What Happens To Your Body When You Hold Your Poop For A Long Time?

What Happens To Your Body When You Hold Your Poop For A Long Time
What Happens To Your Body When You Hold Your Poop For A Long Time

Poop is the childish name of stool and human feces. It is a solid or semi-solid metabolic waste of human body including bacteria. The color, texture, and size of this excreta vary person to person. Basically, it is brown in color due to the bile from your gall bladder being metabolized by bacteria.


Pooping is something which you often don’t think about much. It is an urge of your body which you should never ignore. As the nature of our earth has it’s own rules and own movements, pooping has also such.

That’s why it is known as Nature’s Call. It is an uncontrollable internal force of your body which must not be ignored. Pooping is completely depends upon the digestive system of your body and shows how healthy your body is.

Why Poop?

In your home, you do many types of works everyday such as cleaning,cooking,washing your dishes and clothes etc.

After each work there must be some wastes or garbage remain to which you need to throw out or else your home will produce a bad smell, wastes will get rotten , fleas will rest there. As a result you and your children will be affected by various diseases.

As such , you do eat varieties of foods every day which gets collected in your stomach. Your digestive system does digest foods but it remains some waste also in your intestine.

It is the work of the digestive system to get them out of your body through anus as feces or poop. So it is very essential part of your body to poop everyday when your body urge to go.

Side Effects Of Holding Poop For Long

Side Effects Of Holding Poop For Long Time
Side Effects Of Holding Poop For Long Time

Through pooping, your body get cleaned every day.It is a very normal activity of your body to which you should never ignore.

Let’s discuss some side effects of holding poop.

1. “Konstantin Monastyrsky, author of ‘Gut Sense,’ says holding in your poo, even once, is dangerous, because it allows stools to build up. As they dry out, they block your system and can lead to an impacted bowel.

2- An impacted bowel can also lead to pain, vomiting and a trip to the hospital, according to Women’s Health magazine.

3- If you will hold for a long time , the feces return back to a colon, absorbed by water and became hard . If you will do it again and again, gradually it will become harder and sometimes deadly too.

4- Holding of poop can make your rectum stretch out. As a result, you will always feel to evacuate your bowel, even if there is no stool remain.

5- If you will hold it for a long time regularly, it can create disfunction in the muscles of rectum And anus to poop. You can suffer an impacted bowel too. As a result, when the mass of stool gets collected in the rectum, it will cause chronic constipation. In some cases, you may need a surgery too.

6- Sometimes due to the disfunction of bowel system, it may lead to bowel obstruction which is deadly too. It may cause straining of bowel and colon paralysis.
7- Sometimes the anal sphincter get injured due to excess stretching of the skin around the anus. As a result when the hard stool try to pass through anus, it tears and cracks the lines of anus and causes painful bleeding too. This causes the most painful disease of anus ” fissure “, which needs a surgery must.

8- When the poop get collected for a long time , they come into direct contact with other organs housed by the abdominal cavity and make them affected too . Sometimes it leads to colon cancer too.

9- Sometimes the collected waste became watery too and causes loose motion.

10- When you hold the poop for a long time, the colon becomes intended and the harmful bacteria can multiply in the intestine and the patient may die.

So from all above points, you must have a strong idea that your poop can reveal the signs of many diseases. It is the proof of your healthy lifestyle too. So pay attention to tour bathroom behavior such as how often you go to poop, how long it takes to come out, how it smells etc..So obey the urge if your body and stay healthy.


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