How To Treat An Ingrown Eyelash?

How To Treat An Ingrown Eyelash
How To Treat An Ingrown Eyelash

Eyelashes are something that makes your eye look beautiful. Generally, no problems are faced by anyone related to eye lashes except some exceptional circumstances when your eye lashes start growing thicker. Sometimes eyelashes start growing inwards instead of moving outwards.

These eyelashes are known as ingrown eye lashes. These eye lashes can cause infection in your eyes and can cause blindness as its worst case.

Medically, ingrown eye lashes are known as trichiasis. However, this situation appears rarely but if it has occurred to you then you need to treat it with proper care and intelligence.

The upcoming article contains all the information about what are they actually. How should they be treated?

What Are Ingrown Eye Lashes?

Ingrown eye lashes are the situation when eye lashes which usually grow outside start growing inside and start causing irritation and when you rub them then the problem increases which is needed to be treated as early as possible.

Symptoms Of Ingrown Eye Lash

If you have any ingrown eyelash then it will cause your irritation in your eyes and you will feel tickling sensation constantly. You can also face watery discharge from the eyes, redness of the eyes, blurred vision, itching sensation, dryness and you may feel like sand or some other dust particle has entered in your eyes.

What Are The Causes Of Ingrown Eyelash?

There can be various causes for the ingrown eye lash. It can be due to any infection or inflammation in the eyes or due to some injury related to eyes. Contaminated eyeliners or other cosmetic products applied on eyes can cause the ingrown eyelash.

How To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Eye Lash?

How To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Eye Lash
How To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Eye Lash

Ingrown eye lash is a problem related to eyes and eyes are a very sensitive part of our body. So, you need to take care of it properly and treat it with proper care. So, you can follow these steps to treat ingrown eye lash.

1.Warm compress

Warm compress is very helpful for providing proper relief to your ingrown eye lash. You just need to damp your towel in the warm water and apply this dampen towel on the hurting eye. This will provide you relief. You can repeat this again and again for getting relief from itching.

Note: do not use very hot water and do not press much. Use the towel lightly on your eyes.

2.Visit a doctor

You need to visit a doctor to get rid of the ingrown eye lash. Do not try to remove the ingrown eye lash on your own as it can hurt you and can also lead to the serious problem. Doctor will remove the ingrown eye lash using forceps which is totally safe for your eyes.

It is highly recommended to not try it at home. Even if you will remove it once on your own then it can grow again and again and can also cause some serious problem. This process of removing eye lash is called epilation.

However, this is not a permanent solution as once you will pluck out the ingrown eye lash then again it will be grown. So, you need to go for a permanent treatment for the ingrown eye lash.

If you are facing the problem of ingrown eye lash again and again then inform it to your doctor. He will observe your condition and will work according to your need whether you need a surgery to remove a group of eyelashes or some other thing.


Doctors can make your eyelashes undergo through the process of electrolysis. It involves the passage of electric current through the eye lashes which kill the cells responsible for the growth of eye lashes, so there will be no further growth in your eye lashes. This process of treatment is known as Radiosurgery.

What Is Radiosurgery?

Radiosurgery is the treatment that is basically used during the situation of ingrown eye lashes when no. of ingrown eye lashes. In this surgery, radio waves are used to pass the current through the eye lash to permanently destroy it. However, it is preferred to remove the area of the lid if only a small area of a lid is affected.

How Is Radiosurgery Treatment Given?

The following procedure is followed for the surgery of the ingrown eye lashes.

  • You will be taken to a minor operation room and you will be asked to lie down on a coach.
  • Anaesthetic drops are poured into the eyes to make them numb.
  • Then your lid will be cleaned with an iodine-containing an antiseptic solution.
  • Doctor will use a microscope to observe the ingrown eye lash.
  • Then an injection will be given to the ingrown eye lash so that when it will be treated then it will not hurt you.
  • Then radio waves will be passes to destroy the ingrown eye lash through a fine wire that will be passed through the area of the eye.
  • Your lash will be removed.
  • The fine wire will also be removed.
  • Your eye will be padded.
  • You will be asked to take rest in the rest room for half an hour.
  • After that, you can leave for your home.
  • But until you get normal you must not use lenses in your eyes.

How Well Does This Surgery Work?

Surgery is usually successful but you can need to go for surgery several times as sometimes ingrown eye lashes just near the eye lashes are not visible and they could not be treated and sometimes the eyelashes that come at the operated place comes out to be ingrown then also they are needed to be treated.

What Are The Side-Effects Of The Radiosurgery?

You can face soreness, swelling and bruising in the eyes. And when you are treated and eye lashes are removed then you can feel like an empty place at your lid. This also is usually not liked. So, these are some of the side-effects that you need to face if you for the radio-surgery for ingrown eyelashes.


If ingrown eye lash is creating problem again and again that it after removing it, eye lashes are growing again and again then some portion of the lid is treated. In that case, the portion of a lid on which ingrown eye lash is growing, that portion is totally removed. This surgery is known as cryosurgery or cryotherapy.

In that case, the portion of a lid on which ingrown eye lash is growing, that portion is totally removed. This surgery is known as cryosurgery or cryotherapy.

What Is Cryotherapy?

This is the surgery used to permanent dead the follicle of the ingrown eye lash. In this type of surgery follicle of the ingrown eye, lash is completely destroyed. So, the situation of growing of this ingrown eye lash does not come again.

How Cryotherapy Treatment Is Given?

  • In this also you will be taken to a mini operation room and will be asked to lie down on the bed.
  • Then anaesthetic drops will be poured into the eyes.
  • Injection of anaesthesia will be given to the lid of an ingrown eye lash.
  • Then a freezing probe will be used to freeze the area of the lid of the ingrown eye lash.
  • Actually, this freezing probe contains liquid nitrogen which will freeze the follicle and completely destroy it so that, no eye lash will be grown further on this portion of an eye.

How Well This Treatment Works?

This treatment has the highest cure rate. Neither of the surgery previously discussed can work as much permanently as this surgery can.

What Are The Side-Effects Of This Surgery?

Usually, after surgery, you can observe scab formation and some blistering in the eyes. Your eyes can also swell for some time and you can also feel some pain in that portion of an eye. There can also be notching and skin pigmentation. These are some of the side effects of this surgery.

5.Argon Laser Treatment

Argon laser treatment is the most used treatment for ingrown eye lash now-a-days. The success rate of this rate is also very high and this treatment has a lot of advantages compared to the other types of treatment.

What Is Argon Laser Treatment?

Argon laser treatment of ingrown eye lash is the one in which instead of radio waves which were used in radio surgery Argon waves of blue to green wavelength are used that is the wavelength of 50 to 100 microns, exposure time of this is 0.05 to0.1 seconds.

How Well This Treatment Works?

The success rate of this surgery is high and with this, there are a lot of advantages of this surgery which makes it most used surgery treatment for ingrown eyelash now-a-days. Those advantages are:

  • No requirement of anaesthesia
  • No much complications
  • Precise application and selectivity

What Are The Side-Effects Of This Surgery?

However this surgery is the most used surgery at the present time but this surgery has the side-effect that for an eye it can treat at max six eyelashes. Eyelashes more than this cannot be treated by this type of surgery.


Ingrown eye lash is a common problem nowadays and there are a lot of treatments available for this. It depends on you for which you want to go but do not go for the temporary ones as this is the problem which needs a permanent solution unless it will keep on disturbing you.

So, for treating your ingrown eye lash you must adopt a permanent solution. If you have less than or equal to 6 ingrown eye lash then you should go for Argon laser surgery as this is the most used, least complicated surgery.

If you have more than six ingrown eye lashes then you should better go for cryotherapy. Choose the treatment smartly after proper studying. Do not take a decision in the hurry. After all, these are your eyes.


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