Yoga Vs Gym Exercises: Which One Is Best For You?

Yoga Vs Gym Exercises Which One Is Best For You
Yoga Vs Gym Exercises Which One Is Best For You

Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of exercising which is originally based in India. It is said that it was practised by the saints and hermits for good health and to connect to our soul and achieve spirituality.

Yoga has many great health benefits to our body if performed regularly and righteously. Yoga is such an exercise that utilises every muscle of your body and helps you to achieve great fitness.

Yoga is more beneficial than other exercises. Let us see how:

Benefits Of Yoga Over Other Exercises

Benefits Of Yoga Over Other Exercises
Benefits Of Yoga Over Other Exercises

1. Better Flexibility

Yoga requires all the muscles of your body to stretch. A full course of yoga will utilise every nook and corner muscle and gives the type of flexibility you have never experienced before.

2. Increases Muscle Strength

As I said earlier, due to the working of various muscles altogether, your muscles and tendons and ligaments start to strengthen. Hence, it gives you a full muscle support along with flexibility which you might have gained at the gym.

3. Improves Posture

Flexibility and muscle strength comes with a free gift that is posture. Yes, if you might have envied the models for their grace even doing the simplest thing like walking, this is your time. You posture improves a lot and you can feel it immediately you look into the mirror.

4. Prevents Cartilage And Joint Degeneration

Yoga allows your joints to explore the ways they can move. Hence moving your joints also moves the synovial fluids surrounding it. This prevents the joints and cartilages from excessive damage.

5. Protection To Your Spine

Movement of the spine is pretty much restricted due to the minimal movements are done by us sitting in front of computers and books. Yoga does a lot movement on the spine and helps the discs to gain nutrients. Hence, your spine stays protected.

6. Improves Bone Health

There is no weight in the world better than your weight and I think yoga understands that. Hence, there are several asana which makes you carry your own weight. This helps to protect your bones and shoo away the bone problems. It increases bone density and weight as well.

7. Improves Blood Circulation

Blood circulation improves in yoga. The poses in yoga have been crafted out in such a way that none of your body misses out on the good circulation.

8. Acts As An Immunity Booster

The yoga asana is meant to drain the fluids present in lymph nodes which help in increasing the immunity. Cancer is fought by your body everyday and yoga aids in the fight.

9. Drops Your Blood Pressure

Hypertension Is Treated By Yoga.

10. Regulates Your Adrenal Glands

By performing yoga you can lower the cortisol levels in your body. Hence, the adrenal glands are regulated and by that it also boosts immunity. It also helps to combat depression.

11. Makes You Happier

Yoga helps to calm your mind and keep you happy and combat depression.

12. Helps You Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga helps you to determine good choices of life and hence leads a healthy lifestyle. It expands the spiritual dimensions of your body and allows you to listen to yourself.

13. Lowers Blood Sugar

Yoga helps to decrease blood sugar and promote HDL, i.e. good cholesterol level.

14. Helps You Focus

Yoga improves circulation and improves oxygen absorption which further leads to improved concentrations.

15. Improves Your Balance

As I mentioned earlier yoga improves your posture hence also improves your balance. And not only exterior but interior hormonal and chemical balance as well.

16. Releases Tension In Your Limbs

Helps to strengthen your limbs and helps to ease any kind of pain.

17. Helps You Sleep Deeper

Yoga combats insomnia and helps to induce deep sleep.

18. Boosts Your Immune System

Doing pranayama and some asana actually helps you to fight against the bacteria and virus thus boosting your immunity. It also the antibody levels of our body.

19. Increases Lung Capacity

The deep breathing exercise makes you breathe fully and helps to improve your lung capacity giving you more energy and more strength to exercise. It increases the availability of oxygen to all the tissues.

20. Digestive Problems

Various digestive problems can be solved by yoga as it improves bowel movements. It also improves ulcers and gastroenteritis.

21. Increases Your Self-Esteem

As I mentioned earlier yoga helps to combat depression, improve posture and performance. Improving yourself also brings about an improvement in your self-esteem thus boosting the long lost confidence in your own self.

22. Eases Your Pain

Pain caused due to cancer, arthritis or menstrual cycle can be easily reduced by yoga due to improved blood and oxygen circulation and improved body functioning obtained due to yoga.

23. Gives You Inner Strength

Like I said earlier, yoga helps to connect you with your body and soul helping you to understand both of them better. It challenges you to make yourself better and gives you a strength to reach towards your goal.

24. Helps Keep You Drug-Free

Yoga helps you to get rid of any kind addiction and also helps you to combat diseases. This if you cupboard has become a small pharmacy, it’s time to start practicing yoga to make your cupboard full of clothes and not medications.

25. Placebo Effect

Yoga helps others getting better so by believing that, it gives you an inner positive vibe and you can practice yoga, already feeling better because of the placebo effect it provided you with.

So why to waste your money in the gym when all you need to be fit is right there in your house. Buy a mat and get a yoga teacher and practice yoga. Believe in yourself and be motivated towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget to start your day with a Surya Namaskar!