In this article, you will find out what green diarrhea is. Also, what are the reasons behind it?

You will also discover the various cures for it. And, I will tell you whether you should be bothered by it or not.

Did you ever notice an occurrence of green stool when you went to the loo? Did that surprise or scare you?

Why Is My Poop Watery Green?

I am sure you must have started to panic. Well, it is not to be worried since the passing of green stool is normal. Now, that you know that it is usual, let me tell you the reason behind it.

See, the occurrence of the tint can be due to multiple issues.

a. Infants who are still feeding on their mother’s milk,

b. People who are on iron supplements,

c. Vegan diet with lots of green leafy vegetables,

d. Food coloring agents can be some of the causes of the green feces,

e. It is also seen in individuals suffering from indigestion.

This is also called as ‘green diarrhea‘.

The Main Cause Of Green Poop

i. The usual nature of our digestive system is such that it imparts brown shade to the stool. Now, this is because of the bile pigments. it breaks down the fat os that nutrients are absorbed from the small intestine to the blood stream.

In a way, The bile helps the food to break down and get digested. When you eat a very high fat meal, you face diarrhea, the stool passes out of the system quickly. Bile does not not have enough time to act on the system and you may see your stool is green.

Thus, green stool can also be an indication of an abnormal process of your digestive system.

ii. The same happens when you take in laxatives. This too leads to quick movement of the stool out of your intestines.

iii. Some people who have undergone gall bladder removal surgery, also suffer from the greenish poop.

iv. You may face some infections like salmonella or giardiasis.

Is It A Matter Of Concern?

Green Diarrhoea
Green Diarrhoea

Usually, green stool is not a major problem. It occurs to almost everyone. As I already said, it can be the outcome of a simple diet with a lot of greens in it.

People who are on a regular all greens diet face this. This is because the food they eat is not properly digested and some of it comes out without much alteration.

As the texture of the food particles are not much varied from the one they had, the stool comes out tinted. If you eat a lot of food with food coloring agents, this may also add the green color to your excretion.

Green Diarrhea In infants And Children

When the baby is born, they also pass a dark olive green stool. This is called meconium. Dark color is due to the ingested food material baby had when he/she was in mothers womb.

You may notice the same in small babies or toddlers. Infants usually have a sensitive digestive system. If compared with the adults then it is seen that they have a fragile organization.

This is one of the reasons due to which this thing is quite common for them. The babies do not eat solid substances. Due to this, the milk they consume passes through their intestines quite fast. This leads to the greenish hue of their wastes.

Small kids usually love to have a lot of candies. These candies are deeply colored with food coloring agents. Hence, children are easily attracted by them. This can also lead to the outcome of green stool. However, it is not a matter of concern.

The ill working of your digestive system can also fetch you this condition. However, this may be mild and can be an effect of slight gas or acidity.

What you must know is the thin line between healthy and dangerous. The passing out of the green stool once or twice is not a headache. If you happen to get these for more than two days at a stretch, then it can be scary.

You must seek medical help as soon as possible as this can be dangerous.

If you witness various other symptoms like –

  • Loss of appetite,
  • immense abdominal pain,
  • bleeding from your rectum or vomits,
  • weight loss,
  • fever,
  • constipation or mucous discharges,
  • significant weakness or dizziness, then please rush to the doctor immediately.

Green Diarrhea During Pregnancy

Also, in pregnant ladies, it is a common tendency of their system to let out green excreta. Usually, it is called as morning sickness and may also be accompanied by light nausea and vomits.

This occurs due to their change of diet as they start taking a lot of fruits, milk, and fibrous meals. The ladies may have increased the intake of green vegetables.

Also, her medications may be one of the leading reasons for this. Mainly the iron medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements.

Although, you may settle down thinking it is not dangerous, be alert that she is keeping well.

Treatments During Pregnancy

Women should take plenty of fluids.

Fatty food and preservative drinks should be avoided.

You should take a BRAT Diet. It contains Banana, Rice, Apple and Toast.

If the lady is facing green stool with acute weakness or vomiting, then it is a red alert. You must take her to the doctor without any further delay.

Why Should You See The Doctor?

Why Should You See The Doctor

Why Should You See The Doctor

The outcome of green stool can be a sign of many dangerous disorders in your body. I mentioned how your dietary choices or supplements could also be a cause of it. Also, the pregnant women and small children are examples of people having green stool.

But, except for these points, there can also be many unwanted disturbances in your system.

Know this, that, green diarrhea can be the result of multiple food borne diseases. It is a must that you see a doctor if the conditions stretch on to more than two days. This is because; you may have one of the following:

  • Food poisoning occurring from E. Coli and Salmonella
  • Protozoan infections
  • Mal-absorption or malnutrition
  • Colitis due to antibiotics
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Hyper dehydration
  • Nervous issues like stress and anxiety can also be one of the chief causes

It is essential that you take proper care of your good being. Often, green motions may not be a matter of concern. But, once it starts to show up frequent occurrences accompanied by various troubles, you must do something about it.


The doctor will get your stool, and blood samples tested to shape out your condition. Ultimately, he/she will prescribe you the required medicines and diet.

How To Cure Green Poop?

I believe that there is a loophole for almost every problem. I prefer taking precautions at the first place rather than mending those issues later.

Trust me; it is the wisest choice as it can save your money, health and time. Listed below are some of the daily practices that can help you from green diarrhea.

1. Balance Your Diet

Balance Your Diet

Balance Your Diet

Try to keep a balance in your diet by adding an equal amount of fibers, soups, grains, vegetables, and fruits in it. This will help your system to function efficiently and produce a healthy stool.

2. Adequate amount Of water

  • Adequate amount of water
    Adequate amount of water

Make it a habit of drinking ample amount of water. This regulates your body and thus helps your hormones to work accurately. This will make sure your digestive system is working healthily. You should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water everyday.

3. Usage Of Less Coloring Agents

Try to use minimal food coloring agents. This will also help your stool stay proper and will not hamper your digestive juices.

4. Regular Exercise

  • Regular exercise
    Regular exercise

Working out is always beneficial for everything in our lives. I am not asking you to hit the gym here. A simple walk for 30 good minutes can also help.

5. A Peaceful Session Of Meditation

An hour of yoga asanas or stretches can also meet your requirements.

Make sure you add the practice of regularly exercising in your daily regime to keep yourself immune. This will keep your bowel movements regular.

6. Managing Your Stress

A regular habit of working out will also help you keep a check on your stress and anxiety. It is proven that a healthy body is always complimented by a healthy mind. Thus, you are sure to stay psychologically healthy if you choose to exercise daily.

7. Avoiding Processed Food And Beverages

  • Avoiding processed food and beverages
    Avoiding processed food and beverages

Packaged food or processed food is extremely harmful to the health. It can disturb your immunity and digestive system. It may end you up having a weak body.

Thus, it will eventually deteriorate the performance of your organization on the whole. Avoiding the intake of processed food and beverages can seek you the healthy outcome of the bowel.

8. Maintaining Good Habits

Good habits are sure to find you good health. Habits like:

  • washing your hands before a meal or snack
  • eating hygienic and healthy food
  • staying away from street food and fast food,

These are some of the basic examples of healthy habits.

They help you get stronger as you keep your inner-self happy and healthy. It will also help you stay away from various harmful microbes and diseases. Thus, no food-borne diseases.

9. Sound Sleep

  • Sound sleep
    Sound sleep

The last but not the least, a good sound sleep can mend almost all your problems. Sleep is a natural pain reliever and healer.

Thus, it will help you stay healthy. It can command your body to stay fit by controlling all the elements of your body. Eventually, it helps you to maintain the inner peace of your being.

Final Thoughts

Thus, the passing of green feces is not a matter of concern. Unless it is accompanied by other irritations, you may consider it reasonable. If you are facing diarrhea, make sure you are keeping yourself completely hydrated.

This will be able to bring you back to health sooner. Remember to keep an eye on your diet and remember that you should see a doctor if the problem persists. Make sure you are not too reluctant about your health.

Eat healthily and stay healthy.

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Founder and Director of SM Ayurveda Institute and Wellness Center in Ontario (Canada), Dr. Hemant Gupta is a veteran in Ayurveda bringing over 30 years of expertise in Panchakarma, Marma Therapy, Natural healing, Yoga and more. He is also founder and president of Canadian Ayurvedic Members Alliance (CAMA).