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The Yearly Scholarship 2018

We at are happy to announce the Magic Scholarship 2018 and are inviting you as a participant.  If you are a student of College, University or High School, this can be an excellent opportunity to offset your educational cost.

Something About Us

MavCure is one of the fastest growing initiatives to provide you the best of the knowledge for all your health problems and helps you find their efficient home remedies. Apart from these, we provide you the means to connect to the best of Ayurvedic doctors. Ayurveda is nothing but an altogether parallel world of medicines available for you at a more affordable cost and pain-free treatments using most of the natural products. We gather health information, do evidence-based research and then come up with some exclusive solution to cure you. Our answer to health problems is sure to get a better and healthy you.

This year we are announcing the start of the annual Magic Scholarship for penning your thoughts and the reward is worth $1000USD.

What’s The Benefit

It’s a known fact that it’s very hard to take care of all the tuition fees and all the different supporting activities and most part-time jobs also do not provide the required financial cushion.

We want you to focus more on your studies and leave the rest to us. While we will continuously be helping you with low cost and most natural ways to take care of yourself on our website, we also want you to explore the vast area of internet marketing and the sideways of money making.

Grab up your chance people and send us articles on the Skin Care Hacks that you take up at home to pamper yourself.  We will be rewarding the most natural and unique idea with the scholarship

About The Magic Scholarship

If you think and believe that you can create Magic and quick fix all your skin issues with the most common ingredients, you have already won this contest. And the only step left is to enroll yourself with us and pen down your Skin Care Hack and send it to us.


The Magic Scholarship 2018 is only applicable for students studying in high schools, colleges or universities. So any other entries will not be qualified.

Content Requirement and Program Guideline

We need you to send us an article on the following topic :

Natural Skin Care Hacks for everyday skin issues

The last date to send your entries is 11:59 PM 31st January 2018.

The winning article will be chosen and announced by 28th February 2018. The final list will be published on our website and an email will be sent to the winner as well.

How To Apply

  1. Create a well researched informative content on the topic given. Please be well aware of formatting, information flow and readability of the written content. The content must be in between 1000-1500 words.
  2. Reach out to us with the attached article on and don’t forget to mention “MavCure Magic Scholarship-2018”.
  3. With the email, attach your Student ID for us to believe that you are currently a student.Also, don’t forget to provide your details as below in the mail :
  • Personal details ( Name, Age, Address, Postal Code, Phone Number)
  • Institution Details (Name of school/college where you are currently enrolled as a student)
  • Valid Student Photo ID

Please note that we will only entertain one entry from one participant. In case otherwise, we will only consider the first post that you have sent.

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