How To Get Rid of Mosquito Bites Fast Home Remedies

How To Get Rid of Mosquito Bites Fast Home Remedies
How To Get Rid of Mosquito Bites Fast Home Remedies

Mosquito bites are irritating.Some people are allergic to mosquito bites.You can get rid of mosquito bites by using these natural home remedies.

Mosquitoes are having thin trunk by which they prick at the skin of the living bodies and gulp their blood. Female mosquitoes are responsible for biting. These bites are very common and occur either at dusk or dawn.

These female mosquitoes take blood to lay their eggs. The irritation occurs just after their bite is due to the saliva of them which they left when they prick art the skin of the host.

Not all mosquitoes but most of the mosquitoes may carry some serious viruses with themselves and when they prick to the host’s skin, the viruses can transmit. If it happens then, it will lead to some serious disease like malaria, yellow fever, etc.

Symptoms Of Mosquito Bites:

1.Red or Pink Bump:

The area where these flies pricked it will swell a bit and the area may be visible as red or pink. It is a due allergic reaction caused by it.


You may feel like scratching that area where they have bitten you. Itching is a feeling of scratching or scraping. By scratching the particular area, we feel relief.

3.Much Larger Area of Itching:

The bite may affect as you got a larger area of itching or redness it depends on person to person. It is perfectly fine.


It is kind of ulcer, small ulcer which may occur due bite of these flies. In simple language, you may get an abrasion or cut at that particular area.

5.Bruises Near the Bites:

It is a phenomenon in which the color of skin gets fade for some time.  It happens maybe the sting caused by bites.


If someone pricks you, your skin will swell up for some time. That happens when these flies pricks us.

7.Dark Spots:

Sometimes you get a dark spot when these flies suck your blood, or maybe your skin is too sensitive that it may get a dark spot. This dark spot will remain for some time.

Some people are too sensitive that they may suffer from some normal seasonal disease.

Those diseases are very normal they come and go.

  • Low-grade fever.
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Irritation

Before going on remedies let me tell you, mosquito bite is very common but sometimes it can dangerous too as because of it we may suffer from many diseases like:


Malaria is caused by a female mosquito named ‘Anopheles’. This female fly carry parasite with herself and while biting it may transmit in your body and your body may get infected by this.

Malaria is a life-threatening disease. If a person suffers from this, then its liver is at high risk. As this parasite multiplies and attack the liver.


This is also caused by mosquitoes in the same manner as malaria. This disease is also known as break bone fever. A person suffering from this will face a high fever. He/she should drink lots of water during this.


It is an infection caused by worms or sometimes may be with mosquitoes. It may be due to the saliva of mosquito which they left the skin while sucking. It may risk our lymph and may raise the chances of getting infection more often.

4.West Nile:

It is virus transmitted in the human’s body through mosquito bites. Commonly it is called as WNV. There is no particular symptom for this disease. There is no vaccine or anything for this disease.


It is a viral infection caused by mosquitoes. Its symptoms are heavy fever with body pain. Mostly this disease occurs in tropical areas or high-temperature regions.

6.Yellow Fever:

It is a kind of fever which is not major but if gets neglected then can be risky and might end in death. Symptoms are normal body pain, nausea, headache.

 7.Zika Fever:

Recently you must have heard about Zika virus. This is transmitted by mosquitoes only.Symptoms are fever, red eyes, joint pain, etc.

20 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites:

We often feel itching, irritation when it happens to us. It’s simply because mosquitoes are around us. To cure this irritation we don’t have to see a doctor. There are plenty ways to cure this bites, and they are cheap and easily available at our home.

So don’t need to expense a lot and we don’t have to worry about it. All you need is to go to your kitchen or your garden and look for these things mentioned below.

1.Apply Cold Water or Ice to the Affected Area:

It will soothe the area, and I will also reduce the sting caused by the bite. You have to keep your hands under the tap water that is all you have to do. You can also apply ice pack on to it.

2.Aloe Vera:

Aloe has cooling properties. Apply aloe gel to the affected area it will heal that area. It will also reduce the redness and will soothe it.

3.Dry soap:

Rub dry soap (peppermint soap if available) gently on the affected area it will help in reducing pain caused by the sting. You just have to take soap which you can get in your bathroom make sure it should be dry and just rub it twice or thrice and leave it.

4.Baking soda:

Mix baking soda with cold water and make a thick paste of it and apply it over the area and leave it as it is for some time. Baking soda has astringent property, which will reduce the effect of the sting.


Take a fresh onion slice sprinkle some salt over it. Now put this slice over the swollen

Area. Keeps salt side facing the skin. This will take out the water from the swollen part. Salt is not that required. It is also helpful in reducing the pain of the sting.


Dilute lemon juice with water and soak a cotton ball into it. Put that cotton ball onto the affected area. It will reduce the redness, sting and soothe the area. You can also rub used lemon over the area it will also do the same.


It contains medicinal properties and easily available in the kitchen. If you have much irritation over the area where the mosquito has bitten you then you must apply a drop of honey to it. It will cure it by reducing the pain and will give relief in irritation.


If you are a banana lover and eat a banana, then don’t throw banana peels in the dustbin.Rub banana peel gently over the affected area it will decrease the size of bump and cure the itching caused by the bite.You can also rub a small amount of fresh banana to it. It will do the same.

9.Essential Oils:

Some oils will work as a magic on mosquito bites. These oils are:

1.Lavender Oil:

It is oil used for beauty purpose. It smells good and also has astringent as well as medicinal properties.It will cure the itching soften the skin and reduce the size of a bump, redness.

2.Olive Oil:

We can extract this oil from olives, it is also useful for beauty products. It reduces the size of a bump, soothes the skin and cures the irritation if applied on the mosquito.

3.Tea Tree Oil:

This is an oil containing medicinal properties. It smells like camphor and can use in infection, rashes, This oil will cure the sting. Its cooling properties will cool the area.


It is said that people feel more relief at the sting by applying saliva (obviously their saliva). Saliva can cure the tissues and have some cooling effects too.

There is no scientific proof of this; it is just a saying by people.

11.Calamine Lotion:

It contains oxides of zinc which can cure the irritation redness caused by the mosquito bite. It is easily available in a drug store, grocery stores, etc. it is a beauty product too so you can check it in your dressing table too.


A common kitchen ingredient can cure this bite too. Rub a clove of garlic gently on the skin it will cure the sting, redness, and irritation. You can also mince the garlic and apply minces of garlic over the affected area.

12.Tea Bags:

We all use tea bags often in our house. Gently rub tea bags (used tea bags also) over the area where itching is there. It will reduce the itching and cools your skin too.


Ammonia can be easily found in the home. It changes the pH of the skin when applied and will reduce the reaction occurring due to the stung of mosquito.


Apply toothpaste it will cool your skin and can cure sting too. Rush to your basin or bathroom and squeeze the tube of paste and apply a small amount of paste on it.


Apply salt water to the area. It will reduce the swelling by taking out the water from that area. It is one of the properties of the salt

You can also take a cloth sprinkle some salt on it and keep it on the skin for few seconds.

16.Nail Paint:

It contains a small amount of acid ( acetic acid) that can cure sting and cools the skin. It is also helpful in reducing the size of the bump.It is easily available in home and has many medicinal properties as the chemical involve in making that contains so many properties like astringent etc.


If you notice a small bite or bump of a mosquito on your body just apply a small amount of vinegar on it.You will feel good, and if you have so many bumps, then I would recommend you take a bath in hot water. Pour two to three spoons of vinegar into it.

18.Organic Honey:

Honey has anti-bacterial properties in it, and it will cure the sting and redness. Just apply some honey onto it.

19.Ice Pack:

Take cubes of ice break into small pieces and place it into cotton cloth and place this pack to that place where you have itching, redness or sting.It will cool down that area, and you will see the positive effects.

20.Hot Water:

I would suggest you take a bath with hot water if more bites you have more bites. Add some anti-bacterial solution like Dettol etc.  Bath with it.

If these remedies are not able to cure your problems, or you have sensitive skin, then I will suggest you consult a doctor regarding this as it may lead to some serious disease. Take proper medication.

When are They Prone to Attack?

It is not clear yet that when they urge to prick or whom they prick the most. Researchers are researching over this. But yes there are something they get attracted to and those I mentioned below. I think it may interest you.

1.Color of Clothes:

A person wearing black or dark colored clothes will attract mosquitoes as they absorb heat. Researcher has found that dark color attracts these flies a lot

Especially the color blue. So wear light colored clothes say white or light pink etc.

2.People Suffering from Overweight or Obese People:

Researchers are still working on it that why obese people are bitten by these flies often. Yes, it is true if you are overweight or suffering from obesity these flies are having an interest in you.


People or hosts leaving at tropical and humid areas are at risk. These flies love hot areas and the area where they find a lot of humidity or water.

Water is essential for them to reproduce. As by the researchers, these flies are attracted to the hot or tropical region.

4.People Having Blood Group ‘O’:

If your blood group is ‘O’ you may be bitten more often than the other blood group people. Second most bitten blood group is ‘A’ then ‘B’.

5.Properties of Skin and Sweat:

If you sweat or perspire more, then these flies may bite you more. Sweat will lead to odor, and it will attract these flies.

6.Movement of Body :

If you are very mobile in nature means you move your legs or arms a lot then you can easily identify by the mosquitoes, and they will land on your skin so often than the usual when you sit still.

7.Body Heat:

As I told you earlier, that temperature attracts these flies so if your body temperature is more or you get easily heat up so they may like to bite you. This is the reason why pregnant ladies are bitten by these so easily.

8.People Having Immune Disorder:

If you have the immune disorder, then you may get bitten easily. And if you get bitten then you may get a serious infection.

Methods to Prevent Mosquitoes:

As per saying “prevention is better than cure” I will suggest you some methods to prevent our homes from mosquitoes. Those methods are:

Mosquitoes are produced in still water so it will be better for you take a look around your place and find out the places or things where water is left still. You can see:

  • rain gutters
  • tires
  • cooler
  • flower pots and rain dishes
  • tarps
  • garbage/ recycling cans
  • buckets, soda cans, bird bath container
  • Watering trough

2.Over Irrigation:

If you are interested in planting or farming, you must not over-irrigate your field as it will allow mosquito to reproduce there. If you over-irrigate your garden or field water may leave somewhere still in some depression. In that depression mosquito may reproduce.

3.Wash Your Home Regularly and Keep it Dry:

We all should keep our houses clean and dry as by doing so one can reduce the risk of reproducing mosquito and diseases spread by them. And your house will look neat and clean too.

In summer, these flies are highly active as they get plenty of heat. So in summer season be careful and avoid standing water. Mosquito is more prone to reproduce at hot climate.

4.Keep a Record of Cleaning your Drainage, Tanks, etc:

It will help you to maintain the cleaning records. By keeping records, one may get clean these tanks, drainage, etc. at some interval.

5.Personal Protection:

  • Wear long sleeves top and full length of bottom
  • Avoid going to places where humidity is high, or density is high
  • Don’t go outside when these flies are at high for example at dark
  • Talk in your society and make sure the drainage of society gets clean in a month or two.
  • You can also use some outdoor spray to avoid mosquito

6.Use Repellents:

These repellents you can apply when you are going places where density is high or places where mosquitoes are there.


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