Gas pains after a natural miscarriage are very common. It is true that the formation of gas is always uncomfortable whether the pains are jabbing, sharp or natural feelings of bloating in your intestine. But after a miscarriage, it becomes worse along with cramps and pains in lower abdomen. In this condition, it becomes essential to resolve this pain asap.

In this article discover causes, symptoms related to the gas pains after a natural miscarriage and how to get rid of it.

Let’s find the causes of a natural miscarriage 1st before exploring the remedies of gas pains.

Why Does A Miscarriage Happen Naturally?

A miscarriage happens when you lose the fetus during early days of pregnancy within the 1st three months after conception. Sometimes this mishappen causes naturally or on your wish. It also happens due to some typical health conditions including some bad habits such as:-

  • Obesity
  • Chronic High Blood Pressure
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Chronic thyroid
  • Use of drug and alcohol
  • Abnormal shape of the womb
  • Food poisoning
  • Trauma and hypertension
  • Cervix problems
  • Smoking
  • Previous miscarriage
  • underweight

In some cases, a miscarriage happens when you are even unaware of your pregnancy because of an irregular menstrual cycle. But the gas pains are same in all types of natural miscarriages.

Let’s find the causes now.

Causes Gas Pains After Natural Miscarriage

Causes Gas Pains After Natural Miscarriage
Causes Gas Pains After Natural Miscarriage

Usually, the gas pain occurs for 4-6 weeks in your body after a miscarriage. Sometimes the pain creates a confusion that whether it is happening due to gas or after cramps of a miscarriage.

The difference is the pain of cramps are intense and spread to your lower back whereas gas pains come in a sudden and go away with the release of the gas.
So when the confusion ends, it becomes easier to find the exact causes.

1.After-Effects Of The Conception Are Still There.

When you conceive, the production of Progesterone becomes more to support your body to accept the physical changes. This hormone relaxes your muscles. As a result, the intestine muscles start to move slowly, and your digestive process becomes slow too. So the foods stay for a long time in your intestine and create gas. All these things happen within the 1st three months of pregnancy.

When a miscarriage happens naturally within these three months, your body takes some time to come back to its previous position. So the effects of pregnancy are still in your body which makes room for the gas pains.

2.Grieve Of Loss

A natural miscarriage is the most painful situation for a woman when she is preparing herself to be a mother. It takes a month or more to recover the grief of this unfortunate loss.

You become emotionally and psychologically down which causes anxiety, sadness, lots of crying and confusion that whether you will conceive again or not. All these mental conditions are enough to disturb your digestive process to cause gas pains.

3.Trouble In Sleep

The grieve of losing your baby always be in your which hampers your sleep. You became unable to cope with this unfortunate loss. As a result, you face difficulties in sleep which makes you restless, and your energy level goes down.

So you lose appetite also. When you don’t take the required amount of food, the empty intestine makes room for the formation of gas. Lack of adequate sleep also disturbs your digestive process.

4.Effects Of Some Medicines

During the earlier days of pregnancy, you are advised by your doctor to take some iron pills. When a miscarriage happens, you are advised to take some antibiotics. The effect of iron tablets creates constipation whereas the antibiotics are prone to develop gas. In both the cases, gas pain becomes worse.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Gas Pain After Natural Miscarriage

How To Get Rid Of Gas Pain After Natural Miscarriage

There is a wide range of solutions to get rid of the gas pains. You can get a quick recovery by following them. Let’s explore them.

1.Give Emphasis On Your Diet

You should eliminate those foods from your diet list which improve the symptoms of gas in your body. The foods which create gas are cabbage, beans, broccoli, dairy products, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, wheat, and carbonated drinks.

These foods remain in your colon for a long time. Due to the after-effects of miscarriage, the digestion becomes slower, and foods get fomented in the intestine. As a result, you go through gas pains.

So it is recommended to consult your dietician for the proper nutrition and to get rid of the gas pains after the miscarriage.

2.Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking of enough water is the best remedy to get relief from gas pains. Take at least 8-10 glasses of liquid in a day including other fluids. If the gas pain is extreme and causes bloating it is better to avoid the juices which contain carbonate.

They create an IBS(Irritable Boel Syndrome) in your body which is enough to disturb your digestive process. You must avoid the extracts of orange, cranberry, pineapple, and grapes which contain bloating-promoting sugars.

3.Do Exercise

When you go through a miscarriage, you become emotionally down and lacks the interest to do any exercise. The grief makes you physically down. But you have to move forward in your life. You have to get rid of the gas pains caused by a lethargic body.
I don’t tell you to do vigorous exercises.

Instead, I am saying to do some smooth movements. A slow walk is the best option among all. It relaxes the muscles in your abdomen and helps in releasing the trapped gas from your intestine.
You can follow some yoga poses to get relief from the Gas pains. Breath in and breath out is the most accessible formula of yoga to ease the passage of intestinal gas.

4.Apply Heat On Your Abdomen

Sometimes a heat to the abdomen can help you to escape from the gas pains by relaxing the muscles of your stomach. You can take a heating pad, hot water bag, or a bottle full of boiling water for this remedy. Put a cloth on your belly before applying any heat to protect you from a burn. A hot bath also gives the same result to get relief from gas pains.

5.Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are popular from the ancient period to get rid of the form of gas and the pains caused by it. For the safe side don’t take the seeds more than one tbsp. Chew them properly and gulp down with a glass of plain water. It gives a quick relief by releasing the gas through farting or belching.The best remedy to get rid of gas pains after the miscarriage.

6.Sip a Hot Herbal Tea

There are some herbs like peppermint, Anise, and ginger are famous for gas reduction. They can give you relief from constipation also. Make a tea with any one of these herbs and sip when it is hot. You can add some sugar to it if you do not have diabetes. Don’t add lemon juice to it. Because it is a creator of gas.

7.Take Fibrous Foods

Add some foods which are rich in fiber in your diet. An intake of at least 30gms of fibrous food in your diet can help you ease from gas concerns. You can take figs, bananas, and prunes which are rich in fiber and readily available everywhere. If you are not fond of fibrous foods, you can ask your doctor for some fiber-supplements.

8.Stool Softners

As we have discussed above, after a miscarriage you can experience gas pain due to constipation. In such cases, stool softeners are a boon to get relief. You can apply some home remedies like consuming of prunes or aloe vera juice or ask your doctor to prescribe a stool softener.

9.Don’t Feel Shame To Pass Gasses

It is considered as a bad manner to pass gasses in public or front of anybody. But when you are suffering from a gas pain along with some abdominal pains due to the miscarriage the passing of gas becomes a necessity. In this situation, you may go outside and release the gas by slowly massaging your lower abdomen. Otherwise, the storage of gases can lead to some other chronic diseases.

10.Try Some Herbal Treatment

  • Make a herbal powder of ginger, black salt, and carom seeds of the same amount.
  • Take 1gm of this powder after each meal. It will give you a quick relief.
  • You can boil a glass of water by adding a pinch of cinnamon for significant relief. Take this mixture before half an hour of taking your meal. Take it when it is warm, not hot.
  • Take 2 grams of asafoetida powder and add it to a glass of warm water. Take 20 ml of this mixture twice in a day.
  • You can chew I inch of ginger with a glass of warm water to get relief from gas pain.
  • You can take brown rice by adding some ginger powder and pure ghee to get fast relief from gas pain. It will help you to get rid of the cramps due to the miscarriage.

Precautions Need To Be Taken

There are so many things which cause gas pain. You can get a quick relief by avoiding them. Let’s find them and follow as well.

  • Try to take small meals instead of large ones.
  • Chew the foods thoroughly and slowly to avoid indigestion.
  • Avoid greasy and fried foods.
  • Avoid some familiar food sources which are prone to gas such as sugar-free candies, chewing gums, artificial sweeteners, muffins, whole wheat bread, etc.
  • Avoid a straw while taking any liquid. It causes swallowing of air to your abdomen.
  • Avoid to take fatty foods or reduce them. They make the digestive process more sower.
  • Though you are not in a good emotional condition due to his mishappen, always try to eat in a relaxed mood. It will not create gas in your intestine.
  • Avoid drinking of any liquid while taking your meals. It will make room for gases.

When To See The Doctor

Keep in mind that the gas pains last for a short period after a natural miscarriage. Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor when you have the following symptoms such as

  • A prolonged gas pain which needs an emergency medication. It may be the symptom of some other diseases like Appendicitis, kidney or bladder infection. Gallbladder pain, ovarian cysts, ulcer, etc.
  • Pain with bloody stool. There may be an ulcer in your intestine.
  • Persisting nausea or a recurrent vomiting along with gas pains
  • Frequent loose motion along with a change in the stool color
  • When the gas pain remains more than 30 minutes


We all should keep in our mind that gas pains after a natural miscarriage shouldn’t be taken lightly. The pain is quite challenging. It needs immediate medical attention before going to be chronic. You have to be ensured by your doctor that nothing is going wrong with you.

It is not easy for you to accept the unfortunate lose easily. And when it comes to the physical pain it becomes worst for you. But nothing to be worried because the gas problem is not at all a life-threatening one. Undoubtedly you will be cured by following some useful remedies and by taking some extra care of yourself.
Get yourself ready for another safe conception.

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