynamic.  This also helps in keeping the eyes fresh. Our eyes are very vital but soft organ of our body which constantly keeps working throughout the day.

c. Drinking Warm Water

Drinking a cup of hot water every day helps to rekindle the digestive fire. It also contributes to keeping the digestive tract clean and also it also assists to hydrate the tissue. But you should be careful of one thing. Don’t drink the water before tongue cleansing or else all the bacteria and toxin present in your mouth will go into your body.

Drinking Warm Water To Loose Weight
Drinking Warm Water To Lose Weight

d. Eliminating

You should remove during the morning because it helps in bowel movement and weight-loss. Try to make it like clockwork to go to the bathroom at the same time every morning. The right kind of bowel movement at the right time of the day will help to regulate your digestive system, and this practice will help you.

There is another 7-day diet plan that will help you to lose weight. This GM Diet plan will help you lose 5-8 kg in about 7 days. So, you can give it a try.

Founder and Director of SM Ayurveda Institute and Wellness Center in Ontario (Canada), Dr. Hemant Gupta is a veteran in Ayurveda bringing over 30 years of expertise in Panchakarma, Marma Therapy, Natural healing, Yoga and more. He is also founder and president of Canadian Ayurvedic Members Alliance (CAMA).