How Long Does Vyvanse Stay in Your System?

In the recent years, the development of science has made the doctors to use certain types of stimulants to cure various disorders in our body. One among the type of stimulant is Vyvanse.

In this post, you can get a clear view on Vyvanse and its effects when you intake it and how long it would stay in your system.

What is Vyvanse?

Lisdexamfetamine is actually a type of stimulant which is commonly referred as Vyvanse.  Vyvanse contains the compound lisdexamfetamine in it. This compound will act inactive until it is metabolized and thus known as the prodrug.

This medication is used as a psychostimulant in treating ADHD- Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder and BED- Binge Eating Disorder. In a case of ADHD, it is prescribed for children above 6 years old and to adults. In a case of BED, it is prescribed if you are above 18 years old according to the type such as moderate to severe.

Since it is used to treat Binge Eating Disorder many consider that it is a medicine for obesity and weight loss. But it is actually wrong and BED is entirely different from obesity and weight loss.  It is also taken when you have a serious depression but only under the doctor’s prescription.

How does it work?

Vyvanse is available in the form of capsules ranging from 10mg to 70mg. Lisdexamfetamine is composed of two components in it namely Lysine and dextroamphetamine.

This is an inactive compound and it needs to be activated to work in your system when you intake it. Intake of Vyvanse will eventually increase the concentration of dopamine and epinephrine in your body.

The dopamine and epinephrine are neurotransmitters released by the brain. So, the increase in the concentration these transmitters will increase the neuro physiological arousal. Thus the ADHD is treated in your system.

When you intake Vyvanse, it increases your concentration towards your work and also gives you a relief when you have a depression. When you stop taking the dosage, you might wonder that do Vyvanse exist in your system even after stopping it.

Does Vyvanse exist even after stopping it?

Yes, Vyvanse will exist in your system even then you stop consuming it.  To estimate how long it stays in your system you have to know about its elimination and half-time. Once you stop consuming it, you will face certain effects of Vyvanse.

The Vyvanse will get eliminated from your body only through excretion. The consumed Vyvanse will not get eliminated completely from your body. Only a part of the consumed Vyvanse will get eliminated from your body. It is difficult to detect the lisdexamfetamine in your body within eight hours after the ingestion.

This states that only 50% of your ingested Vyvanse will get eliminated and this will take a minimum of one hour and some time even 47 minutes. The chief component of the Vyvanse is known as Lisdexamfetamine. This will take a minimum of three and a half to a maximum of five and half hours to get eliminated. This is actually a shorter duration in the excretion process of Vyvanse from your body.

You might think that once the lisdexamfetamine gets eliminated from your body you are free from its effects. But that’s actually wrong. The lisdexamfetamine will have metabolites in it. The metabolites will not get eliminated along with it. It will remain in your system only.

The metabolites are nothing but the compounds formed during the metabolization process. The first process of metabolism happens in your blood stream. The enzymes present in your red blood cells will help in carrying out the metabolism process in your body.

The enzymes present in the red blood cells will metabolize lisdexamfetamine and produce dextroamphetamine and lysine. These two compounds are termed as metabolites.

This will take a longer duration to get eliminated when compared to lisdexamfetamine. The enzymes which are involved in this process are CYP2D6, butyrate-CoA ligase, β-hydroxylase, flavin – containing monooxygenase 3.

The metabolites will take 9-11 hours to get eliminated. This means that it will take 2.30 to 3.30 days to get eliminated after the ingestion of Vyvanse. This states that the Vyvanse will get eliminated within 3 days of the consumption.

There are certain secondary metabolites such as benzoic acid, hippuric acid, norepinephrine, and phenylacetone. So, within 3 days almost 96% of the Vyvanse and its metabolites will get eliminated through urine and nearly 0.3% through feces. So, you will get almost free from the Vyvanse and its effects in three days of ingestion process.


There are many factors which will influence the Vyvanse to stay in your system for a small period of time even after you stop consuming it. Those factors are listed below.


Suppose consider two people are consuming the Vyvanse dosage on the same day and ends it on the same day. But the effects that they will face due to the Vyvanse consumption will be entirely different.

Both the people’s individual factors play a major role in this. Individual factors include the following factors

  • Age
  • BMI
  • Food Consumption
  • Hydration
  • Kidney function
  • Metabolic Rate
  • Gastrointestinal or urinary pH


Age is one among the individual factors in making Vyvanse stay in your system. Many types of research prove that the elderly people such as the people who are above 65 years old will take a longer time for the elimination of Vyvanse from their system when compared to the small aged people.

This reason is that the elderly people will have a poor renal function when compared to the small aged people and the adults. The excretion of the drugs from the aged people’s system will be very slow.

In a case of small aged people, it will get easily excreted from their system. They will have very lesser chances for the effects of Vyvanse. In adults, it will be a normal condition. They will face certain effects due to the consumption of Vyvanse. It will be severe only in old aged people.

Thus, age can also be a major factor in estimating how long the consumed Vyvanse would stay in your system. It is better to take the dosage of Vyvanse according to your age under doctor’s prescription.


The term BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a mathematical calculation. This can be calculated by dividing your weight by the square of your height in meters.

BMI is an essential component in determining how healthy you are. It is also used to check whether all the levels in your body are appropriate or not.

You can determine your health condition according to this value. Thus BMI plays a major role in the elimination process of Vyvanse from your system.

It is proved that the more drug you consume, it will take more time to get excreted. The lesser drug you consume, it will take only a less time to get excreted.

The amount of fat present in your body can have an effect at the time when the drug is getting cleared from your body.

So, as per to the Body Mass Index value if you are a large individual it is better to consume less dosage of Vyvanse. Less dosage refers to consuming less than 30 mg of Vyvanse.

Thus consumption of less Vyvanse can relatively decrease and prevent you from the adverse effects of Vyvanse which you will face during the elimination process.

So, know your Body Mass Index value before you start consuming the Vyvanse and take the dosage as per the obtained value.


Vyvanse can be consumed either on an empty stomach or along with the food. But, some people suggest that when you consume Vyvanse along with the food it will decrease the absorption. Due to the decreased absorption, the time taken for the drug to get cleared will be decreased.

The consumption of Vyvanse along with food will not have a major effect in the elimination process. But still, this is also one among the factors to be considered when you follow the Vyvanse dosage.


Being hydrated is having more water content in your body. Vyvanse will get eliminated from your body in the form of urine. So, when you consume more water, you will have a good excretion rate than the normal one.

Your urinary flow can determine at what speed the drug is getting eliminated from your body. When you have a high urinary flow, then the drugs will get eliminated from your system very quickly.

It is good and also a must to consume more water and make you more hydrated during the intake of Vyvanse. Less consumption of water will make your body dehydrated and will affect the excretion process at a greater level.


The kidney is an important factor in the process of elimination of Vyvanse from your body. When you have a renal impairment, it is advised that you should consume Vyvanse only in the small amount because you will have a poor renal function when compared to the normal people.

The accumulation of the metabolites will affect your kidney and will take a longer time to get excreted. You will face adverse effects due to this accumulation of the metabolites. Once it gets accumulated the half-life of the drug will be increased.

The half-life is the most important factor to be considered during the elimination of Vyvanse from your system. When it gets increased then it will be a great burden for your system to excrete it out. The lesser amount you consume, the lesser burden you will have during the elimination process.


Metabolism can be defined as all the chemical reactions like a breakdown of molecules, digestion etc., that happens in your body. This can determine whether a person is healthy or not. When you have a high metabolic rate then you will be of proper weight. There will be no accumulation of fat in your body.

When you consume Vyvanse, it is said that the drug can increase your metabolic rate. Your Basal Metabolic Rate- BMR plays an important role in this. Basal Metabolic Rate is the defined as the amount of energy which is spent when you are at rest at a normal temperature.

If you have high BMR value, then you can excrete the drug very easily and more quickly than the normal people. If you have a lesser BMR then you will face many complications during the excretion process. It is good to know your Basal Metabolic Rate before you start consuming the dosage.


Your pH value in the gastrointestinal tract or urinary tract can determine the elimination of the Vyvanse from your system. It will affect the absorption of Vyvanse present in your system.

When the pH of your gastrointestinal tract remains acidic, then the metabolites of Vyvanse will stay in liquid format and thus it will result in decreased absorption.

When the pH of your gastrointestinal tract remains basic, then the metabolites will remain in your body and thus it will result in increased absorption by the membranes of your system.

In addition to this, the pH value of your urinary tract can also determine the elimination of Vyvanse from your system. When you have a lower pH it means that your urinary tract will be acidic in nature. So, it will take a lesser time for the excretion of Vyvanse from your system.

When you have a higher pH than your urinary tract will be basic in nature. So, it will take a longer time to get excreted from your system. When it is highly acidic than the half-life of the metabolites will be reduced to less than 8 hours. But as in the case of basic, it will get increased to 13 hours.


The Vyvanse drug is available in the form of capsules. The available capsule ranges from 10 mg to 70 mg. When you intake a higher dosage, then there are higher chances for you to get into burden during the elimination of the Vyvanse from your system.

When you intake a higher dosage, it means that you are consuming more of chemical compounds which should be absorbed, metabolized and excreted through urine from your system. So, there are many chances for the reabsorption to occur. This will eventually increase the half-life of the drug.

When you intake the large amount of Vyvanse then there will be larger circulation of the metabolites such as dextroamphetamine in your system. Your kidneys can excrete only certain amount of drug in a specified period of time. So, the remaining drug gets accumulated and thus becomes a burden for excretion.

When you consume lower dosage of Vyvanse, then the absorption, metabolism, and excretion will happen at a higher rate. The half-life will be reduced and the elimination of Vyvanse from your system will occur at a faster rate.


The frequency of dosage you consume also plays a major role in determining how long the Vyvanse would stay in your system. Some people may take it only once a day and in small dosage. In such cases, you will be not affected much by the Vyvanse. It will get excreted from your body very soon.

In certain cases, you might consume this twice per day. In such situations then the frequency of the drug in your system becomes higher. Then the elimination process becomes tougher and it takes more time than the usual time.

This will lead to the accumulation of the drug in the kidney. Once it happens then the half-life period gets increased and reabsorption will occur. This makes the drug to get excreted at a very slow rate.



The presence of dextroamphetamine can be easily identified in urine. So, Urine test can be taken to identify the presence of Vyvanse in your body. A sample of your urine will be taken and is subjected to urinalysis to test the presence of metabolites in it.

The test results may be positive or negative based upon the acidity level or the pH value of your urine. This is the most common and easy test to identify its presence.

This test can be done after 3 days of consumption of the drug. If the result is positive then you have more metabolites accumulated in your body. If your result is negative then you are on the safer side.


Saliva tests are not frequently done for this identification like the urine test. This is because the metabolites will be present in the saliva only for 48 hours. After that, you can’t find the dextroamphetamine compounds present in your system.

HPLC- High-Performance Liquid Chromatography technique is employed in this. This technique helps in easy identification of the presence of metabolites. Using this you can find the presence of metabolites in your body within 16 minutes.


This test can precisely predict whether the presence of metabolites is there or not. But it is an uncommon test. In this test hair follicles are taken from your head and are subjected to analysis using Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry.

Many types of research prove that when you have low melanin pigment in your body, then there are greater chances for the effects of Vyvanse in your system.

This test does not provide us immediate results and it takes some time. You can get appropriate results only after one week after the consumption of Vyvanse.


This is not a commonly preferred test to identify the presence of Vyvanse in your body. This is because the lisdexamfetamine can be detected only within 8 hours after the intake using the blood test. The compound dextroamphetamine can be detected only within 24 hours of consumption.

After the specified period of time, it goes undetectable. Thus the other tests are preferred for detecting the presence of Vyvanse in your system.


Once you find the presence of Vyvanse in your system, then you have to follow certain steps in order to clear it from your system. Note that it is a must to consult a doctor before you start implementing the steps to eliminate it from your system. Some of the steps are as follows.


The best way to get rid of the effects of Vyvanse is to stop consuming it. The more you consume Vyvanse the more effects you will face. So, it is better to avoid consuming this.

Do consult a doctor before you stop taking it. Once you stop it, you will get relief from the effects of Vyvanse as soon as possible. Don does not stop it without getting advice from the doctors because it might lead to some other complications.


It is already said that acidifying your urinary pH can automatically reduce the half-life of the metabolites. So, the Vyvanse metabolites can be eliminated in less than 3 days when you acidify your urinary pH.

So, making your urine to maintain a proper pH can give you a great relief from the effects of Vyvanse during the elimination process.


The Vyvanse and the metabolites will be eliminated only through urine during the excretion. So, when you increase the urinary flow, the discharge of the metabolites will be slightly higher than the usual one. Thus the Vyvanse and the metabolites will get eliminated in a quicker time.

In order to increase your urinary flow, you have to consume more water and other liquid items.

So, when you consume a large amount of water the half-life of Vyvanse can be reduced. This will eventually make your system free from the effects of Vyvanse.

So, these are the very important things to be noted for estimating the presence of Vyvanse in your system.

Once you stop consuming Vyvanse you will have some effects according to the dosage you intake and your health condition. You will be totally free within 7 days of consumption of Vyvanse.