How To Get Pink Lips Naturally At Home

Yes,you heard it right.You can get pink lips naturally at home.Smiling makes your face look beautiful and lips make your smile beautiful.

Lips are one of the most attractive feature of the face for both men and women.Yet many men and women suffer from dark, dull, dry and discoloured lips which make them look unpleasant.

Causes Of Darkened lips:

Some of the main reasons why lips darken or lose the pinkish tinge are excessive exposure to direct sunlight, use of substandard or low-quality cosmetics, smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco, imbalances in hormonal activity and also due to the high intake of caffeine.

Lips can become dark because of other reasons like high humidity, high stress, poor blood circulation, failure to remove make-up before going to sleep, chemotherapy and your lifestyle.


Natural Ways To Get Pink Lips:

Natural Ways To Get Pink Lips

Natural Ways To Get Pink Lips

Well, as every problem has a solution, you can regain the pink colour of your lips with the help of some care and affection.

One important thing is that you don’t have to spend loads and loads of money on expensive fairness products.

Only by trying out some easy and cost-effective home remedies you can lighten your dark lips and make it pink and attractive.

1. Exfoliating Your Lips:

Impurities and dirt make your lips look dark hence, it is recommended to exfoliate your lips. This can be done in two ways

  • Make a paste using honey, cucumber and rose petals and add 1 teaspoon of milk after 10 minutes and apply it on your lips. This paste removes all the dirt, impurities and dead skin cells from your lips and gives it a pinkish colour.
  • Clean your lips by gently rubbing your lips with honey with the help of a toothbrush.This removes the dirt and impurities from your lips and at the same time moisturises your lips.
  • Moisten your fingers with water and dip your fingers in sugar and gently rub it over your lips.Wipe the sugar off your lips and apply a lip balm. This is mainly done to remove the impurities present on your lips before applying lip balm.

It is recommended to clean your lips every day with rose water to make your lips look pink. This can be achieved by dipping cotton in rose water and gently applying it over the dark lips.

2. Moisten Your Lips Regularly:

Moisturisers prevent the lips from getting dark and chapped. Applying moisturisers rich in vitamin E and unflavored lip balms keeps your lips moisturised.Using such moisturisers will make your lips pink within a few days.

Using such moisturisers will make your lips pink within a few days.

3. Massage:

Massaging increases the circulation of blood in your lips. Increased blood flow in your lips makes it appear more reddish or pink.

It is recommended to massage your lips with ice cubes, this relaxes your lip muscles and keeps it beautiful. Lack of circulation of blood could lead to pigmentation of skin and make it dark.

Home Remedies To Get Pink Lips Naturally:

The following home remedies can help to get pink lips fast. The change would be permanent.


1. Aloe-Vera gel:

Aloe-Vera gel

Aloe-Vera gel

Aloe-Vera gel can be used to make your lips pink. You can gently rub Aloe-vera gel on your lips to treat dry lips and to remove dirt and impurities present on your lips.

The antioxidants in aloe-vera are very effective in lightening the dark lips.It also gives your lips a light complexion and makes it pink.

It is recommended to massage your lips for 15 minutes and then wash it off with some warm water.

2. Pomegranate Seeds and milk:

Pomegranate Seeds and milk

Pomegranate Seeds and milk

Pomegranate nourishes the lips. It can also give you pink lips and lighten the dark and dull lips.

  • Take some milk and mix it with some crushed pomegranate seeds, apply this on your lips regularly to get red lips. There are no known side effects to this remedy.
  • Add an equal amount of pomegranate juice, beetroot juice and carrot juice. This remedy will help to make your dark lips pink.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice For Pink Lips

Lemon Juice For Pink Lips

Lemon is a natural cleanser and removes the dirt and impurities from your lips. The citric acid acts as a bleaching agent for your lips.

  • Take some fresh lemon juice and massage your lips gently with it. This cleans your lips and the vitamin C present in lemon makes your lips pink.
  • You can also take a lemon slice dipped in sugar crystals. Now, rub it on your lips.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, honey, and glycerine. Apply it on the lips.

4. Milk Cream and Rose Petals:

Milk cream can be used to lighten dark lips as it is rich in nutrients and moisture. Add rose petals to some fresh cream and cool it in a refrigerator for about 20 minutes.After that gently apply it over your lips.

After 15 minutes wash it away with some water. Following this procedure will lighten your lips and gives it a pinkish color within days.

5. Olive Oil:

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in moisture, vitamin E and many essential nutrients and nurturing properties.

  • The olive oil can be mixed with some honey and lemon juice and then apply this mixture on your lips.

Massage it gently before going to bed. This can make your lips soft and red within few days.

  • The olive oil can be mixed with half teaspoon of sugar, scrub it on your lips to restore the color.

6. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice

Cucumbers have many skin lightening properties and contain lots of water that can moisturize your lips and make it pink.

  • It is recommended to keep slices of cucumber on your lips for 15 minutes every day to make it pink.
  • You can also apply cucumber juice on your lips by gently rubbing the slices of cucumber over your lips.

7. Rose



Rose, has many medicinal properties like soothing, cooling and moisturizing.It also helps to lighten the dark lips and makes it pink and soft. Rose can be used in three ways-

  • A drop of rose water can be mixed with few drops of honey and can be applied on your lips.This moisturizes your skin and lips and makes it red. For best results, this should be done 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Take few rose petals and soak it in milk for about an hour.Then grind the mixture to make a fine paste. Add one and the half teaspoon of honey and some saffron to the paste. Now gently apply the paste on your lips. For immediate results, it is recommended to do this twice a day.
  • Mix a tablespoon of rose petal paste with one tablespoon of butter and honey or milk cream. Apply it to your lips and scrub it gently for at least twice a week.

8. Beetroot

Beetroot For Pink Lips

Beetroot For Pink Lips

Beetroot can also be used to give you red lips as it has a natural bleaching property that can lighten dark lips.

  • Take some beetroot juice and apply it on your lips before going to bed and wash it off in the morning.This will give your lips a pinkish tinge and makes it soft.
  • Beetroot juice can be mixed with carrot juice and be applied on your lips. Massage it gently and leave it for about 15 minutes.

Wash it off with some warm water. It is recommended to follow this every day for two weeks to get pink and soft lips.

9. Coriander juice, Mint Juice, and Carrot juice:

A combination of coriander juice, mint juice, and carrot juice can be applied on your lips to make it soft and pink.

10. Convert dark lips to pink using Almond Oil, Honey and sugar

Make a mixture of almond oil, honey, and sugar and apply it by gently massaging it on your lips for about 10 minutes and wash it with water.

This moisturizes your lips and lightens the dark lips.

11. Turmeric and Milk:

Mix some turmeric and milk and make a paste.Apply this paste on your lips to lighten dark lips and to make it soft and pink.

12. Raspberries



Raspberries contain many vital vitamins and minerals that can help keep your skin healthy.

  • A mixture of raspberries, a spoon of aloe vera and a drop of honey can be applied on your lips to get pink and soft lips. This can be used as a replacement for your lip balm.

13. Glycerin and Lemon juice:

Glycerin and lemon juice is taken in equal proportion can be mixed together and applied on your lips.It can significantly lighten darkened lips.

14. Tomatoes and Strawberries



Eating tomatoes, strawberries or any red colored fruit or vegetable, deposits the color on the lips making it red.

15. Sugar



Sugar is a good exfoliating agent and helps to remove the dead skin from your lips and make it soft and pink.

  • Grind about 3 tablespoons of sugar (or take powdered sugar) and mix it with two tablespoons of butter and make a thick paste.

Apply this on your lips and gently scrub your lips with this paste. Doing this once a week can help retain your natural lip color and shine.

  • Powdered sugar can be mixed with cold cream and can use as a scrub before going to bed.
  • Add sugar, honey and almond oil and apply it on the lips weekly.

These remedies would help you gain the pink color in a week’s time.

16. Honey

Honey can soften your lips.

  • Apply it on your lips at night. In the morning wash it off to restore the color.
  • Make a paste of half teaspoon honey, gram flour, and yogurt. Apply it on your lips for half an hour to get a pink color.

17. Almond Oil-  Best For Dark Lips

Almond oil is considered best for the dark lips.

  • Mix equal amount of castor oil and almond oil and massage on the lips.
  • Mix almond oil and coconut oil and apply it on the lips

These will surely help you to get rid of dark lips.

Remedies For Men To Get Naturally Pink Lips

Men can also get naturally pink lips after following the above-mentioned remedies.

Just some tips have to be kept in mind as: Quit Smoking, exfoliate your lips, moisturize them and follow different home remedies.

Lip Care Tips For Naturally Pink Lips:

  • Always remove your makeup before going to bed. Not removing makeup is one of the most important reasons for getting dull and dark lips. To remove your make-up just dip cotton in some olive oil and rub it gently on your lips.
  • Use lip balms which have a light pinkish color. It is always recommended to use balms which have natural ingredients.
  • Avoid biting your lips as it may lead to decoloration or cracked lips. If you have a habit of biting your lips, it is recommended to chew gum to overcome the oral fixation.
  • Smoking makes your lips turn dark and also deteriorate your health. To keep your lips healthy and pink it is recommended to avoid smoking.
  • Caffeine present in your coffee can also make your lips dark. Hence it is advised to avoid drinking excess coffee and tea.
  • UV rays can also dull your lips.Hence it is advised to avoid direct exposure of your lips to the sun. It is recommended to apply a lip balm with at least 15 SPF on your lips before going out in the sun.
  • Licking lips can make your lips dry and chapped. It is advised to avoid licking your lips and use a lip balm to provide the necessary moisture to your lips. Although licking your lips makes your lips wet, it can cause your lips to become dull and dark.
  • Eating food rich in vitamins and minerals nourishes your skin and makes your lips look beautiful and pink. It is recommended to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Drinking lots of water and juices keep your skin soft and moisturise it. Water nourishes the skin and helps in growth of new skin cells. Dry skin and lips indicate that your skin is not properly hydrated. It is advised to drink 8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin and lips healthy.



So men and women out there, Do not worry at all. Your lips can turn very beautiful and pink if you follow the home remedies and the tips regularly.

Thereafter, you get the pink lips forever.

I have tried to cover many areas of this topic. Hope it helps you. If you have anything to share, any queries or any experience then feel free to share it with me.

  • Kshitij

    I have dark lips and I know it is because of smoking. I have quit smoking sometime back but my lips are still dark as they were when I smoked.

    I just wanted to ask, which one of the above would you recommend to me, I’ll be very thankful to you.