Water is the main source of life on earth. All living organisms need water to survive. Human body continuously needs water to perform all the activities and functions.

It consists of 50-70% of water. Therefore you can judge how necessary water is for your body. Water can insert in your body only by drinking and there are some guidelines also how to drink water.Frequetly one question been asked is it wrong to drink water while standing.Find out its answer below.

Effects Of Drinking Water While Standing

Water has some nutrients which is distributed in our body by several organs before entering to the stomach. There are some filters too which filters the impurities of water before it does mix in blood or enter to the bladder. All these filters get

All these filters get a contract when you are in a standing position and open properly in a sitting position. Therefore when you intake water in a standing position it goes directly to the stomach in a force. As a result,it causes some terrible diseases:


Colic Pain Due Drinking Water In Standing Position
Colic Pain Due Drinking Water In Standing Position

When water directly enters the stomach in a force,it do mix with the acids present in the stomach without filtration and hit against the cardiac sphincter which gives you an acedic sensation. Due to the ingestion of water, stomach muscles get spasmed too. As a result it causes COLLIC pain in the cavities of the stomach and stomach pain too.




A person in standing position sometimes became unable to maintain a steady and safe position to drink water slowly.As a result it disturbs the balance of other body fluids and cause deficiency of required fluid in your joints known as Arthritis.This may be a cause if incurable joint pain if you will continue this wrong position of water intake.



In a standing position, the sympathetic system of your body get activated. For what the system constantly works to retain all the muscles and to maintain the body balance. So when you take water in this position it creates tension in the nerves of your body. As a result you will feel nervous without any cause.Your anxiety level will be increased.



When you intake water in a standing position, water pass through kidneys without proper filtration. The impurities present in water get gather in bladder and get mix with blood which cause the damage of kidneys. If it continues, kidneys became failure to filter waste products from blood and get damaged. If unrecognized or untreated, the kidney failure may develop into life-threatening circumstances.



When you intake water in a standing position, it directly hits the lower part of the esophagus strongly and leads to a dilation and relaxation of the sphincter that connects the esophagus and stomach. This finally leads to a medical condition known as “GERD”: GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease. It is a digestive disorder which may lead to serious medical treatment.


Your stomach has a volume of water intake upto one and half litre . So In a standing position, it is not easy and comfortable to take more or adequate water which your body needs as it doesn’t set in liver to distribute to several parts and to the cavities of the stomach. Therefore you will feel thirsty quickly and the quench if thirst will not fulfil too.


In Ayurveda it was found before 25000 B.C about the demerits of drinking water in a standing position. Our parents do advice too to drink water by sitting. Now science has proved that too. So just following a simple way we can avoid so many diseases.Drink as much as water you want but don’t gulp it down in a large volume, take it sip by sip .


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  • Leeza Dash

    An article worth to read and follow. I always use to drink water or any other beverage in a standing position as per my profession. Thanks by heart to the creator to force me unknowingly to follow the points given by her/him.

  • fujoshipeanut

    What kind of ‘medical expert’ doesn’t know what peristalsis is?
    Read a biology textbook please. Thank you.