Why You Should Not Go To Bed With Wet Hair?


When it comes to hair care we are cautious but often we make mistakes that do more harm than good.

You may think that sleeping with wet hair can be relaxing. Pause! Going to bed with wet hair can prove harmful. There are various reasons why you should stop this practice immediately. Read on to know more.

Read on to know more.

Why You Should Avoid Going to Bed With Wet Hair?

Not only chances are high that you may catch cold but listed below are the reasons why you should never sleep with dripping wet hair.


1.Can cause infection

When you sleep with wet hair, your pillow becomes the ground for bacteria to grow because your pillow absorbs dead skin cells, oils from the scalp and sweat and this along with water will help the bacteria to develop instantly. As a result instead of a relaxing sleep you may develop a hair infection.

2.May trigger a headache

The most common reason to stop the practice of sleeping with wet hair is that it can start a headache. Why? After a bath or a hair wash our body temperature rises. And along this the moisture heats up as well, because of the head being wrapped in a towel. This can start instantly start a headache and may disrupt your sleep in the middle of the night.

3.Can cause hair damage

The hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. During this time it is prone to breakage and cracking. And while sleeping there are high chances that we may suffocate our hair in the towel or sleep on our hair which will eventually break them. Because of this you may experience hair loss. Also sleeping with wet hair can cause split ends.

4.Gives a bad look to your hair

When you sleep with wet hair, in the morning you will wake up to tangled and rough hair. This situation can become even worse if you don’t apply a gel or a mousse before sleeping.

It is said by experts that the above problems can occur commonly if you live in a place with a cold climate or sleep in a relatively cold environment. However, those living in warm places may not experience anything like this at all.

Tips To Go To Bed With Wet Hair If You Must

Making mistakes in the case of skin or hair routines can cause irreversible damage. It is better not to ignore what experts say and worthwhile spending a little extra time and effort.

Mainly following the above post-hair wash regime will protect your hair from excessive damage and may also improve your hair health.