Orange Pekoe Black Tea:Best Black Tea You Should Drink

Orange Pekoe Black TeaBest Black Tea You Should Drink
Orange Pekoe Black TeaBest Black Tea You Should Drink

Orange Pekoe Black Tea is a basic black tea. Here, I would like to tell you that this black tea has nothing to do with the orange. Neither its flavour, taste nor its colour resembles Orange.

It is a type of black tea which has remarkable benefits. It boosts the immune system. It regulates the blood pressure and aids to the proper circulation of blood. So, now lets read about the beneficial tea.

What Is Orange Pekoe Black Tea?

The Orange Pekoe Black Tea is a basic black tea that is of medium grade and is refreshing in taste. It consists of very big and whole tea leaves that are all of a particular and almost similar size.

It is termed as the “pekoe” because of the closed terminal leaf buds, or the tips of the buds are closed in the leaves.

It is known as the orange pekoe because of its origin as a black tea.
This type of black tea is generally made from the youngest of the leaves and the youngest buds. It is named so because of it’s high quality. It has a very strong, adamant flavour.

It also contains several nutrients that are truly very beneficial for the human body.

Origin Of Orange Pekoe Black Tea

It is mostly found in the regions of North America. In India, it is found in the Southern Parts as well as in Sri Lanka. Here, the soil conditions are found to be good for the tea leaves to grow.

It is a type of black tea, made from the dried leaf parts and the dried buds of the plant called the Camellia sinensis.

Along with the other varieties of black tea, this orange pekoe tea is consumed in a huge amount all over the world.

It is one of the largest grades of black tea. It is sub-divided into various sub-grades such as the flowery, the golden flowery like the tippy and fines tippy. These belong to the golden flowery family of the orange pekoe black tea.

These belong to the golden flowery family of the orange pekoe black tea.
It has a variety of advantages that are stated as under.

Method Used To Make Orange Pekoe

Method Used To Make Orange Pekoe

Method Used To Make Orange Pekoe

Like the other tea leaves, the orange pekoe black tea also passes through many pre-processing steps that are needed to purify the tea leaves before consumption.

Then, these tea leaves are sold in the markets.

After the pre-processing step is completed, the tea leaves are rolled, then are heated, and finally they are fermented before being packed.

These tea leaves are fermented to separate the black tea leaves from the white and the green tea leaves.

Benefits Of Orange Pekoe Black Tea

The different methods of orange pekoe black tea are as follows:

1. For Prevention Of Various Diseases And Making The Immune System Stronger

There are many healthy benefits of orange pekoe. We would read about them here.

a) Blood Circulation

The black tea helps in the proper circulation of blood and proper venous circulation in the veins and arteries of our circulatory system, thus helping in the smooth functioning of the body.

It helps in maintaining the blood lipid levels and helps us to control the sugar levels and blood pressure inside our bodies.

b) Dental Problems

It has very less fluoride content. Thus, it causes no harm to the body and also prevents the teeth from cavities or any other dental problems.

It also aids in preventing Tooth Degradation and helps in preventing the formation of plaque in the mouth of human beings.It even helps in removing foul odours from the mouth and gives us a refreshing feeling.

c) Manages Weight

It even helps us in reducing weight by enhancing the metabolic rate of our body.

d) Healthy Body

It also helps in protecting the cellular DNA from damage in our body. So it prevents the replication of the mutations in our body and ensures that the new cells that are generated are healthy and in a stable state.

It helps in discharging extra body fluids. It is in the form of sweat that mainly removes all the waste materials from our body.

It also increases energy inside an individual’s body. It makes the person even more passionate towards his/her work.

It is used to relieve stress and tension. In a way, it provides us with a lot of motivation and encouragement.

It makes a person physically, mentally and psychologically stable and healthy and maintains the well-being of the individual.

It is used as a medication for the gastric or intestinal problems of the body and prevents blood loss in such cases.It also helps in curing several stomach disorders like constipation and also improves the flow of excreta or urine out from the body.

It even helps in regulating the pulse rate, heartbeats by making it fast or slow as required according to a person’s condition.

It can also be used in curing throbbing sensations in the body.

It also reduces the cravings for alcohol and helps in reducing its consumption that can cause liver or gastric problems.

Orange Pekoe Black Tea helps in treating the throat infection. It can contribute to treat the symptoms like a sore throat, severe coughs, irritation of any type in the throat or even pain while swallowing food.It makes the body resistant towards influenza and diseases like bronchitis.

It contains enzymes that prevent the throat from choking and even reduces the lumps.
By this, it ensures to reduce the chances of tonsils in the throat that give a lot of pain.

It helps in preventing Headache.
Orange Pekoe removes the pressure that develops in the head sometimes. It treats a mild headache. It relaxes the ache caused due to contact with direct sunlight.

Another benefit of drinking the orange pekoe black tea is that it is also used in the treatment of Black fever or the fever that occurs during the time of malaria.

It also reduces the chances or makes the circumstances healthy and helps in preventing the chances of occurrence of diabetes.

2. Enhancing The Beauty And Looks

Orange Pekoe black tea also prevents the ageing that starts occurring at a very premature age in some people, and they become dull.

It helps the curbing the fine lines. Thus, it helps in giving a young look.

3. Anti-Oxidant Uses

As compared with the green tea, the orange pekoe black tea has more anti-oxidant properties.

It has anti-oxidant properties or capacity because of the compound present is known aEs rutin, that neutralizes the effects of the free radicals. Thus, prevents the tissues of our body from getting damaged.

Thus, prevents the tissues of our body from getting damaged.

The anti-oxidant nature of this black tea is due to the compounds present in it that are known as the flavonoids. These flavonoids are the pigments that protect the body from diseases like breast cancer or heart attacks.

Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it helps in controlling all the cellular activities of the body.

4. Benefits In The Cardio-Vascular System

Orange Pekoe Back tea helps in curing the abnormalities in the inner lining of the blood vessels.It helps in curing the dysfunctioning of the endothelium. Thus, play a major role in curing various diseases of the arteries.

It has been proved that the people who consume this black tea once or twice daily have lesser chances of suffering from heart attacks.

It even contains the compounds such as the poly phenols, that help in reducing the deaths that occur every year due to several cardio-vascular diseases.

These poly phenols mainly contain a compound called TF-2, which helps in preventing or decreasing the growth of the cancer cells in our body.

It keeps the body in a healthy state by maintaining the cholesterol levels and the blood sugar levels by neither letting it go too high nor too low.

It acts as an anti-coagulant and helps in the thinning of blood which helps in enhancing the flow of blood in the body.

It mainly purifies the blood of our circulatory system by removing the toxins from the human body.

5. Helps In Blocking The Inflammation

Inflammation can harm the immune system of our body. It puts the human body on alert.
Thus, the consumption of the orange pekoe black tea can stop or reduce the COX-2 signaling process. Thereby, in a way it helps in preventing several degenerative diseases as it cools down the whole body when consumed.

Thereby, in a way it helps in preventing several degenerative diseases as it cools down the whole body when consumed.

In this way, it also maintains a balance between the mind and the body and keeps them stable.

The compound TF-2 can also be used to fight inflammation. It also aids in the treatment of cancer by reducing the growth of cancer cells in our body.

6. Enhances The Effects Of The Antibiotics

In order to cure various intestinal infections and kill all the pathogens that cause these intestinal infections, the orange pekoe black tea can be effectively used.

It can be used along with the antibiotics as it can serve as a complement to them. It enhances their activity.

It also helps in combating the effects of the microbes and helps in the prevention of various microbial infections.

Many combinations of the tea leaves and the antibiotics have been tested on various pathogens or disease-causing germs like the E.Coli etc

7. Regulates The Mind And The Body During Mood Swings

Black Tea helps in removing anxiety or any sort of suffocation, inside a room or outside in the contact of direct sunlight.

It helps in overcoming the loss of concentration power and makes the body resistant to restlessness.

8. Other Benefits

a) It is very effective in removing dryness from the body and prevents it from getting dehydrated.

b) It is even the homeopathic therapy that is effective in decreasing cough problems especially dry cough or severe cold and headaches that arise due to the cold.

c) It also helps in reducing anxiety and depression i.e. serves as an anti-depressant, especially amongst women during their menstrual cycles.

d) It plays a significant role in increasing concentration and makes the mind sharper by increasing the ability to think.

Easy Availability

Orange Pekoe Black Tea is very easily available at several departmental stores or other supermarkets.
It can be bought and consumed for health related benefits.

How To Prepare Orange Pekoe Black Tea For Best Results?

  • For best results and better health benefits, we can use tea bags that are available in the markets.
  • You need to first, dip the tea bag and then pour hot water.Milk or lemon can also be added according to taste.

In the case of tea leaves that are used while preparing. The leaves must be adequately boiled in hot water, and then milk or lemon or any other additive can be added according to your taste.

Side Effects Of Orange Pekoe Black Tea

Though it is available at several super marts, but it is very expensive.

  • Excessive consumption of the orange pekoe black tea can increase the content of fluorides in our body which can damage and make the bones of our body feeble.
  • Excessive fluoride content can even cause pain in the arms, legs and fingers and even the lower back portion of the human body. This disease can also be termed as fluorosis.
  • It can even lead to loss of weight and even excessive gain of weight.
  • It affects the brain, the nervous system as well as can infect the blood if taken in excessive amounts or if someone becomes addicted to it.


We can see that the orange pekoe black tea has a lot of many advantages like it helps in preventing several diseases and make the immune system stronger. It makes a person mentally, physically and psychologically stable.

It removes extra body fluids. Black Tea reduces the chances of heart attacks and other dental problems in our body. It helps in preventing headache and maintains a balance between the mind and body and helps them to be stable.

So, the orange pekoe black tea is very effective and must be consumed in limited amounts for best results. Otherwise, it can be harmful if consumed in excessive amounts.

So, drink Orange Pekoe Black Tea and Stay Fit, Stay healthy.

Dr. Anand Ashok Buchake is an expert in the field of Ayurveda and works as medical practitioner. His expertise in the field of Ayurveda is proven from the fact that he was the topper in the final MD examination in the subject Dravyaguna in the year 2002 at Pioneer international university of Ayurveda, also known as the Gujarat Ayurveda University.He is associated with many reputed organizations such as the American Heart Association ACLS and BSL Course in South Africa.