Discover the groundbreaking guided meditation script for anxiety & stress.

When you are stressed or anxious anything materialistic in this world cannot help you. You feel irritated with every little thing.

Don’t worry it is a very common situation. This can be handled when you focus on something peaceful rather than thinking about the things that are troubling you. When you are anxious, try to relax and compose yourself.

Being anxious is not something abnormal. Everyone faces it. It is an emotion which plays a trick on your subconscious mind. It makes you feel that everything you think is very serious.

The more you fight with it. The more it will cause trouble. So stop fighting. Let it come.

This guided meditation script for anxiety & stress will help face this situation.

During this journey, you will learn how to leave and let go your problems. By doing this, you will gain a new understanding and clarity of thought. This meditation will help you to understand your place within the world.

It will endorse some good and positive messages which will improve your senses of well-being.

It will teach and guide you how to experience and face situations that come in your life.

After finishing the meditation, you will see that there is a sense of clarity and pureness in you. The entire perspective of seeing the situation has changed, and you are free from negative aspects of life.

The guidance as to how to react to your negative emotions and problems is also provided by this script. Your problems are very minute and can be handled with a shear clarity of mind.

The meditation script can help you get rid of pain and grief.

Meditation will help you to relieve your stress and relax your will add focus, energy, and fun in your life. It will give you a peaceful and a relaxing life. The calmness of life that you have lost will be restored.

Follow the video below for the entire guided meditation script to overcome anxiety and stress.

There are so many benefits of meditation. You will be amazed to know how it affects our soul, mind, and body.

So, meditate and lead a healthy life.


Dr.Suresh is an Ayurvedic specialist on Neurological disorders who is travelling all over Europe with a sole purpose i.e to spread the priceless teachings of Ayurveda. He has received Atreya international & charaka international award for excellence in Ayurveda.