Children are truly treasures of kindness, generosity and sympathy. They are always down to earth, whatever the situation is.

The most important thing for parents is to teach their children the right values, impart the right knowledge and education at the right time.

What Are The Things That You Should Teach Your Child At An Early Age?

1. It is highly important to warn your Girl Child about sitting on anyone’s laps. Whatever the situation is, don’t let her sit on anybody’s laps.

2. Avoid getting dressed in front of your child once he\she is 2 years old. You must learn to excuse them or yourself.

3. Never allow any adult refer to your child as ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband’.

4. Whenever your child goes out to play with friends, just make sure that you have an idea about what kind of play they do. It’s important to make sure that they are not involved in any sexual abuse.

5. Never force your child to visit any adult with whom he\she is not comfortable with. Be observant if your child becomes too fond of a particular adult.

6. Carefully educate your child about the right values of sex. It is important for you to teach them because if you don’t, the people of our society will teach them the wrong values. Trust me you don’t  take care of it now, you will repent in the future.

7. It is always advisable for you to go through any new Material (like cartoons) you just bought for your child before he\she starts to see it.

8. Ensure that you activate parental controls on your cable networks and advise your friends to do so, especially to those whom your child visits more often.

9. Teach your child (3 year old) on how to wash their private parts properly and warn them for allowing anyone to touch those areas and that includes you too.

10. Blacklist some materials\associates you think could threaten the sanity of your child (this includes movies, music and even families or friends).

11. Let your child understand the value of standing out of the crowd.

12. Once your child complains about a particular person, go ahead and take up the case. Show them you can defend them.

Remember, we are either parents or parents-to-be. Hence, realize your stand and your responsibilities towards a child.

Build your image in front of your child as a role model and make them understand that you would always stand by their side wherever life takes them to.

All the Best and Good luck.


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