Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Love Handles Fast

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Love Handles Fast
Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Love Handles Fast

If you are wondering how can you get rid of love handles fast then this is must read the article for you.I have prepared  a diet plan,exercise routine which will help you lose them in no time.

That one piece of burger you ate that day, that one slice of amazing double cheesed pizza, and that tasty cold drink in a hot summer noon.It is delightful to think about all these, but it is better not to eat them. Let us rewind a bit.

Is it better to eat all this junk food?

Maybe yes when you are eating them, but not at all when you are facing the consequences of it.

The common problem with today’s young as well as the older generation is the food they eat. People are not aware how junk or fast food changes their health from good to risk in a minute.

One of the very side effects is Love Handles. Do not get tricked by the name as it sounds like a nice chubby sweet thing.

When you hug you a person, you might feel him/her to be soft around the waistline and feel like hugging him more. But that softness or chubbiness is nothing but a line of visceral fat which accumulates in the waistline and starts crawling towards your belly.

This fat is commonly known as Love Handles. This kind of visceral fat is not subcutaneous, i.e., it sits deep below your skin layer and gives rise to various life threatening diseases.

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Love Handles and Risk Factors:

Love handles sound sickly sweet. But only the sick part of it is true not the sweet part. Let us see the risks which it contributes towards in our body:

  1. Coronary heart disease.
  2. Diabetes type 2.
  3. Breast cancer.
  4. A bad posture.

The most common reasons of this love handles are:

  1. Overeating mostly improper diet.
  2. Lack of sleep.
  3. Too much sugar intake.
  4. Wrong workout.
  5. Body is taking too much rest.

Listening to this, do not take up any more stress on the already piled burden. Removing love handles is not a big task, but you have to keep yourself on a regular schedule of proper diet and exercise assigned to you by your dietitian or gym experts.

Let us see some common home remedies which can help you get rid of those bad love handles.

Home Remedies To Get Rid of Love Handles:

1.Lifestyle Changes:

a.Pull out the Unnecessary Stress Bundle:

Stress is not a bad factor for growing of love handles but is also a sign of bad health.It breaks down the muscle mass of the body and encourages fat storage because of increase of cortisol level in your body.

b.Have a Proper Sleep Cycle:

Sleep however easy that may sound, take a major toll on your health if you do not have enough of it.Sleep is very important to regulate your hypothalamus and maintain proper body regulation by the brain.

c.Stay Hydrated:

Water is the key to living. A regular person should drink about 3-4 liters of water per day to stay hydrated enough.Water is essential for proper functioning of the body and also proper working of a kidney. It also does not allow unnecessary things to get stored inside the body.

2.Diet To Lose Love Handles Fast:

You can try Gm Diet plan which will help you to shed the extra bulge in quick time.This is best way to lose love handles in 1 week.Apart from that add the below-mentioned food to your diet.

a.Omega-3-fatty acids:

Omega-3 fatty acids fight inflammation. This involves foods like flax seeds, walnuts, soybeans, navy beans, kidney beans, tofu, fish and olive oil.

It is a type of polyunsaturated fat and is important for your body as it doesn’t get stored inside it to increase fat. It is good for brain functioning and also known as the good fat.


Beans are soluble fibre and help in the growth of the good intestinal bacteria promoting metabolism and hence helps to burn fatter.You eat boiled beans or make a chat out of it or add it to every dish you make.

c.Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is essential for the fat metabolism. When you don’t intake vitamin C rich foods, your body will start producing fatty tissues but will not be able to use that fat which ultimately increases fattiness in the abdomen.Foods which are rich in vitamin C are- papaya, oranges, strawberries, bell peppers, broccoli, and kiwi.

d.Dairy Products:

The addition of yoghurt, milk, etc., increases the calcium level in blood which reduces the hormone calcitriol that leads to storage of excessive fat.

e.A big no to Aerated Drinks:

They are full of fizz and yummy, but aerated drinks will result in the increase of abdomen fat as there is a high amount of sugar present in those drinks.

Diet sodas either have artificial sugars or aspartame, but still have the same effect on your appetite.

f.No to white foods:

Stop eating food with zero nutritional value like sugar, salt, and potatoes. Instant noodles, bread, rice, and pasta must be stopped immediately.

Replace them with green vegetables in your diet.

g.Lime it up:

Water is the healthiest drink, but it isn’t enough to lose love handles. Use lime. This enhances digestion and helps in detoxification of the body.Apart from this, lemon also helps in reducing hunger and increases metabolism.

h.Eat more Figs:

Figs are rich in calcium, fibre, potassium, and iron. They contain vitamins A, B1, and B2. The high fibre content boosts up the digestion process.

However, you must not overeat. Add small portions in your everyday diet.Add figs to yoghurt or oatmeal, or have it as a dry fruit. It also helps in the slow absorption of sugar in the small intestine.

i.Green Tea:

Green tea helps you manage your weight by bringing about a proper balance in your appetite and improve your metabolism.You can replace your caffeine intake like sugared tea with green tea as it is a sugar-free guilt pass!

If you follow the above mentioned diet plan it can help you lose the love handle without any exercise.

3.Exercise Routine To Lose Love Handel Fast:

Here are some exercises which will keep a check on your love handles, which you have to perform daily.

a.Twisting Crunches:

Crunches directly have an influence on your abdominal fat. Twisting crunches are almost like regular crunches, but while performing twisting crunch you raise one knee to touch it with the opposite elbow, i.e., your right knee with your left elbow and vice versa.Repeat it in 3 sets of 12.

b.Leg Flutters:

Leg Flutters strengthen your back, and also makes your abdominal muscles firm along with gradual weight loss in this area.

Lie down on your stomach and lift your head slightly. Place your arms on the side or bend them at the elbows. Bring your knees and feet up and kick your legs back and forth. Do these with small relaxation breaks.

Start with two sets and increase till 10.

c.Standing Trunk Twists:

Stand straight with at least one feet distance between your legs and twist your trunk to the left and make sure your legs are straight.

As you twist slowly, punch in the air, with one arm at a time. When you twist to the left side, punch with your right arm.

Repeat 25 times on each side.

d.Standard Crunch:

Crunches have a good impact on your waistline, but ensure that you go easy on this one. Begin and increase the count gradually each day. Lay in the supine position.

Bend your knees with feet flat on the floor. Put your hands at the back of your head. Your elbows should be out to the sides. Slightly tilt your chin and gently pull your abdominal inward.

Now, curl up and forward in such a way that your shoulder blades, neck, and head lift off the floor. Return to the original position after a few moments.

e.Leg Lifts:

Lay on your back or side and lift one leg a few inches off the ground. Repeat with the other leg, and repeat the process for at least 25 times for each leg. Gradually increase it to 50 and then to 100.


It is a great exercise for thigh and abdomen muscles.


Running works on your hips muscles and love handles while running has a good effect on your legs.

Tips on Losing the Extra Calories:

In the form of exercise:

  1. Buy a pedometer and walk an extra 2,000 steps.
  2. For those who have a dog, walk him for an extra 20 minutes.
  3. Jog for 10 minutes.
  4. Do 30 extra minutes of housekeeping.
  5. Take off weeds or plant flowers in the garden for 20 minutes which will not only help your fat but also make your garden beautiful.
  6. Pedal a cycle for 13 minutes.
  7. Climb and down stairs for 18 minutes.
  8. Perform skipping for 15 minutes.
  9. Do swim for 15 minutes.
  10. Do some dancing for 20 minutes.
  11. Mow the lawn for 20 minutes.
  12. Wash the car.
  13. Golfers, carry your clubs for 15 minutes.

In the form of food:

  1. Eat a high-fiber, whole-grain breakfast cereal to keep you full for a longer time.
  2. Use mustard or low-fat mayonnaise on your sandwich.
  3. Have a piece of fresh fruit in place of cookies or chips.
  4. Avoid diet soda and regular soda.
  5. Choose low-fat ice cream.
  6. Use 2 tablespoons of light whipped butter
  7. Top your pasta with a red sauce instead of a creamy sauce.
  8. Skip the cheese topping on a salad.
  9. Order a small drink instead of a large drink.
  10. Stop the red meat on your sandwich or at breakfast.
  11. Eat roasted food instead of fried food.
  12. Eat a snack-sized chocolate bar instead of a whole candy bar.
  13. Order your pizza with veggies instead of high-fat meat toppings.
  14. Eat an appetizer as your main meal.
  15. Skip the extra butter on your movie theater popcorn. Eat salted ones
  16. Order your sandwich on whole-grain bread instead of white
  17. Eat 3 to 4 bites less from your regular amount.
  18. Skip the gravy of your mashed potatoes.
  19. Skip the cheese off your sandwich or burger.
  20. Switch to low-fat salad dressing instead of regular.
  21. Use only half the packet of salad dressing when ordering salads.
  22. Spread your bread with jam instead of butter or cheese spread.
  23. Have a side salad instead of French fries as a side dish.
  24. Choose double toned milk instead of whole milk.
  25. Eat 1/2 cup less of pasta or rice. Mostly avoid rice.
  26. Remove the skin from chicken before eating.
  27. Avoid any form of alcohol.
  28. Choose fruit canned in natural juice instead of concentrated syrup.
  29. Skip the butter in the pan when grilling sandwiches or eggs.


  1. Have 4 – 5 meals a day in place of a large meal. Eating in small and adequate portions throughout the day, improve metabolism and also helps burn fat. It also provides you enough energy to push you through the
  2. Take the steps instead of escalators and elevators.


  1. Do not let yourself starve.
  2. Do not skip your breakfast as this is the most important meal of the day.
  3. Do not skip exercises for love handles. Although, don’t over exercise.
  4. Do not cheat.

Always remember that patience and hard work pays off, and your desire to change must be greater than the desire to remain the same!


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    There is no such a thing like spot reduction. You can’t target fat loss at that particular area. Consistence is the key, stick to your diet and workout plan, and you will lose fat from that areas too.