Amazing Health Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Health Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil
Health Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon essential oil has many health benefits which is known for its anti bacterial and pain relief properties.

It has been used in cold and cough,toothache for ages.It has many more usage.Discover them in this article.

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t like the smell of cinnamon?I haven’t met.

Cinnamon has a spicy-sweet flavor and is used to treat a variety of health disorders.But, now we shall read about Cinnamon Essential Oil in this article.

Essential oil is extracted from the cinnamon, and this oil has plenty of health benefits promoting a healthy immune system, etc.

What is Cinnamon Essential Oil??

Cinnamon Essential oil is extracted from the spice Cinnamomum Verum tree. Its biological name is Zeylanicum. This tree is small and bushy.

The tree grows in Sri Lanka, India, China, Bangladesh.From the tree, two kinds of essential oil are derived:

i. Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil-

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil is obtained by the steam distillation of the leaves of the tree. The leafy oil has a spicy and musky scent.It is light yellow in color. Leaf Oil is light, cheap and can be used regularly.

ii. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil-

Cinnamon Essential oil is extracted from the bark of the tree through the process of distillation. The bark oil is red-brown in color and is quite expensive for the daily use.

The oil comes from different parts of the plant, so the chemical composition of two oils is also different. But, the health benefits of the oil are the same.

Cinnamon Essential Oil can do wonders. It can be treated as a tonic for the body as an energy booster.

Nutritional Information Of The Cinnamon Essential Oil

The central component of the cinnamon essential oil is Cinnamaldehyde.
It is about 97.7%. Due to this element oil works as an antibacterial remedy.
About 87.3% of eugenol are present in cinnamon leaf oil.

It is used to flavor dishes. It also contains cinnamic aldehyde, linalool and benzyl benzoate.

Characteristics Of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Some attributes of cinnamon essential oil are:

Antibacterial- Oil is used to get rid of airborne bacteria through aromatherapy blends.

Antioxidant- It works as an antioxidant and prevent cells, tissues from being damaged.

Astringent- Oil has an ability to make the skin firm.

Enhancer- When mixed with other oil, cinnamon oil enhances its property.

Antiseptic- It works as an antiseptic for wounds.

Anti-Inflammatory- Oil reduces redness and pain as a reaction to injury.

Immunostimulant- It boosts the immune system.

Insect Repellant- Oil is used to drive away mosquitoes.

Digestive- Cinnamon Oil aids proper digestion and alleviates stomach aches.

Antifungal- It is a powerful antifungal agent that kills the fungus.

Anti – depressant- Oil reduces negative thoughts of depression.

Expectorant- Oil calms the infection of the lungs and throat.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential Oil has remarkable health benefits.

1. Pain Relief-

Cinnamon Essential Oil is a pain reliever oil. It mitigates the body pains that occur due to the long working hours.

The oil is warm and has an antispasmodic effect on the body that soothes the aching muscles and joints. It eases sprains.Cinnamon oil reduces inflammation and lowers back pain.

How to use Cinnamon Essential Oil for relieving pain??

You can dilute 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil and 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and massage them into the painful area.

Camphor Essential Oil is also considered as a pain reliever, so it can also be used.

2. Cinnamon for Arthritis and Pain Relief-

Cinnamon Essential Oil works wonders on arthritis. It works as a tonic here. Massaging the oil on painful joints gives quick relief.

How to use Cinnamon Essential Oil for Arthritis?

Add 4-5 drops of cinnamon essential oil to the mustard oil, make the oil warm. A massage on the joints regularly will make you comfortable.

3. Depression-

Cinnamon Essential Oil is famous for its aroma. Oil is warm, so it uplifts your senses.Thereafter, it soothes your mind and help you overcome negative feeling.

Cinnamon oil is an excellent tonic that boosts the activity of the brain. It removes nervous tension and memory loss.

Evidence have proved that people using cinnamon oil have better virtual recognition and visual-motor response speed.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil for depression?

Inhale the cinnamon oil from the vial, for half a second. This warm aroma will definitely soothe your mind.

4. Cinnamon Essential Oil destroys bacteria and viruses.

Cinnamon Essential Oil contains phenols up to 9%, so it acts as a strong antiseptic and is antiviral in nature.

It gives benefits against viral infections like a cough and cold.

The oil prevents them from spreading. It also helps in destroying germs in the gallbladder.

It is used to clean the airborne bacteria so that we breathe in the bacteria-free air and live healthily.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil for destroying bacteria?

You can add 4-5 drops of cinnamon essential oil with lemon, clove or rosemary oil and vaporize it in your room. This will kill 99% of airborne bacteria in the air, and you breathe in the fresh air.

5. Protect Kidneys and Pancreas-

Environmental toxins and alloxan damage the kidney. Cinnamon Essential Oil protects the Kidneys.

Oil reduces the blood sugar and protects the pancreas from damage. It reduces the oxidative stress and inflammation of the kidneys and pancreas.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil for protecting Pancreas?

You can use 1-2 drops in the vegetables you eat.

Dilute the oil over the abdomen; it maintains healthy pancreas.

6. Diabetes-

Cinnamon Essential Oil contains cinnamaldehyde that has a lowering effect on blood glucose. This helps the diabetic patients to take less insulin.

Researches have proved that Cinnamon Oil works wonderfully when used by Type2 diabetic patients, essential oil-regulated and gradually decreased the insulin level of the patients.

Oil does the best utilization of all the components of the human health.Oil showed the remarkable reduction in oxidative stress.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil in diabetes?

You can add 1-2 drops of cinnamon essential oil when it is cooked.

Mix one drop of the oil to the salad.

Turmeric Essential Oil is also good for diabetic patients as it lowers blood sugar levels.

7. Urinary Tract Infections-

Today, men and women both are prone to urino-genital infections.

These generally are fungal infections. Cinnamon oil has a diuretic nature, so it helps in the secretion and discharge of urine.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil in Urinary Infection?

The person who is suffering from urinary tract infection can add 10-15 drops of cinnamon essential oil in the bathtub and have a warm water sitz bath.This gives quick relief from the infection.

8. Improves Digestion-

Cinnamon Essential oil is known as a digestive tonic.Oil tones the digestive system. It mitigates abdominal pain and helps to expel excess intestinal and stomach gas.

It reduces infection of the small intestine.It removes acidity, combats diarrhea and reduces the effects of morning sickness such as nausea.As the oil works as an antibacterial agent, it promotes healthy digestion.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil for proper digestion?

You can add 1-2 drops of cinnamon oil to your food.

You can dilute the cinnamon essential oil with olive oil and massage on the abdomen for about 5 minutes. This will boost your digestion system.

9. Toothache

Cinnamon Oil has a high amount of eugenol that provides instant relief from toothaches. It can also be used as a mouthwash.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil for A toothache?

Add one drop of oil on your toothbrush and then add toothpaste and brush your teeth.

Put a few drops of cinnamon oil on a cotton ball and place it on the tooth that is paining for the instant relief.

You can add 1-2 drops of cinnamon oil to the water and gargle with it. Here it works as a good mouthwash.

Clove Oil can also be used treating dental problems.

10. Disinfectant and odor neutralizer

Cinnamon Oil is an effective odor neutralizer as it kills bacteria that creates the bad odor. With Its germicidal properties, it works as a disinfectant. It many times improves our mood.You can use it to wipe toilets, floors, kitchen and counter tops.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil as a disinfectant?

You can mix 2-5 drops of cinnamon oil with water and diffuse it to make the odor neutralized.

Spray the diluted oil in the rooms.

11. Cold, Sore Throat and Cough

Cinnamon Essential oil stops an impending illness. It increases blood oxygen levels to fight illness.It can soothe a sore throat and calm your cold.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil in the cold?

Inhale the oil for getting relief in coldAlways inhale in the diluted form.

12. Insect Repellant-

Cinnamon Essential Oil is a remarkable insect repellent. The smell of the oil can deter insects, mosquitoes, flies, etc.

Researches prove that cinnamon oil is effective in killing larvae.It is said that the oil is more efficient than the chemical DEET.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil as an Insect Repellant?

You can spray or diffuse the cinnamon essential oil around your house.

You can spray it over the mattress of your bedroom and drawing room.

Spray it on the bed sheet and curtains to get rid of bed bugs and mosquitoes.

You can also use Lavender Oil as it is also a wonderful insect repellant.

13. Relax Foot

The oil helps to get rid of nasty fungal infections. It works ideal for athletes. You can also use it warm and rest your feet.

How to use the cinnamon essential oil for Foot?

Soak your feet in warm water, adding a drop of oil in it.

Mix 1/3 of Epson salt with 4-5 drops of cinnamon oil and soak your feet. This will relax you.

14. Irregular Menstruation

Cinnamon Essential Oil belongs to a group of emmenagogue that promotes timely menstruation. It provides relief from menstrual discomfort and cramping.

15. Cancer Preventer

Cinnamon essential oil is a promising solution for the treatment of gastric cancer. It is relatively effective in fighting Human Colon Cancer cells. It is a potent collectoral cancer fighter.

16. Weight Loss

Cinnamon Essential Oil increases blood circulation in the body, which in turn boosts our metabolism which is helpful in weight loss.The blood thinning property acts as an anti – clotting agent.

It lowers cholesterol in a way of reducing sugar and fat from the body.
Cinnamon oil also works against obesity, when used it reduces the desire of over eating.

Thus, less intake of food increases in metabolism and a weight loss.
Please note cinnamon oil should not be consumed with any other blood thinning

Onion Seed Oil can also be used for the weight loss.

17. Blood Circulation and Purification

Cinnamon Essential Oil has a content of a blood thinning compound, and this helps in the proper circulation of blood in the body.

We all know good circulation means an adequate supply of oxygen in the body, resulting in higher metabolic activity.

Cinnamon Essential Oil is a remedy for blood purification. It helps to treat pimples.

18. Immune System Booster

Cinnamon Essential Oil boosts the immune system of the body. It deals with the infections and the disease that effect the body.

Thereafter, prevents the infection to be worsening. Thus, helps the immune system to work properly.

Almond oil can also do wonders in boosting the immune system of the body.

19. Perfumes

Oil has a refreshing aroma. It is used in perfume-making.

20. Healing

Cinnamon Oil acts as a coagulant. It helps to stop excess bleeding. Thus, facilitates the healing process.

21. Room Freshener

The pleasant aroma of Cinnamon Oil is effective as a room freshener.

22. You can add a drop of cinnamon oil in your non-chemical shampoo and keep your hair healthy and lice free.

23. Cinnamon Essential Oil is the best flavoring agent. It can be used for cooking.

Precautions and Side Effects

Cinnamon Oil is strong in nature, so large amount should be avoided for internal consumption.

It should always be used the skin in a diluted form. The oil may give adverse effect if used on the skin in concentrated form.
It is recommended to do the patch test before using the oil (Apply the small quantity of oil on a small area, if there is no allergic reaction, then use it).

Oil should not be used on the sensitive areas.

Cinnamon Essential Oil is not suitable for children under 10 years.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are also advised not to use the oil as it may induce menstruation.

The high dosage of the oil can lead to skin irritation and mouth sores. And it can also lead to convulsions.

Buying and Storage

It is recommended that while buying the Cinnamon Essential Oil, please make sure that the oil is extracted from the right cinnamon species, and it is not adulterated with Cassia oil.
Oil is expensive and should be kept in airtight containers in cool places.


Cinnamon Essential Oil has numerous health benefits. It can help in digestion, pains, cold, boosts the immune system and much more.

It blends with other essential oil a clove, lavender, rosemary, etc. Also useful for diabetic patients, for cleaning and work as a mood supporting agent.

I would advise you to start the cinnamon essential oil in the small quantity and in the diluted form. Post that, evaluate how the cinnamon oil is wonderfully treating your ailments.
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy


Dr Shekhar Annambhotla,is an Ayurvedic specialist who was trained in India and has been practicing and teaching ayurveda worldwide since 1988. DrShekhar believe that due to the open nature of Ayurveda and its timeless principles, it is a boon to those of us living in the modern, stressful world. Shekhar’s mission is to educate and help people live healthier lives with ayurveda.