Now-a-days, lung cancer and the respiratory problems are increasing day by day and the reason behind this is improper care of your lungs or even no care of lungs.

You can’t see the daily problems so, you ignore to take care of lungs. But, actually a lot of harmful microbes are swallowed by you daily and you need to clean them from time to time to save yourself from various lung diseases.

Not only smokers but everyone needs to purify your lungs as the dust from the air and other foods can also lead to destroying your lungs. Lungs are an important part of your body.

So, risk regarding lungs should not be taken. The upcoming article contains the complete information about whether you are a smoker or not, how you should purify your lungs.

How To Purify Your Lungs In 72 Hours

How To Purify Your Lungs In 72 Hours
How To Purify Your Lungs In 72 Hours

There are various ways which can be helpful to you for purifying your lungs which are:

1.Quit Smoking

Nicotine and tobacco Smoke are very harmful to lungs. Smoking causes lung infections and lung cancer. And smoking creates a situation like a hell of your body. It completely destroys your lungs and leads you to a life full of diseases.

Smoking leads to deposition of obstructive and harmful tar in the lungs of various harmful chemicals. Chemicals like carbon monoxide in cigarette contribute the development of various diseases like emphysema and cancer. So, you need to stop smoking right now if you want to be healthy and protect your body from various harmful diseases.

2.Cut off dairy products

Dairy products like milk, curd and cheese and many others which are an essential part of our daily diet but dairy products contain a lot of toxins which are harmful to lungs. So, you need to cut off dairy products from your diet to purify the lungs.

If you will cut off dairy products for some time from your meal and take actions to purify your lungs, you will be relieved. After cleaning process you can surely include the dairy products in your diet.

3.Herbal Green Tea

Herbal Green Tea
Herbal Green Tea

Drink herbal green tea before bedtime. Herbal green tea release toxins, so helpful for purifying lungs. And you should take this herbal tea daily especially if you smoke or you are facing some problems related to lungs.  Herbal green tea really works wonders for your lungs.

4.Lemon juice

Lemon juice
Lemon juice

Take 1 or 2 glasses of lemon juice before breakfast. Pineapple or cranberry juice can also be taken. Lemon juice is really helpful in detoxifying your lungs and same is the condition with pineapple and cranberry juice. So, taking any of these juices will be helpful in removing toxins out of your body.

5.Carrot juice

Carrot juice is also very helpful for detoxifying your body. So, take 300-350 ml of carrot juice before breakfast and lunch for flushing out the toxins from your lungs.

6.Potassium rich foods

Potassium rich foods are also very helpful in cleaning the lungs. So, you can take potassium rich foods in lunch. Like orange, banana, chikoo, sweet potato or carrots etc. These fruits are really helpful in cleaning your lungs containing harmful chemicals.


You must be well known of this as you must have taken ‘’Ginger Tea’ whenever you face cold or a cough. This is because the ginger removes toxins from the lungs and unclogs the respiratory tract.You can eat it raw or you can take ginger tea.

You can also try ginger bath which helps in sweating toxins out of your body. Thereafter, take ginger in your daily routine for removing toxins from your lungs.


Antioxidants are really very helpful for cleaning your respiratory system and lungs. So, you should involve antioxidants in your diet daily. You can have 400 ml of cranberry or pineapple juice daily for fighting against the infection causing bacteria and antioxidants contain in these juices are very helpful for cleaning your respiratory system.


You can also try pudina as it is a fantastic decongestant. You can chew 4-5 leaves of pudina. These are very helpful. And it not even takes 5 minutes of your busy schedule to have pudina and it is easily available in every Indian home.


Yoga For Lung Cleanse
Yoga For Lung Cleanse

Yoga is also very helpful as various yoga asana related to breathing for almost half an hour can flush all the impurities out of your body. Yoga is the medicine for each and every thing. So, do yoga if you want to remain away from the diseases.

11.Hot shower

You can take a hot shower for about 20-25 minutes; it really helps in removing toxins out of your body.

12.Try oregano

Oregano is really helpful as it cleans the respiratory tract and leads to smooth nasal airflows. So, you can sprinkle oregano in your food items.

13.Healthy foods

There are various food items that are very healthy for your lungs and these food items help your lungs work properly. These food items include:

  • Water
  • Carrots
  • Nuts
  • Apples
  • Fatty fish
  • Cruciferous vegetables

You can have these food items as much as possible for detoxifying your lungs.


Exercises are also very helpful for purifying your lungs
Exercises are also very helpful for purifying your lungs

Exercises are also very helpful for purifying your lungs as when you exercise then with the help of sweat releasing from your body; you will give out toxins from your body. So, you must do exercises daily for at least 20 minutes in the form of running, swimming, dancing or other exercises.

15.Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is also very helpful for cleaning your toxins
Eucalyptus oil is also very helpful for cleaning your toxins

Eucalyptus oil is also very helpful for cleaning your toxins. You can take 4 to 5 drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of hot water. Now take the steam of this mixture by covering your head with the towel.Eucalyptus oil really works incredibly for removing the toxins out of your body.

16.Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing To Clean Lungs
Deep Breathing To Clean Lungs

Deep breathing is really very helpful for cleaning your lungs. Breathing exercises can strength your lungs as well. It will clean your airways. So, you should deep breathe daily for at least 20 minutes.

17.Lung cleansing foods

Pistachios, plantain leaf and cayenne peppers are the foods that are really wonderful for cleaning your lungs.Plantain leaf is very helpful in solving various respiratory problems like congestion. Pistachios are very helpful in reducing the chances of lung cancer.

Cayenne peppers are very helpful for reducing irritation that is usually caused during the time of cold and cough.So, you can use these foods for cleaning your lungs.

18.Castor oil

Castor oil is also very helpful for cleaning your lungs. It releases the toxins out of your body. Castor oil is usually known to be used as a health tonic, so it is working here. Castor oil is used just like a vapour rub on chest. Castor oil is helpful in breaking of congestion and toxins.

19.Lung cleansing herbs

Lung cleansing herbs are very useful for cleaning your respiratory tracts. Plants like orange peel, oregano, Osha root, chaparral, eucalyptus. All these herbs are natural remedies for cleansing your lungs.

Steps That Should Be Taken To Purify Your Lungs If You Are Not A Smoker:

Steps That Should Be Taken To Purify Your Lungs If You Are Not A Smoker
Steps That Should Be Taken To Purify Your Lungs If You Are Not A Smoker

(You need to take these steps for 72 hours for purifying your lungs.)

  • 1ST step

Dairy products really disturb your respiratory system and lungs. Dairy products contain a lot of toxins. So, first and the foremost thing that you need to do are to totally cut down the dairy products from your diet. You must not take milk, or curd, or cheese etc. in these 72 hours.

  • 2nd step

On the first day of purification, you need to take a cup of herbal tea before going to bed. This herbal tea will be helpful in removing all the toxins out of your body that causes constipation and all the toxins that are built up in your gastro intestinal tract. After taking an herbal tea, take a sleep of 7 to 8 hours.

  • 3rd step

In the morning, before taking breakfast, take 300ml of water with lime juice of 2 lemons in it.

  • 4th step

During breakfast, you can take 300ml of either of the pineapple juice or grapefruit juice. Both of these juices contain antioxidants that will be helpful in cleaning your respiratory system.

  • 5th step

Now, between breakfast and lunch take 300ml of carrot juice. This carrot juice will be helpful in alkalizing your blood.

  • 6th step

In lunch, take 400 ml of juice rich in potassium with your lunch. Juice rich in potassium is a very great cleansing tonic that will be helpful in cleaning your lungs.

You can have carrot juice or orange juice or other juices of fruits which are rich in potassium.

  • 7th step

Now, before going to bed, take 400 ml of cranberry juice which will be helpful in fighting against the bacteria that cause infection in your lungs.

  • 8th step

Repeat the complete process next two days and you will have your lungs completely cleaned.

  • 9th step

You also need to do exercise daily for the three hours. The sweating from this exercise will help in releasing out the toxins from the lungs.

  • 10th step

Take the hot shower as well for releasing the toxins out of your body.

  • 11th step

Avoid smoking, nicotine and alcohol. All these things make the condition worst. All these things are really very dangerous for your lungs. So, you must not take any of these toxic liquids.


There is a complete no for smoking if you really want to purify your lungs. Smoking is the most harmful thing for lungs and respiratory system. So, avoid smoking and have a healthy life.

Lung is an important part of your body. You can’t breathe without lungs and breathing is the reason for your life. So, you must know the importance of them and importance of saving them.

So, do not smoke and purify your lungs with time to have a healthy life.  So, if you are a smoker and want to purify your precious lungs then you need to follow the following process.

How Smokers Can Clean Their Lungs?

How Smokers Can Clean Their Lungs
How Smokers Can Clean Their Lungs

You need to follow the following procedure if you are used to smoking and you want to completely clean your lungs.

  • Obviously, first of all, you need to quit smoke. You need to stay away from any of the smokers so that you do not feel tempted to smoke. You also need to stay yourself from any unnecessary exposure to carbon monoxide and other second-hand sources of smoke.
  • Eat pineapples as much as possible. As bromelain, present in pineapples is really helpful in cleaning your lungs and if you were used to smoking then obviously your lungs contain a lot of harmful tar which is first needed to be cleaned. Pineapple works wonderfully for that. Pineapple also helps you to intake more oxygen and also helpful in making you take deeper breaths as it is very helpful in increasing the elasticity of the lungs.
  • Now you also need to work on your diet. As there are many foods that affect the process of cleaning lungs. You should totally cut off milk products from your diet and should increase the intake of foods that are helpful in increasing the cleaning process which are:







  • Physical exercise should be your next step as physical exercises are also very helpful in accelerating the process of cleaning your lungs. You need to start with some exercises and with time you can increase. of exercises and frequency of exercise. As you will do workout then you will find that mucus and phlegm that gets stored in your lungs due to smoking will start coming out of your lungs through the cough. You must do exercise daily.
  • Breathing exercises

There are a lot of breathing exercises that are very helpful in cleaning your respiratory tract and to let you get more and more oxygen inside. You must do deep breathing exercise for at least 20 days daily.


Lungs are a very important part of your body and are the most ignored one also. So, you should avoid alcohol, nicotine or smoking and after quitting all these, for cleaning lungs you need to follow the procedure described above to clean the lungs in 72 hours. If you do not smoke even then you need to clean it regularly. That’s why you must follow this schedule from time to time


Dr. Hitesh Sharma was instrumental in managing various capacties of Wellness/integrative medicine/Diagnostics & pathology for years together. After proving his skills and abilities in the Wellness domain, he then diversified into the Spa and Wellness domain working as an Ayurveda and Lifestyle Consultant.He is currently a Wellness Leader, Head of Body Sciences and manages the Wellness and Spa center at The BodyHoliday, LeSPORT @ Saint Lucia, North America

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